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"Oh my god," I groaned disbelievingly at the food kept in front of him. It was hard to believe that the thing on my plate is edible. I had never in my life seen so messy plating of food.

"Oh your God" I gasped at the voice and found my new fake boyfriend, starting at me with a smirk on his face". I still can't believe that I agreed to his stupid favour, but he helped me to keep Amey away from me and I was grateful for that.

"So why are you planning to eat something so..." He waited to find the correct word to describe it"beautiful..." He said with a frown and I burst out into laughter. He just smiled at me caringly.

He can be a very good boyfriend but not for me, the guy I wanted would never be mine because his values are more important for him than his heart, and though I respect him for that it, still hurts.

"This the only thing that was left in the canteen today so I have to either eat this or sleep empty stomach."

He grimaced and a thoughtful look came on his face.

"Let's go" what where is he taking me,

"Where," I asked calmly not showing him how much I was panicking.

"Just come, you will love it." J reluctantly followed him to his car.

After a good 15 minutes and still not stopping anywhere, I became more anxious.

"Are you planning to kill me?" I asked him and his jaw clenched then unclenched and unexpectedly he chuckled.

"Oh my God, u are so gonna kill me, was this your plan all along to first make me your girlfriend and the kill me?". I asked it came out more like rambling and he did nothing to calm me down " wait and see" he said which made me shout at him like a mad girl and he kept laughing at me the entire time.

After half hour he stopped somewhere, the place was completely isolated,

"Get down fast we have to go quickly." He said and quickly exited the car and with swift motions came to my side and opened the door,

"Why are you being a gentleman when you are gonna kill me?" I asked him with narrow eyes.

He looked at me with a blank expression and then without answering me held my hand with a tight grip the one which parents have on their children when they visit a fair, anyways, he led me to a small restaurant which looked fine from outside I wonder how it might look from inside.

"let's go inside I think we might get something good to eat here." I gawked at him with wide eyes, he brought me here for food, in the few months we have been together in this "fake relationship" he always had done something or the other like carrying my books and other normal stuff, but this, it was something I considered over the top, he really deserves a perfect girl.

"You didn't need to do this," I told him and he looked at me with a knowing look,

"Just thank me already I know you didn't want to eat that food"

I blushed at that " Yeah thank you for being so thoughtful".

He bowed down at that and I giggled, we entered the restaurant and it was nothing like what it looked from outside, inside it was like a grand palace with many paintings of beautiful women and scenarios.

We sat down at a table and the waiter came to take our order.

"We will have one plate cheese pav bhaji and one plate onion pakora" these things were among my favourite, bot these dishes are little spicy but hell a lot savoury and I was shocked at how many things about me he remembered.

Finally, our order came and I ate till my stomach could not bear even water. After losing the fight of who would pay, I went to sit inside the car while he cleared the bills.

From the window, I saw the receptionist gave him a small tissue paper which probably would be having her number on it. He politely accepted it and impolitely dumped it in the dustbin next to her desk.

I bust out laughing at the priceless reaction on her face.

He entered the car we chatted for a while about random things and then he dropped me at my hostel gate.

Just as I went to open my door I caught a glimpse of something at the end of the corridor. I walked down the corridor to see who there was and suddenly I was pulled and I squealed and then I was inside one of the rooms and the door was then quickly shut.

I looked at the person standing in front of me with my heart beating wildly and my voice instead of being calm and cold it came out breathy.

"Amey..." He looked at me with guilty pleading eyes, even though we used to see each other regularly we never talked to each other. It was better for us like that and now I was in a closed room with him, ironical.

"Myra I am " I stopped him before he could say anything " really, stop it, you made yourself pretty clear that day I don't want to hear anything else from you," I said with a somewhat composed voice of mine which was foreign to even me.

He looked hurt at that, good, he deserved that,

"You got that wrong, I didn't mean it like that," he said and I got angry at that,

"What, I got it wrong, me?. Don't you even remember what you said that day, don't act innocent, you were in a stupid and loveless relationship and I just wanted to take you out from that because I really liked you, but you straight away crushed my heart right in front of Arun, "

"Myra doesn't ut like that, I love you, I have been in love for you since a very long time." I was shocked by his confession.

"Why don't you leave her, why won't you do that," I asked him,

"I...i can't do that" I was beyond angry now, he said he loved me but he won't leave her,

"You. Stupid" I started but he a stopped me.

"I swear I will tell you someday but not now, I can't tell you, you won't understand that, " he said,

"You think I am dumb, you know what, stay with her only, do not ever come near me." He looked at me with wide pleading eyes, I shook my head in disappointment

I turned to unlock the door but his big hand smashes it close again and he spun me around, his eyes full of unknown rage, " why are you with that asshole?" He asked me, my expression turned sour, " first of all he is not an asshole you are and secondly it's home of your business anyways I meant to ask you a question though it's none of my business, do you love Tanya?" I asked him, his eyed widened and his jaw clenched, his eyes then turned emotionless and his face became cold and distant, we were so close that I could feel his ragged breath.

" Yes, I love her, ".he said, my subconscious died, my emotions vanished, I looked up at him with teary eyes and kissed him and then before he could understand anything slapped his cheek with all the force I had time, and took advantage of that moment and quickly escaped the room, ran towards my room and locked the door.

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