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I couldn't believe my eyes.

He did all of this for me.

It was soo magical.

Glittery and full of love.

Everything was magical.

Eyes filled with happy tears.

He came towards me and bent down on his knee.


He pulled out a small satin box and opened it.

Inside lay my Ring.

I checked my hand to double-check it.

Yeah, it was mine. How the hell did he get it, but before I could ask, he started speaking.

"I know, u have been through a lot, and I know, I probably don't remember us"

Wait what.

We were together?

Ohhh shit... The ring....did he give it to me?

"This Ring is the symbol of our undying love."

It was the car.....on the backseat...the accident....shit.....why am I remembering all of this now?

"Myra, I want to ask you, can u be my girlfriend, I love you and this is the second time I am asking you.... First time didn't go really well" he chuckled.

"So, yeah.... I want to promise myself to u. Can u accept my heart? Don't worry even if u don't want it, it will always be with you, always and forever"


He looked up...his eyes were wet too.

"I love you Myra....please be Mine".

I bent down to his level and kissed him.

" I promise you I will never leave you.... Never let you go away from me. I love you Sunshine"

That word, butterflies fluttered in my Stomach.

"I love you too, sugar plum," I said. He chuckled while everyone started laughing.

I really had forgotten that everyone was there, I was soo lost in the moment.

He kissed me again and then we stood up.

He led me to the table, where a large Cake, awaited us and soon the party began.

It's almost 2 am now and everyone was still dancing.

I am soo tired.

Amey came to my side and held my hand.

We walked towards the Aisle.

The path was decorated with flowers.

My smile grew bigger when I saw a sweet thing on the bench there.

It was a picture of me and him.

Might be of before the accident.

He was on his knees in front of me, while I was grinning like a fool.

I looked at him, at that moment, his eyes said everything, every feeling was conveyed.

"Will you be mine...forever?" He asked me and I couldn't help but nod.

I was so happy.

Suddenly my phone chimed.

MOM: come home now, it's about ur dad.

Amey quickly took me to the room to change.

And without informing others we left the place.

What awaited us, was going to change our life forever

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