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Hunt you down eat you alive, just like Animals, Animals, Animals just like Animals" was ringing loudly in my ears, it was soo loud that for a second I thought I am singing that song. I liked the song, unlike others, I considered it soothing.

The sound was coming from my phone kept on the bed stand.

Arghhhhh Alarms, I swiped it to the red side and it stopped. When did I put that song on my alarm tone, I don't remember doing that?

I opened my eyes and they were filled with the familiar copper brown hair.

She's still here in my arms and this is where she belongs, safe and happy with me, I thought to myself and smiled warmly at her.

In the past few years, she had lost a lot of weight but even then she will always be my teddy bear.

She shifted a bit and my breath stopped for a second, what if she wakes up and finds me staring at her, she will think that I am a creep though I will kiss her at her confused expression to just confuse her a little more.

Thankfully she did not wake up, I slowly slipped out of the bed and rubbed my eyes, I found my phone and swiped the screen to type the password, but shockingly it opened directly without asking for the password.

I had a very big and complex password' pun intended'

I again looked at the phone, it had a creepy back cover, a black skull and it was a bit raised to do it pinched it, red liquid flowed out of it and I threw it away.

Then I noticed that it had gone inside again, what kind of weird cover is it.


This is definitely not mine, j swiped it again and saw Myra's beaming face but it was very old, she had changed a lot since then.

It might have been before the accident, this girl has Animals song as her alarm tone but still, she didn't wake up cool right.

Maybe she had put it for Amaya, speaking of Amaya I saw her kissing some guy in the corridor, poor Arun.

Will even Myra move on after she knows our past, I hope not.

I stared at the photo, the glint of mischief the spark in her eyes, the smile on her lips, it was a mesmerizing view.

Her phone chimed with a text.

"He babe😘! U awake? Should j come to pick u up today?"

I know I should not be snooping but how the hell is she cheating on me.

Why the hell is he texting her, this Karan does not know his boundaries.

I started scrolling through her texts and saw a familiar number but ignored it, what angered me was that she was flirting back with him.

"WTH Amey, why are you snooping through my phone," Myra asked angrily and snatched it from me.

I got angry at that" oh yeah, your phone has too many secrets which you don't want to show anyone right, you are afraid someone would get to know about your slutty side, am I right?"

"How the hell did you" I stopped her,

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE" I yelled angrily at her.

She collected her things and dashed out of my room with teary eyes, I know this was wrong but I was too angry to differentiate between right and wrong.

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