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" what in the everloving heck is this?? "Tanya screamed after taking a bite of the dish Myra suggested us to have.

Arun, me and Nakul were coughing badly grasping for the water bottle while Myra laughed heartily at our faces.

I loved her laugh.

I am going insane.

Nakul glared at her and surprisingly Arun started laughing too.

After almost fifteen minutes all of us were laughing like anything.

After having a sweet dish called Puran poli, we again continued our drive.

The resort would take more four hours so I decided to give Arun some rest and drive the car.

My eyes kept drifting to the backseat, Myra slept peacefully.

So serene, so beautiful.

I regret not making a move on her earlier, maybe she had been mine now.

I don't want to lose her to some dumbass.

I will try to win her back, and I will do anything to get her back and hold her in my arms.

A loud honk from my left side cane and I jerked, twisting the wheel slightly and nearly missed the deep trench.

I looked at the car which had sped off, it was black.

Not the same I had seen earlier.

I wonder what he was doing there.

Was he following us??

I don't think so, he has never doubted me.

Maybe he would've had some work there.

Dismissing the idea I changed the song on my iPod.

Arianna Grande's. Boyfriend filled in my ears.

My iPod was disconnected and the car filled with the music, waking Myra and Tanya from their sleep.

Everyone stared at me.....and then everyone started laughing.

"Okay, Romeo we get that you don't want her to touch no one else, keep that in your mind too," said Arun between his laughs.

And then every one of us started laughing. This day has been really good, I saw her laughing many times and if I would have been a musician, I would have made a song on her laugh.

I hope she remembers everything at the earliest, the one clue I got that she was the one with us in the accident was when she told us about the accident she had been in.

That will leave only three more people to be found.

And finding them would be easier which will, in turn, help us to solve the case about our attackers.

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