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Contains a bit of kissing and stuff. Read at ur own risk.

Where the hell is she, why is she not in the bed.

Suddenly I got a feeling that someone is standing behind me.

I quickly turned and found her hands raised with a lamp in them.

Her eyes widened and before she could have done serious damage to my genius brain, I stopped her.

She just stared at me.

She wasn’t wearing any makeup and still, she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

I was hopelessly in love with her.

I will make her mine tonight, I waited for this day for too long.

I dipped my head and kissed her.

She responded back.

We were lost in our moment.

“You people coming or you have another plan.?” I reluctantly pulled back.

“ Arun”?

I gave him a bad look and he smirked.

I looked back at my girl.

She was blushing furiously.

I leaned in her ear.

" I do have some special plans for you...” J said, and she started coughing.

I smirked and linked her arm with mine and led her out of the room.

We walked towards the ballroom.

I booked the whole room for us today.

I led her inside.

“It’s dark here, I don’t like darkness, can u please switch on the lights?” Asked Myra.

“Yes princess I can, I made her stand in the middle of the room and went to switch on the lights.”

“Amey... Where are you, its been five minutes now, did u not find the light?” My girl is scared.

I signalled to the light man.... A. K. A Arun to switch the lights on.

The focus on her.

She took a sharp breath and her eyes examined the surroundings.

A tear escaped her eye.

Oh hell, I didn’t want her to cry.

I walked to her and bent down on one knee in front of her.

I opened the ring box.

Her hand flew to her mouth.


So guys, let’s create suspense.

What do u think will Amey say?

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