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It’s been freaking two hours since we have been on the road and not even once did she glance at me.

Did she regret what happened yesterday?

I am a fool who thought that it would lead to something.

Two can play the game, Myra, if you can ignore me even I can.

We stopped at a gas station to fuel up.

“Tan do you want something to eat?” I asked Tanya.

Myra’s face twisted as I ignored her.

Shutting the door I walked up to the store.

“Do you think this is a good idea?” Arun asked me.

“I don’t know but this is our last chance to end all of this.” He nodded.

We paid the bill and started walking towards the car.

“That was very funny,” said Myra with humour in her voice,

I opened the door and saw Myra and Tanya Were laughing and they were even holding hands.

What the hell is happening here??

How did these two become friends???

They stopped once they saw me.

“Amey, have you seen Myra’s ring? Too bad she doesn’t remember who gave her this. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Will you buy one for me too?” Tanya asked me showing me Myra’s hand.

I froze.

‘Me too’ she said, me too.

Did she know?

Arun covered me, “come on guys we need to go” and he ushered me in the passenger seat as he took the wheel.

In the rear mirror, I saw a familiar car speeding in our direction.

Soo I am sorry for late updates I've been working on something else so give me some time for updating Mor chapters till children keep reading a story and give me your likes comments and reviews thank you and stay safe.

P.S. forgive me for short chapters.

I am just creating suspense.

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