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The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the class was that Myra was smiling, like seriously the big smile you have when you laugh on a joke, and when I noticed the cause of her smile, rage pumped through my veins, I am no good at controlling my anger, but still managed to calm down… a bit…and went and sat on a bench from where I could see her diagonally.

Her smile was so pure and contagious but knowing that I didn’t make her smile angered me a lot. I can be sure that stupid who was now sitting beside her was not present in the first class, not only did he steal my seat but also the girl who was mine. I know I don’t have any right to stake a claim on her, but her aura, I could not ignore it and I was drawn to her.

What angered me most right now was that she was talking to him, but when I introduced myself she didn’t acknowledge me, is it because of his looks but even I look good or do they know each other, whatever it is, I thought she wanted to stay away from boys that’s why she ignored me and my friends but now she was very well sitting and chatting with that weirdo.

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