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After having a hilarious laugh at the song, Tanya snatched Amey's iPod and changed the song.

But this one made us laugh even harder.

Break up with your girlfriend

Yeah, yeah, 'cause I'm bored

You can hit it in the mornin' (mornin')

Yeah, yeah, like it's yous

I kup with your girlfriend

Yellow it ain't right

But I don't care (care)

Break up with yh, yeah, 'cause I bore our girlfriend

You can hit it in the mornin' (mornin')

Yeah, yeah, like it's youYeah, yeah, 'cause I'm bored

I know it ain't right

But I don't care (care)

Break up with your girlfriend

Yeah, yeah, 'cause I'm bored

We literally had to park our jeep on the roadside, we were laughing soo hard.

Tanya put up that song intentionally because while she searched for it, she winked before playing Arianna's song.

After a good laugh of about ten minutes, we started travelling again.

Now the playlist was on shuffle so random, cool songs were playing.

Amey has good taste in music.

Then the one song I love started.

'A thousand years'.

I closed my eyes at the soft, soothing music.

I loved this song, it calmed me.

This song, I don't know why I love this, but it is near to my heart, it is special to me.

I felt a weird feeling of being watched by someone, and I opened my eyes a bit.

Amey was watching me curiously.

I opened my eyes full and he quickly looked away.

Why was he watching me?

Tanya was sleeping peacefully. I don't know why, but she was being nice to me.

She has never been this nice, the most I had ever spoken to her was when she kissed Aney un the middle of the canteen and since then I fruitfully ignored her.

But today.

We have been talking, laughing, playing, making jokes.

I took Amey's iPod and searched for the next song, I smiled as I got the song.

Soon the jeep was filled with sweet melodies of Beautifully broken a song be plumb.

I listen to this song when I am upset or worried about something.

This is another one of the songs I love to hear to.

I found another one, Cracks by Carly and Martina.

I put it on play next and called Amey.

"Hey, umm. I have set a song to be played next and then you can play songs of your choice.

I smiled a bit at him and his eyebrows went up in amusement.

" Okay, thank you" he smirked and looked forward.

Wait when did they change seats.

"When the hell did you two change your seats."

Arun looked at me in the mirror and smirked and then started shaking his head.

I looked at both of them in confusion.

"We did it almost two hours ago, while you were sleeping. And one more thing that song had been on repeat for the entire time."

My cheeks were on fire, I just closed my eyes, that song made me sleep for almost 3 hours.

"I am sorry for that, but why didn't you change it."

"Yeah, no problem, even I like the song so I did not change it, and neither did Arun.

I was embarrassed.

" Hey it was not a problem, don't be embarrassed about it. Amey has done worse things than this. Once he played Un Poco loco for twenty-five times. That dong is not bad but still after 25 times it gets boring".

We all laughed at that, and Tanya woke up from the noise.

"How much more time will it need to reach the resort?" She asked.

"Max ten minutes, "Amey said.

" Both of you can plaster yourselves with Makeup if you want to till that time." Said Arun.

"I don't use makeup" I huffed. A run raises his head," what you really don't? I can't believe it" said he, smirking and in a mocking tone.

"Pig head," I said and smacked his head lightly.

After a serious laugh, we hear a groan.

"The great king of Equador has risen, now little humans," said Nakul and all of gave weird expressions to him.

Tanys threw a packet of chewing gums at him and started laughing.

He is weird, his references are weirder, but still I love him.

We finally reached the place, it was truly beautiful, surrounded by nature and beautiful mountains. It was a peaceful and serene place.

We passed through a small garden.

I had seen this somewhere I can't seem to remember but I know I have seen it.

I looked around and my eyes widened, this place felt familiar.

"This place looks familiar". I said and all four heads turned towards me

" I have been to this place earlier also," I said.

Amey and Arun looked at each other with a secretive glance.

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