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I’ve learned something about my heart.

It can break.

It can be ripped apart.

It can harden and freeze.

It can stop. Completely.

It can shatter into a million pieces.

It can explode.

It can die.

The only thing that made it start beating again?

The moment you opened your eyes.

I was so enraged by the fact that someone had stolen her from me that I couldn't control myself.

I jumped from the car and banged the door behind me.

After walking a few steps I stopped in front of a tree, and before I could control myself began punching it with all my strength.

I know this was wrong but, I could only see red and no part of my brain worked rationally.

How did that stupid asshole make a move so quickly, the whole purpose of this camping trip which I planned was to get near Myra and see if she remembers anything at all.

For a long time, I thought she cared about me but I saw how happy she was when she answered Tanya's question.

What did she ever see in the dumbo?

I agree that he is an all-rounder but he is a ladies man.

Myra deserves the best but he is not even good.

One day when she will realise that he is not good enough for her, I will be waiting for her, forever.

And I know that she will come back to me.

But first, I have to sort out this Karan's problem, should I bury him after killing or kill him after burying. Wait for a second, how can I kill him after burying he will die on his own if I first bury him, due to suffocation as the oxygen levels will go down and then carbhaemoglobin.....Waaaaiiit why am I indulging science in all of this?

Also, why am j even thinking about killing that asshole?

He will truly make me go insane.

I punched and punched and punched till my hand became bloody, bruised and sore.

After sometime when some of my anger cooled down I turned back to return to the jeep.

Everyone was standing in front of me with guilty expressions.

Myra's eyes travelled to my hand and she ran back to the jeep.

Returning with a first aid box, she motioned me to sit down and I complied.

Not even once did she raise her eyes to meet mine.

She cleaned my wounds and dabbed some antiseptic on it.

I hissed and jerked my hand but she tightened her hold.

She was so engrossed that she didn't realise her hair we're sticking in her face, I gently rucked them behind her ear.

A small gesture but it bloomed a lot of feelings inside me, desire, want, need, jealousy name it and I felt them all.

Realising what I did she quickly stood up and ran towards the jeep, how can a girl be so cute and annoying at the same time.

She truly is the most interesting girl I have ever known in my life.

I watched her as she went inside the jeep, flustered, good at least I can make her blush, I smiled constantly.

Arun shook his head while Tanya giggled..."oh god" I groaned and stood up.

"Can you get in the car or do I have to carry you bridal style till there?" Tanya asked me with a smirk.

" oh really, you think you can carry me, please try!" I said.

Her face paled " nope you can walk on your own!" She squealed and ran off.

I and Arun returned to the jeep laughing ore ass off.

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