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I sighed after I locked the door and turned around to go to my bed.

"OMFG what the hell are both of you doing here?," I asked Annie(a.k.a Anaya) as she sat almost naked on an almost naked boy, I admit he did look good but he wasn't of any match to run. Both of them were confused as hell and shocked at my heroic entry.

" of the thing you mentioned in your statement earlier in your statement," the jerk said smirking at me.

"Oh my God," I groaned as I realized what I had earlier said and what he meant by that.

"Seriously Annie at least you could've tried to give me a heads up about your sexcapade" Annie glared at me while the guy scoffed.

"Really Myra, could you have come up with a more hilarious word?", she asked me. I asked and walked to my mini cupboard and gathered my things to head off to the bathroom for a change.

I stopped at Annie's bed, glaring at the jerk who had still not covered himself up.

" you," I said pointing at him "should be gone before I come back" and glared at Annie but she wasn't paying me any attention.

"Then take you time, I am not used to finishing everything quickly" WHAT!!!!

"I leaned towards him" Get the hell out! She is not a bloody 'thing' as you mentioned to get finished with her quickly" j said through clenched teeth.

His smirk vanished, I turned to get out of the room fuming, and then Annie spoke

"You can't dictate who comes and does from here, this is my room also. You don't need to interfere with my matters."

I turned back on my heels horrified at her snarky tone, she had never been like this. Before I could say anything she locked her lips with his, I quickly opened the door and got out from that small suffocating room.

Tears threatened to fall as I walked through the corridors Annie hand never been so harsh with me, although she changed a lot after breaking up with Arun, she kind of started avoiding our group and even made new friends and all of them were also pretty good so even I hang out sometimes with them, but even after so many things she never once spoke to me like this.

Yes, she did taunt me on my feelings for Amey, though they were never mean and harsh. Today she humiliated me in front of that jerk.

Now I feel that I should have paid attention to her, I think she felt neglected that's why she became like this, but this is no excuse for behaving like this when I was merely defending her.

I quickly freshened and walked out of the washroom. I heard vague sounds as I approached my room. Nakul and Arun were standing outside my door.

"Hey! Anaya told us that you went to fresh up, so we waited for you to come"Bakul said while Arun stops there with clenched teeth and a distant look in his eyes.

" Hey, sorry to keep you waiting, but why are you here at this time," I asked him trying to sound polite and calm when all I wanted to do was cry my eyes out and whine to them about her attitude.

Arun noticed that something was off and quickly piped in" hey we wanted to ask if you would like to come with us to camping this weekend? It's fine if you have other plans, just thought that we should ask you first." Arun said, maybe he saw that jerk and Annie together that's why even he's having a hard look on his face.

"Umm, okay I will come, it'll be fun I guess," I said and both of them looked at each other with guilty looks in their face. I understood "even Amey and Tanya are coming right," I asked them, they snickered at the stupid innuendo, God their heads are always in the guitar.

"Right now or to the camping?" Nakul asked me. My heart fell at that and I paled, they were quick to notice it.

"Hey, we were kidding, shouldn't have said that and yes both of them are coming to the camping."

"It's okay, I am looking forward to it."

"So it's settled then she is also coming," Nakul said overexcited and skipped off to his car after yelling a good night to us.

God this guy came at this time just to make me this, I truly have got an awesome group of friends.

I turned towards Arun and he gave me a charming smile but I knew, it pained him to smile now when his first love was with god knows who doing god knows what.

Suddenly we heard giggles along with his grunts and Arun's face dropped.

"Umm, Arun do you mind if I come to your room today, you know why right?" I asked him and his face snapped up with a shocked look on his face.

"Umm... Yeah, of course. I can understand and anyways Amey won't be coming before tomorrow so you can take up his bed" he said stammering a bit. I was giddy at the thought of sleeping in Amey's bed but I quickly pushed stupids thoughts aside .i smiled warmly at him at his generosity.

"So do you want to take any stuff of yours or are we good to go?" Asked Arun and I remembered that my phone's battery was low and I need my charger, I told him that I would go in and get it quickly.

"Are you sure?" he asked me and nodded my head.

I softly opened the door with a cold and distant face I had mastered in the past few years, and that jerk instantly scowled at me.

"You again, don't you understand the meaning of privacy" he barked at me and j heard a loud bang at the door, god, Arun is getting angry I better go out quickly I thought to myself and without sparing any glance at both of then started gathering my things.

"Myra where are you going" asked Annie. really!!! She has the audacity to ask me this.

I ignored her comment" Arun do you like Nachos" I asked him with a loud voice so that he could hear me from outside the door.

"Yeah, I do" he replied equally loud and I saw Annie and that jerk frreze. I quickly took a packet and walked out of the door, while closing it I looked at him and saw a worried look on her face.

"We are good to go," I told him and handed him the packet of cheese nachos and he started eating them right away.

"I'm what happened between you two," he asked me while we walked towards his dorm. i God hm everything a then shook is he an in disappointment. He dumpedctmeeI the nearby dustbin, he is quick and wiped his hands, NEAT FREAK!!.

"Thanks for this, I enjoyed them but you really didn't need to do that I looked at him with an amused expression.

" that's really generous of you to say after eating the whole packet, and I happy that oh enjoyed it consider it as a thank you gift from me," I said and we both started laughing.

We reached his room and the guys who outside gave me a wave, I knew most of them so they didn't make any stupid comment, I was literally called the mini don there.

So I entered their room and found it perfectly cleaned and beds neatly made.

" Yeah we both like things in their place," Arun said, shit did I say that out loud, he scoffed"yeah you did" and I groaned and sat on Amey's bed, hell it was comfy,

"Yeah, it's a water bed," Arun said and yeah you said even this out loud.

Somethings really wrong with me today.

"Yes something is seriously wrong," he said laughing and I buried my head in his pillow.

It smelled of Amey, rich and delicious I remembered what Nakul said earlier.

"Hey, you fine with being alone for a few, I need to fresh up I will lock the door on my way out," he asked me and a mumbled an 'Ok' you go-ahead with my face buried in the pillow.

" what was that," he asked and I lifted my head up and repeated my words and he went out laughing. I heard the lock click and then I got up and plugged my phone to the charger and lied down, inhaling him I went into a deep slumber.

I felt a strong hand around my waist and the smell I love around me, I even dream about him now, great!

It's so hot, I tried to push off the cover but a strong hand kept it in place, wait!! What?? A string hand??

I turned around slowly and found a peacefully sleeping Amey a small smile crept up my face, then my eyes widened in horror, it wasn't a dream, "What the hellhole" I screamed on top of .y lungs and he fell off the bed, Arun wakes up too and in hurry, he banged his head on the headboard.

"Stop screaming girl," said a groggy yet sexy voice of him. "What the hell is he doing here," I asked Arun who himself sat there shocked.

"Umm, he might've used the spare key," he said suggestively.

"Ahh, guys I am still we're," he said in an irritated voice. " and I should be the one asking you what are you doing here I should have done that at night itself but you were sleeping peacefully so I didn't"

"Myra and Anaya had a fight" Arun answered for me. Any got up and again slipped inside the covers, "come not sleep, we still have plenty of time for classes" he said.

" no way I am not sleeping with you" he smirked, " but you already did, now come fast its cold outside" he barked and I without thinking much slipped inside the covers too and soon went into a peaceful sleep.

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