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I tried but I couldn't control them anymore. They flowed endlessly as u stood below the shower.

How did he dare check my phone and then get angry at me? I didn't cheat on him, how would I because we never dated each other.

Everyone knows that he is my fake boyfriend, wait does he know, he doesn't right.

I groaned.

He didn't know anything still he yelled at me, accused me falsely and the only reason I have to forgive him is that he didn't know about it but that doesn't mean that what he said to me earlier was acceptable.

This all was a misunderstanding which was misunderstood badly. I don't hold grudges so I won't give him hell about the things he said rather I will avoid him to avoid situations like this.

Annie had always been my support during my emotional traumas and even after what happened yesterday I wanted to talk to her but when I came back to the room she wasn't there, maybe I should call her.

I picked up my phone to dial her number and found a missed call from an unknown number. I quickly checked it on the true caller and found it to be Tanya's.

Why is she calling me, I checked the time and saw that it was around the time when j went for my bath, though one thing that was odd was that I had never given her my number still how did she get it.

I kept the phone on my table and went to get dressed up.

'I like to move it, I like to move it, I like to shake it shake it' filled my room with fresh energy, Karan had put that song on my ringtone, he has the oddest choice of songs.

I saw the caller and groaned, Tanya again

"Where the hell have you been, you need to come here right now, I cant handle Amey like this anymore." She sniffed and ended the call, her voice was a bit weird maybe because of crying but why the f was she crying I thought to myself.

I quickly changed into my clothes and dashed towards his room.

I saw Karan coming out of his room, he stopped me". Hey babe where are you running off to?" I rambled something which neither he nor I understood and I again started running, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him running behind me, he cared for me like a big brother.

It felt like I had been running for ten hours, their corridors are so bi, I mentally groaned.

At last, we reached there and before I could open the door I hear a weird sound. I looked at Karan to confirm my suspicion and he frowned.

He stood in front of me so that I would not be able to see something stupid, but I knew what was going on inside, skin slapping against the skin could be heard and soft moans too.

He quietly opened the door, a small gasp of a girl came. I bent a bit to see what was inside.

All breath left my lungs as I stared at the scene in front of me, everything started spinning, I saw that girl smirk at me and then everything went black.

I woke up to murmuring sounds if my friends. Where am I? I blinked my eyes to adjust to the intensity of the lights, it was an old room with a brown coloured fan, just like my room, I looked around and found my belongings there, oh so I was in my room, wait how did I get here?

Everything I saw came back like a truck of bricks on my face, tears started spilling from my eyes.

"Hey angel please don't cry, I know ow what you saw disturbed you a lot but what you was not what you say" wait for what, I looked at him with a confused expression.

"What do you mean by that, j know what u saw, one minute he calls me a slut and accuses me of cheating on him and next minute he himself makes a dick move like a manwhore."

"Don't fucking call him a manwhore" Arun said through gritted teeth, I looked at him with open mouth.

"Listen I am sorry for that, but he is not a manwhore, I know what you saw would make you think otherwise but he was not sober when all of this happened and I know that is not a valid excuse for this but still he didn't know what he was doing".

He said all of this in a single breath. Okay,.....not sober...

" moreover the girls were not of our campus too," Karan said,

the girls, I vividly remember both of them one of then had copper brown hair like me and Anaya and the other had jet black hair. As she bounced on Amey's lap they boggled up and down.

The other girl bent on her knees near his crotch.

I could never remove that image from my mind.

"Yeah they were not of our campus and as soon as you fainted they left, I guess their main motto was to hurt you somehow," Karen said.

Then I remembered the phone call.

"Tanya," I said and everyone looked at me confused.

"Tanya called me and told me to come there, she said she could not handle Amey anymore and needed me to do that. Moreover, she was crying."

Arun looked at me in confusion, how did you know it was Tanya, " he asked me,

"I searched it on the true caller," I told him, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Wait for a second" he searched for something in his phone.

"Check the number if it is the same one I have of her's," he told me the number and I checked, it was different.

"No, it's not the same one" his face turned grim.

"Tell me the number," Arun said and I told him the one I received the call from.

"Are you sure it was her number because here the number belongs to someone else," he said, what!!

He turned the phone towards us, I gasped the number belonged to the office of our college, but who would call me from there without the officials noticing her.

Just then the door busted open and Annie came inside, she looked at all of us and then fixed her stare on me "where the hell have you been?" She asked me, wait, that statement, I had heard it before.

I looked up at Arun to confirm my doubt and he shrugged at the possibility, but now the main question was ......WHY?

it on the true caller," I told him,

"Wait for a second, check if the number I have is the same one you got the call from," I told him the number,

"Are you sure this is the same number" he turned the phone towards me and a small gasp left my lips, it was the office number of our college.

"But how, did she do that unnoticed by the officials"

Just then the door busted open and Annie came in, looked at everyone and then fixed her stare on me.

"Where the hell have you been?" She asked me, wait!!! I have heard this statement earlier too, I looked too at Nakul to confirm my doubt but he just shrugged about the possibility.

She looked at me with a questioning look,

But now the more important thing that was going in my mind was.......WHY???

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