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"Guys, let's go if it gets too dark I won't be able to drive" I called everyone, I just want to see her right now. Yesterday was Amey's sister's wedding so we all were invited but when I proposed to the love of my life yesterday I thought she would straight away say No. But to my surprise, she said a Yes, I was in complete shock and for a few seconds, I was sitting on my knee in front of her for almost 5 minutes, trying to absorb her reaction.

She was so happy and she had tears in her eyes, I didn't think she liked me and I loved her but when I asked Arun to help me, he said that there was a possibility that even she could have a few feelings for me.

I was wrong she didn't have little feelings got me, she freaking loved me and I was feeling soo lucky about it.

I entered the car and waited for them to arrive, suddenly the door on my side opened and before I could interpret what was happening I felt someone's lips on mine and they tasted like strawberry, my girl doesn't use this kind of shit.

I caught a glimpse of bronze Brown hair, this girl had the same hair as my girl, who the hell is she.

I was pushed back into my seat, I should not let her do this but I was frozen on my seat I tried to see her face but it was hidden behind a mask.

Is this my girl? but then I saw her eyes were deep brown just like my girlfriend and the only thing that helped me understand she was someone else was that her eyes had mischievous glint.

I pushed her away from me but it was too late to do so, she was completely nude and straddling me while my shirt was unbuttoned and my trousers unzipped, this girl is pretty fast,

Then the voices came, the laugh of my best friend and my girlfriend's sweet voice, she came to save me.

The door on my side opened, everyone froze, her eyes welled up with tears of betrayal. I wanted to tell her that what she was seeing was wrong but neither did my body nor did my mouth move.

The girl straddling me instantly started crying and blaming me, shouting that I tried to rape her, and everyone was looking at me with disgust, I have to tell everyone that she was lying but my voice was stuck in my throat.

I was pulled out of the car and someone else sat in the driver seat, good now they won't even let me drive my car.

I looked up at my girlfriend,

"Why, why did you have to do that, why my sister" that girl was her sister, but wait... I didn't do anything, I tried to tell her that but all attempts went in vain.

Within minutes we were in the car, driving towards our home. A slow song, I think A Thousand Year was playing and apart from that sound, there was no one else saying a word.

I looked at the window on my side, the light was blinding before I could understand what was happening our car was flying in the air, we fell on the road and after a few tumbles, it stopped.

Except for my frantically beating heart, I could not hear anything.

I looked around to see if anyone else other than me was conscious, but all of them were knocked out.

Suddenly I felt something warm against my hand, I looked down to look at it,

She was holding my hand and surprisingly she still had the promise ring I gave to her. I looked up at her face and my world tore apart.

Blood was seeping out of her head and her breath was shallow, her hands started losing the warmth, I tried to shake her but she didn't I can't lose her now.

I started becoming tired, everything started spinning, will I never get to see her smile again, memories of her laugh flooded my mind, I can't let her leave me,

I leaned near her ear and whispered "don't lose hope, my love, we will get out of this together.........I will always love you, Myra..."


I sat straight, breathing heavily completely drenched in sweat, so it was a dream, but it felt so surreal, wait was it real??

I looked at Arun who was looking at me with confusion....

"Why did you lie to me about the accident"

His eyes widened in surprise

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