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The last time I had tears in my eyes was when our seniors ragged all of us, though they were tears of fun and happiness because we had the best seniors we could ever ask for.

When we talk about a Medical College the things which we dreaded apart from dead bodies were seniors and their ways of ragging the newcomers, but our seniors didn’t make us do any stupid or awful things like counting the number of mustard seeds from a heap of mustard, or drinking a huge amount of salty water, yeah this kind of things were done with the freshmen so we were highly grateful for that.

During our chance, I was told to sing a song….and that song embarrassed the hell out of me. They made me sing I like to shake it and even dance on it and till the end of the song no one spoke a word though when it ended all burst into laughter including me but the thing or the performance which was the best that night, yeah these things happened at night that too around 2 a.m. when kids are in their deepest sleep, their doors are banged some kids even used to get soo scared that a dead body on which they operated in the morning had come to take its revenge.

So talking about the best performance it was of Amey and Arun, though more about Amey because he had soo bad moves that in the first few seconds of their dance all of us were clutching our stomachs while laughing, both of them were dancing on the song Sexy Bitch of David Guetta it was a dammn funny dance and they even chose the most awesome lines of the song. Amey made me cry that day and even today but today these tears were of sorrow and a broken heart. I thought after yesterday he might’ve changed, he might want to talk about things which happened.

I was wrong, he knew I was sitting there and still, kissed her he didn’t even try to push her off. I bared my soul to him yesterday, I knew he saw in my eyes that I wanted him but that arrogant arsehole crushed my soul into a pul[ today.

I ran to my room and locked myself in not even allowing Anaya to come inside and cried my heart out.

After some hours when there was no water left in my entire body I opened my door and quietly went to our mini-fridge to get a bottle of water. When I returned a magnificent and a very good looking man was leaning against the wall beside my door. His eyes were closed and his neck was in a very awkward position, he will surely have a hell of a neck pain tomorrow.

I went inside my room and closed my door halfway quietly so as to not wake him up. I gathered my clothes and came back out again. I took a look at him again, such a fine specimen god must have spent a lot of time on him.

I went to the communal washroom to have a bath, I was drenched in sweat and because of all the crying, my face looked puffier than it already was.

I quickly jumped in the shower and unsurprisingly the water was cold which meant that I will have to bathe quickly.

Five minutes, I made a new record I gave myself a pat on my back and walked out of the washroom. It was weird for me because I had never strolled around these corridors after 8 p.m and that too alone, wait what I again looked back at the clock on the wall of the washroom, it was freaking 8 p.m right now, I was crying for a such a long time.

The only time I cried soo much was when I was in the hospital after the accident and that also for only four hours, I had broken me this record also. I woke up in the hospital almost 3 months after the accident as I was told I felt broken like I had lost everything in my life. It was like my heart had stopped beating like there was nothing remaining in it and I hated that feeling so I cried myself to sleep that night.

Till now I haven’t been able to put a finger on that feeling not to mention that it is still there. Whenever I sit thinking about my life that feeling returns and I hate it very much.

Anyways I have missed my dinner for today so I will just have to find some snacks that mom packed in my suitcase just for a situation like this. I was near my room when someone called me from behind it was a bit eerie because the entire corridor was dark and only my flashlight helped me to climb the stairs.

I turned back to see where the voice came from and found a sleep-deprived face of Arun staring back at me on instinct I screamed and he on time covered my mouth with his hand, what was with these guys and their hands covering my screams.

“Calm the hell down girl it’s me” and almost after a minute later removed his hand, yeah I didn’t sniff his hand.

“Wtf Arun you scared the living shit out of my life, why are you trying to kill me so early” he smirked at that,

“Trust me, princess, if I wanted to kill you, you won't even know it was me,”

“Yeah, you are a trained assassin aren’t you” and scoffed, he just merely smiled at that, I can never understand this boy.

“Whatever, do you know where Amey is, I tried calling him but he won’t pick up neither does Tanya know where he is” at the mention of him and Tanya my eyes again filled up with unshed tears and I sniffed my nose, my throat too caught up to say anything. Arun noticed my reaction and immediately his face showed worry.

“What did that prick do now, let's get you to your room and then we will talk about it.” He ushered me inside my room and switched the lines on. A groaning voice came from behind and I looked behind…….

Almost five minutes later both of the idiots were laughing hard, clutching their stomach’s. one was rolling on the floor while other was crouched on his knees. Fucking tools.

“God that was one hell of a scream, I mean your whole wing must be awake by now,” Arun said between his laugh, yes I screamed that loud. Suddenly there was a knock on my door and they both stopped laughing,

“My dear are you fine, that was quite a scream,” my warden said from outside. I was so mortified at this I glanced at the two stupids and glared at them as they were trying to suppress their laughter.

“Yes, I am fine just saw a lizard there and I am sorry to wake you up I didn’t mean to scream that loud.”

“No problem dear, sleep now I will deal with the lizard tomorrow.” And she walked away. Both of them again burst out laughing.

I still can’t believe that this is the same person whom a few minutes ago I had called a magnificent specimen it was soo good when he was asleep, why did he wake up………yeah because I screamed, I groaned at myself inwardly.

“I almost forgot you love for lizards, that was one hell of a reason.” Said Amey.

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