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I have seen this place earlier.

I know I have been here but not when or why but remember that I was here with some of my friends.

I don't remember my friends, but surely I remember the lawn and the aisle on the backside of the resort.

Did I come before the accident, wait....the accident... I was in the car with my friends.....was this the resort to which all of us came too.

I hope my memories come back. My amnesia has been for a way too many days.

I just want to remember what happened on that day and why did I feel like I had lost something important to me.

I need fresh air. I went to the window from where the cool breeze was coming.

I took a deep breath and relaxed, that's when I saw a car.

A black car.

Oh shit.

Is this the same person who is texting me.

I had blocked his number earlier but I don't know-how, the messages kept coming and now I can't seem to block him.

And I received a text from him today also.

' Beware of the black cars, who knows one of them would be the reason for your death'

Whoever was this person, keeping a track on me, has been pretty good in hiding himself.

Today he is in front of me and I still can't do anything.

Wait I can.

I quickly put on some warm clothes and dashed out of my room. I ran towards the gate, where the black car was parked.

Oh god, this shoelace!

I bent down and started trying my shoelace when I got up I looked back to my room, it looked good from here also

Wait is that Amey's room?

That sneaky boy, he purposefully did this.

And I am really happy about the fact that Tanya and he are just an arrangement of circumstance.

I went near the car and started peeking inside from the window glass.

A black tinted glass.

I might add that this is a very expensive car.

Suddenly a big hand came over my mouth.

I started screaming and kicking, calling for help in a muffled voice.

He turned me towards the other side pressing his back on the cars door, struggling to open it with one hand.

I kept screaming, my throat was already paining.

I heard the click of the opening of the door, this is my last chance I have to do something.

I raised my legs on the backside kicking into his balls, a loud groan left his mouth.

Wait that voice, it was like a modulated voice.

His grip loosened on me.

I took advantage of it and ran screaming for help.

As on-time, Amey's window opened and his eyes fell on me, I kept running but I was too slow.

The man caught me and started dragging me towards the car.

I saw Amey running out of the resort gate.

But it was too late.

I was already in the car and then everything turned black.

This is my end.

Thank you, God, for giving me a good life and awesome friends.

The one regret I will always have is that I never got to tell Amey that I love him.

But nothing can be done now.

I am going.

I am dead.

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