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I opened my eyes, white ceiling.

So when people die, they get to live in suites.

Wait am I in a suite?

I sat upright, looking around, how the hell did I come here.

I tried to get up, failing miserably.

My head hurts a lot.

I shiver at the cool breeze that flowed through the window.

I looked down at myself and found myself in the least clothing I ever imagined.

How the hell did my clothes come off?

Wait, did something happen to me?

Am I raped?.

I started panicking. don't let this be true...

I searched for myself everywhere for a clue of what happened to me.

Suddenly the door creaked.


I remember I was being abducted.

I am in serious trouble.

I remember the text.

The black car.

I am going to die.

I heard faint whispers.


Double shit.

What should I do now?

I grabbed the table and tiptoed towards the door.

The door opened.

I readied myself to smash his head.

But then it again closed.

Oh God, what kind of an irritating person is this?

Why can't he just come and get his head smashed by me?

I heard the footsteps walking away from the door.

Oh, God.

I groaned.

This day just got better. (sarcasm indeed)

I walked back to the bed and found a small bag next to the bed stand that I had failed to notice earlier.

I opened the bag.

My breath got caught.

It had the most beautiful gown I had ever seen.

A black gown with sexy red lace, decorated with blue stoned and a bit of gold.

It looked magical.

A matching pair of earrings and heels were there too.

The killer had a good choice of dress.

But why the hell would he want me to get dressed.

The killer had a good choice of dress, I must say.

But why does he want me dressed up?

I found a small letter.

Be ready.

That's all?


I had an idea.

I will run away. I will just need to keep him away from me for some time.

I got dressed.

And I waited.

I picked up the lamp again and stood behind the door.

It creaked and this time it opened completely.

He came inside... And went straight to the bed.

He looked eerily familiar.

I raised the lamp and before I could know my hands were held.

While two eyes stared at, in confusion.

I broke.

Tears flowing endlessly.

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