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I ran behind Myra as she sped off to her room and hell she was fucking quick as she stormed inside and locked the door, she didn’t even let Amaya come in because of which she had to head off to another room where her friend was staying.

As for me I was determined to talk to her so took a spare key from the hostel office and to give her some time alone I sat outside her door and after some dozed off and the next thing I know is Myra screaming on top of her lungs and Arun was laughing so hard clutching his stomach on his knees and I was rolling on the floor laughing equally hard.

Even her warden came to ask if she was ok and for that amount of time we both controlled ourselves and as soon as she left we again started laughing earning a deathly glare from her, and god her excuse was hilarious.

“I almost forgot you love for lizards, that was one hell of a reason,” I said.

Big mistake.

Suddenly everything silenced none of us spoke anything, I saw ten different emotions cross her face and then her face became blank, distant and cold.

“Arun do you want some water?” she asked him her tone a bit warm, and that idiot shook his head.

“Then get the fuck out of my room and take this fuck face out of here I don’t want to see him anymore.” My heart pained so much at that, my face grew warm and I touched my face to rub my eyes when I felt water on my cheeks, shit I am crying, but at this moment I do not care if Arun will try to make fun of me later.

I had never reacted to something said by anyone but today just hearing those words from here ripped my heart apart and it was passed through a noodle machine. My heart was completely shredded like cheese, god what kind of analogies am I given in such a situation like this.

A heard a small gasp and looked up to see Myra staring at me with an expression I did not understand, the wait was I on the ground I didn’t even realize that.

“Man breakup with Tanya, you know you are not happy with her neither do you and nor does Myra deserve being treated like shit” I knew he was right but I can’t do that, I can’t break up with her.

“I can’t” I whispered, both of them stared at me seemingly shocked at what I said but they will never understand why I said that.

The next thing I knew, we were outside Myra’s room and I heard something shattering on the floor, might be the vase. Everything happened so fast she just looked at me with a deathly and cold glare though she kept herself calm in front of us a storm was raging inside of her. she told Arun something and he nodded his head and I was outside her room in mere seconds.

I know it is very cruel of me to treat her like that but I have no choice other than to let her go and really it hurts to do that.

“What the fuck Amey,” I think this, not the first time he had called me, I questioningly looked at him, but he stared back at me with a blank look.

“Fine then don’t talk, I don’t think I need to explain or tell you anything.” I snapped at him and to say he was shocked would be an understatement.

The rest of our walk to the dorm was quiet, my mind kept drifting back to the look on Myra’s face, I never thought in a million years that even she could become an ice queen and her voice when she told us to get out of her room, was stone cold and lacked any trace of emotion.

This is the first time in my entire life in which I was hurt just by mere words, I begged her to let me stay there but she kept her eyes on Arun and didn’t even give me a glance.

Wait for a second, does she like Arun, I mean that can be possible right, he has been nothing but nice to her since day 1 and moreover she had spent more time with him rather than me, also she introduced herself to Arun and not me. She definitely has feelings for him and here I thought that after the little incident of that day we would grow close.

We could never and thank my best friend, he stole her from me, he stole the only girl I could fall in love with away from me. Fuck, what do I do, anger slowly seeped inside of me, my irrational part taking over the rational one.

Did he have feelings for her or is she the only one having feelings for him. The raw emotions which I saw that day, were they fake, am I not good enough for her. He will take her away from me, he always says that he will be there for her when I fuck up, he stayed true to his word.

I don’t want him to take her away from me and I will do anything to prevent him from doing that. The next thing I knew was that my knuckles were stinging badly and Arun was scowling at me with his hand over his nose.

Yeah, I punched him, hard, in the face, felt stoodtood

“What the heck man, why did you do this for?”

“This was for to remind you that if you even try to take her away from me you will face my anger and next time it will be worse than this. She is the only mine and you stay T F away from her.”

He sat there confounded acting innocent and oblivious to what I said but I know him better, he is just trying to deny the truth.

He got up mumbling something,

“What the hell are you mumbling, say it, out loud, say it.”

He looked at me with a funny face, “Really Amey, that dialogue from Twilight, of all things you could have said, you said that”

I fought the urge to laugh at that, he was right I don’t know what came over me to say that.

He shook his head and took out his phone from the back pocket of his jeans, suddenly his expression turning grim.

“I wanted to tell you something serious, you might not be ready for this now but after the kind of stunts you are pulling up every day I have to show you this now.”

“Show me what.?” I asked.

He started searching something in his photo gallery so I leaned to take a look at what he was searching, his fingers stopped on a folder, it was named ‘WEDDING’ whose wedding’s folder is he showing me now. his fingers glided over the pictures and finally settled on one photo.

All the breath left my lungs, the ground beneath me started shaking, everything became fuzzy and the only thought I had was ‘ is this picture real’ and then everything turned black.

I finally managed to write something good, hope you like it, sorry for the late update, love you guys please drop a like and show ur love in the comments.

Stay safe.

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