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I had her, in my arms again.

Near to by heart where she will be forever.

I love her way too much to let her go.

I won't be able to handle the pain and misery if she leaves me.

I need her, like air.

I spooned her closer and placed a kiss on her head.

My lips got wet.

I touched my lips, with my hand.

Red liquid.


Myra's blood. This cannot happen.

I turned her around, her whole face was covered in blood, a big ugly gash on the forehead.

"No...please no, open your eyes" I started screaming, crying, rubbing her hand.

I leaned on her chest to listen to the heartbeat.

It wasn't working.


She cannot die.

She can't leave me alone.


I sat up on my bed, sweating profusely.

Thank God it was just a dream.

Suddenly I heard faint screams, a then a loud groan.

What the hell is happening here?

I opened my window, Myra was running towards the college gate.

Shit, a guy was running behind her,

Her eyes locked on me and she tripped.

I gathered my t-shirt and dashed out, running behind her. Calling for her.

I was too slow, he threw her inside the car, and they took a reverse and the car moved, I jumped on the car and punched on the room.

They stopped.

Whoa..... I am a hulk.

God Amey focus it's not a time to joke.

The man came out of the car, I sprung on him, and punched his face until he fell unconscious.

I quickly picked the Myra bridal style and ran inside the resort.

Gently laying her on my bed, I kept thinking of what might've happened if u hadn't woke up on time.

Glad to have that nightmare.

I think I should get her some food, while she rests.

But before that, I think even I should rest for a while.

Obviously, I am going to spoon her.

Keep her safe in my arms, forever.

So, guys, I am sorry for short chapters, I really haven't got much time to work on the stories.

I will try to update soon.

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Love you guys, stat safe.

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