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Is this heaven or hell.

Am I really dead?

I am not feeling any pain.

He killed me nicely I think.

But why am I feeling sleepy and my throat pains?

I tried to turn but could not, something big was on me.

I looked down towards my abdomen, a big hand was resting on my waist.

Wait!!!! whaaaaat.

Am I in bed with someone.

He didn't kill me


I tried to move my legs to check if there is some pain.

Thankful there wasn't.

Suddenly the hand moved, I became still.

I turned back and saw Amey, I am really in heaven and this is a sweet dream.

A vivid dream.

I gently caressed his face with my fingers.

His eyes fluttered.

"Go to sleep," he said in his smooth silky voice.

"I love you," I said softly and sleep consumed me.

So, guys, this is another short chapter, I guess I will combine them when I will edit the whole book.

Till then I am sorry, I will try to update a big chapter next time.

Myra thinks that this is a dream, and she says the three words which Amey is dying to hear from her.

Excited to know his reaction??

What do you think about the story so far?

A few more chapters and part 1 will be over.

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Thank you, readers, and love you all.

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