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I reached the class before the next lecture, and people were still whispering. I went to my seat and found someone else sitting there and I was disappointed to see him instead of Amey but I also knew who would come near someone who had disrespected them, so yeah that was justifiable.

I cleared my throat to get the boys attention, and man even he looked like he had just stepped out from a fashion magazine.

“Hey! Are you sitting here, I am sorry I didn’t see you approach. Btw I am Nakul, nice to meet you, and honestly, I am glad a girl is sitting with me”

Okay so can flirt so openly also, “ hmm… why are you glad though”. Yeah, I cannot be dumber.

He shuffled his feet and a slight blush came on his cheeks, “ yeah that..umm…uhmm… I don’t know how to tell you ….it’s kind of embarrassing….”

“Nakul will you speak already, I am not going to judge you”

“ Oh okay ..” and he took out his cell phone and showed me a pic of another boy, GOD what’s with me and seeing new guys who all are drop-dead gorgeous. I did not understand the meaning of this and raised my eyebrow, he chuckled and said: “This is my boyfriend, Vihaan.”

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