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She said she remembers this place.

I hope she remembers everything at the earliest, but one thing I am sure about is if she remembers everything, her life will be in the utmost danger.

Is she hiding something from me?.

I haven't forgotten about the text from that number.

After she went from my room and before drowning myself into booze I looked up that number on my phone.

It was the same one and she has skillfully hidden that from us.

This was the second thing that proved that we were involved in the accident.

Her phone chimed.

She checked it, her face went pale.

The blush on her cheeks from a while ago was gone now.

I could faintly see the tears behind her eyes.

What could have been that?

Why did she react like this to the message?

"Are you fine, you look pale again?" said Tanya.

She nodded her head and started to walk towards the entrance of the resort.

I think even I should give her some time.

It might be a family problem.

But that does not mean I will not find out.

I will even if I have to hack her phone.

We got keys to our rooms and flew off.

I desperately want to sleep.

I quickly showered and then directly jumped on the bed.




Even though it is not my water bed but still this is comfy and good.

I will at least sleep here for the whole day.

Anyways what I have planned for her will need a whole lot of energy.

A cool breeze lifted the curtains.

I think it would be good to close the window, it's already cool here.

I walked over to the window and saw something strange.

A black car again, I am being irrational.

There are many people having black cars and he is not the only one who has it.

Also, the number is not visible.

I dismissed my doubts and closed the windows.

Myra's room was next to mine, I did it purposefully.

She was a bit shocked when she and Tanya took two different rooms but then Tanya explained everything from the start and how we faked this relationship. And that too in just 10 minutes.

I don't want to get my hopes too high but I saw some tension relieved from her eyes.

Maybe she is happy that I am never and wasn't ever with Tanya.

Whatever it might be, I just hope my plan goes well.

What would she be doing now?.

She might've slept, she was already very tired.

I just hope she reacts to it positively otherwise this whole trip would be fruitless.

I closed the curtains and switched off the lights.

Pulled on my eye masks and went into a deep slumber.

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