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The day has come.

The ultimate and final day of my sanity.

Today was the camping trip everyone had planned about.

Today I will be sitting with the two most difficult people of my life.

The trip will be the longest one I ever had in my life.

“Come on Myra come out fast” Nakul yelled from outside my door.

“Are you sure I should be coming, especially after what happened yesterday”.

" oh dear God, if you don’t come in ten seconds I am coming and I don’t care if you are dressed or not”. He whisper yelled.

“No, fuck no, you are not coming inside, I am coming in 2,” I said.

“You are coming in 10 seconds,” he said and walked off.

I was already ready, ski grabbed my side bag and opened the door.

“Stay safe,” Annie said from behind me. I turned back and she gave me a sad smile.

I feel soo terrible for doubting her loyalty.

She said that she was with her grandparents for the whole day and showed us her picture too.

She was shocked when we told her what had happened and she was quick to realise that we all were having our doubt on her.

Her eyes instantly filled with tears and they silently flowed through her face. Before we knew she jumped on her bed and cocooned herself in the blanket.

Everyone gave me and her some time alone because j was the only one who could talk her out of it. She cried for the entire night and then at around 4 am called everyone in the room and showed her pictures of the day.

Everyone looked guilty and all of us apologised to her.

“I am really sorry Annie for doubting you, I swear it will never happen again,” I said in a remorseful voice.

“Yeah, text me when you reach there” I nodded my head and walked towards the car.

It was a jeep and had enough space for all of us to sit comfortably.

“Finally tye queen arrives,” said Nakul and all of us rolled our eyes at his stupid remark.

Tanya and Aney came hand In a hand like a couple in love. Vihaan came to my side.

“Hey, you okay?” He asked me.

“I will try to be, ” I said.

He gave a small nod and went to Nakul and told him something while looking at me, Nakul’s eyes flashed at me and I gave him a small smile and waved affectionately.

I don’t know what Vihaan said but suddenly Nakul turned stoic, he froze his eyes travelled in the direction of Amey. His face radiated pure anger and I saw Vihaan squeeze his hand.

Nakul shared a worried look towards me and I smiled at him, mouthing am okay.

Tanya came and stood beside me and cleared her throat.

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