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I stared at the passing trees as we drove on a curvy road.

The whole of this place felt very magical, serene, pure and kind of familiar.

It felt like I have already travelled on this road before.

"Umm. Arun where are we going" I asked.

He looked back at me with a frown,

"I didn't tell you?" He asked.

I shook my head.

"Okay, sorry. Anyways we are in the western ghats and are going to a small village named shirgaon."

"That's okay, but what is so special about that village, wait for a second even my village is in Shirgaon, are we going there," I asked as I got excited at the idea of meeting my grandparents.

"We don't know, we will be travelling around and I think we might stop there too, do you want to stop too?" Arun asked me.

I nodded my head frantically, "definitely yea, I haven't seen them since a long time."

"Ohkay then, we will meet your grandparents too." He said and he took a sharp turn.

A big truck breezed by us nearly missing our jeep.

My heart was furiously beating, I could have been in another accident.

Images of the accident started flooding my mind, a car...a big truck...a sharp turn... We got hit....blood everywhere......almost dead.....a soft hand on my cheek... I closed my eyes..... A soft whisper.....i love you.

I have heard that voice somewhere, I know that voice, but I can't seem to remember the person.

Was that person the same one who had given me this ring.

If he had, where us he now?

I paled as I remembered what my mom told me when I woke up in the hospital.

" two of your friends died, a girl and a boy " was he the same boy.

Tanya noticed the change in me..."hey are you okay, you are looking pale, do you want something to eat." She asked.

A worried expression came on Nakul's face as he held my face in both his palms and looked over at me.

" are you hungry... Are you thirsty... Do you want booze..." Everyone laughed except me, this guy can make a joke anywhere.

A run stopped the jeep in front of a small dhaba...

" I think she is hungry, and I am too. Let's eat something and then we will move again." Arun said as he parked the jeep.

All of us entered the dhaba and sat on small charpai ( a bed).

The waiter gave us menu cards and everyone started looking through it, I watched all of them with amusement waiting for a predicted reaction.

"Umm, what are all these dishes," asked Amey disapprovingly.

I laughed heartily and everyone kept staring at me in the utmost confusion.

" I am sorry, I kind of expected this reaction from all of you, Arun you said we are travelling to a village right?" Is asked him and him nodded.

" yeah so why the heck do you expect villagers to eat pizza, burgers and pasta," I said and slowly as the realisation dawned on them they crackled up and started laughing.

Everyone at the dhaba was staring at us, after a few minutes all of us calmed down and the Tanya said " okay so logic goddess tells me what can we eat here which will be good for us to eat ".

I searched through the menu card and settled on a dish I like very much and I think everyone will enjoy it too.

On cue, the waiter approached us and asked for our order.

" 5 plates of Kanda chanti and bhakri and 2 plates of pakora's," I told him and he went to the kitchen.

Four pairs of eyes stared at me, eager to know what I had ordered.

"What is the dish which you asked for," Nakul asked with excitement in his eyes.

" it's a dish which has hot and spicy caramelised onions which is called Kanda chatni and a bhakri us a tortilla or roti made up of rice dough and both of these things are super tasty, you will love them.." I said and I noticed the gleam of excitement in all of their's eyes.

"Umm, they arent too spicy right?" Asked Tanya.

This will be fun.

"Just wait till it comes, I assure you you will love it."

"What happened to you in the jeep," asked Nakul.

I paled at that, "umm...i...yeah. It kind of brought back some of the worst memories of my life." Arun frowned.

"What kind of memories," he asked.

"Umm. I kind of got into an accident like that, " I said and Amey's neck snapped up to look at me.

I continued " a fast-moving truck banged into our car, I was with my friends on a road similar to this one and two of my friends died in that accident. Since then I have avoided long trips.

Just now we were going to get hit by that truck so it brought back some memories". I said and hanged my head down.

A warm hand wrapped around my shoulders, Tanya has been nothing but supportive since morning, I had never seen her like this. Maybe the bitchy exterior is just a facade.

That's why I think Amey loves her. She is cool and without any disastrous past like mine.

Amey's eyes met mine, there was something oddly familiar about his eyes.

As of on-time, our order arrived, and everyone started eating while I waited for everyone's reactions.

All of them cheered like they were taking drinks and ate it.

Within seconds their faces became red.

"What in the ever-loving heck is this?" Tanya screamed.

Thank you, readers, for bearing with my pace, I know I am not a regular updater but I am engaged in studies so I get less time to write.

Anyways, if you like the story please grace it with your likes, comments and reviews.

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