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I know I shouldn’t have said those things to her, no one gets into a medical college like mine with a management seat because it is very expensive, but even she didn’t have the right to pull the dean’s child card and yes it did piss me off. Then the lecture ended and she rushed out of the class. I tried to calm myself down, normally I would work my charm and get my work done but this girl, she didn’t seem to have any effect of my charm. Normally I don’t get angry but only 25 minutes with her and I was fuming with rage, and I think my dad noticed me and he called me in his office.

As I walked through the corridor I noticed people sneaking glances at me, great just great this girl had managed to ruin my first impression over in front of the college as well as her. I still don’t understand after all this happened why do I still care about my impression in front of her, but it did matter to me I admit that her lack of interest in my questions did hurt my ego but there was something about her, which even after all of this still drew my mind towards her.

I finally reached the office and knocked on the door.

“Come in, son… I mean Mr Amey,”

yeah, I have told him not to address me as his son inside the college premises,

“ I noticed your reaction in the class, what happened between you and Ms Myra would you like to tell me.”

“ I am sorry sir we just had a little argument, over something stupid, I assure you it won’t happen again”

“Please lock the door Amey, and come and sit in front of me.”

Okay, I wasn’t expecting this, still, I did it anyway and sat in front of him, I knew this was going to take a long time, my father’s face told everything,

“ Son, you know you can tell me anything right, and don’t tell me there was nothing but a stupid argument between you two, half of the lecture you were only watching her, so if that has pissed her off then I may have to say you did a mistake”

My dad and were close enough and I could tell him everything but somehow I didn’t know how to tell this to him, my unwanted reaction towards her, she was just a simple, natural and beautiful girl with smartness and sassiness filled to the brim of her brain but there was something else about her too and I am sure I would have a hard time understanding her.

“Dad, honestly I myself don’t know what is happening between us, one minute like how simple she is and the next minute I feel like humiliating her she just does something withdraws a negative reaction from me, and I hate it, the way she ignored me when I introduced myself to her. I hated it, I don’t know why but it just made me angry, I don’t normally allow this to happen to me after you know what happened in the past I tried to keep myself calm but this girl, she just with one action or even one word pisses me off like hell, I can’t think straight when I am with her and neither can I pay attention to anything when not around her, even though physically I am here my mind is still on the desk beside her. I don’t know dad what is happening but I feel that this is going to turn badly.

Dad listened to me patiently and even waited for a few seconds just to ensure I wouldn’t start with another babbling session. Then he said what I wasn’t expecting, “ Son, please go to your class”

I stood up confused and unlocked the door, “Mr Amey, I am happy for you.” What did he mean by the???

At least I was free to go back to class, even though I was 15 minutes late, but there was a strange need to see her again.

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