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I gaped at the running figure, I am still not sure of what had happened, one minute she was kissing me sending sparks inside my body, and the other minute my hand was on my stinging cheek.

The look of hurt I saw in her face rendered me speechless, I didn't even think before saying that I loved Tanya. Yeah I loved her but only as a friend, I thought that after my professing my love for her she would forgive me but I ruined my chances of forgiveness.

I pulled her inside the room because she was standing in the middle of the isolated corridor and in the given circumstance she should not be alone, I could have told her about everything but I can't and I don't know if I can ever do that.

This is the second time I got hit because of her.


"Why did you lie to me about the accident?"

He looked down and started fiddling with his thumbs.

"I was told to do so," he said without any emotion in his voice. There was definitely something that he was hiding from me.

"I swear, I didn't want to do that but the officials and your's and her's family members wanted me to hide it from both of you."

"Wait for a second both?..." I asked him

He instantly froze on realizing his mistake. After a few seconds, he sighed deeply and took out his phone, the last time he took his phone out I blacked out god knows what will happen this time.

He showed the screen to me and once again the world around me started spinning, he cursed something and I was handed a glass of water, I gulped the whole glass down.

"You know right I didn't do anything with her, I mean Myra's sister." His expression turned guilty.

"Yeah I know," he said looking at the floor.

"Then why didn't you tell everyone this at that time?" I asked him. He was still looking down when he replied

"Because I was the one who sent her there," he said in a low tone and then within seconds my fist collided with his jaw, this is the second time I had hit him because he hid the truth from me.

"Fuck man, what was this for, at least start listening completely first." I glared at him and he sank further in his seat.

"I am sorry I hid the truth from you and I am sorry I didn't stand up for you at that time but believe me I had no idea that she would do something like that. I sent her there to see if you were ready to go but she took advantage of that and then blamed you when we found both of you naked and moreover we didn't know if you were completely serious with Myra even though you had given a promise ring earlier, we all thought you probably did it because of the wedding and the emotions and hormones."

"We thought maybe you still were the player you were back then, so to test your feelings we sent her there at that time even I thought that you did seduce her but after the accident when I hear you whisper something like hold up and I love you I understood that your feelings for her were true."

"Before you woke up in the hospital after a few weeks we were told not to tell you what happened before the accident, and I don't want to hide things from you anymore so I will tell you that your mother was the one who forced that idea a lot, I guess she didn't like Myra that much and so the authorities told us to keep it a secret."

Okay, so that was the reason Myra's dad's eyes widened when he saw me at the diner.

My mind was still dizzy from whatever he told me, " you kept saying 'we' who all knew about this". His face once again dropped,

"Me, and two more of us".

" who two?"

"Nakul and Tanya," he said and my world stopped. I stammered" so the story I was told was completely fake, about only three of us surviving, no one died that day right?" I asked him,

His face turned into stone, " the story was false but someone did die that day, Myra's sister, we were told that she was dead before we woke up because even woke up after a few days."

" I need to tell Myra about all of this" I started standing up prepared to go and the Myra everything.

I ran down the stairs with Arun behind me, we reached around the cafe and I saw her with a douche from second-year who once took our ragging. He saw me, smirked, and then suddenly pulled her by her waist, pressed her back to a nearby wall, and dipped down to kiss her.

All I could see was red and I charged towards them but I was pulled back and punched in my face which snapped me out of my trance.

Arun shook his head and dragged me back to our room.

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