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Did I hear it right?

Did she really say that?

How did I get soo lucky?

When that asshole was taking her away from me, I felt something I haven't in years.

now I know the reason why I never felt anything for anyone else.

now I know why my heart beats faster only when she is around me,

even though my memories were erased, my heart did not forget her, it is, was and will always be her's forever.

Arun came barging inside my room, saw both of us lying in bed with her head on my chest.

"Both of you really need to act decently," he said in a mocking tone.

I rolled my eyes and gently slipped from under her.

Instantly missing her warm and scent.

"I have good news for you"

My eyebrows shot up, " Nice so you finally banged Tanya" his eyes bulged out,

"Wth are u saying......nothing like that". He said stammering.

" come on, I know you since childhood, I have seen you stealing glances at her." He blushed,deep red.

"So then what is the news?" I asked.

"Our term exam is cancelled, that means that we can stay here for some more days without worrying about our exams". A huge grin came on my face.

" Cool, I have a few ideas about the things I want to do for her, I hope u will help and in turn, I will help you get close with Tanya," I said.

"Yup sure," he said with a shit-eating grin.

I shook my head.

So let's go, get things ready for tomorrow.

So readers basically the chapters will be shorter now, cuz this story will be ending soon.

So I want there to be some climax.

Anyways sorry for the late update, I was kind of busy with stuff.

I got inspiration in the last few days because of someone I met recently.

So, guys, I will be updating soon, till then be tuned to the story,

Leave ur likes, comments and reviews too.

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