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Everything was going as planned, and then her Mom texted her.

All the colour drained from her face.

I took her hand and led her to our room, we changed and without telling each other, drove in the direction of her home.....without knowing what was going to happen.

But one thing I am glad about is that I got the only girl I ever loved.

I glanced at her, she was starting outside.

Her shoulders were tensed.

I gently placed my hand on hers.

She glanced at me with a worried look.

I think I should stop the car for a few minutes. I parked the car at the side of the road and turned towards her.

She looked at me with a questioning look.

I took a deep breath and held both of her hands in mine and kissed them slightly.

A faint blush covered her cheeks.

She is soo goddammn adorable.

"Amey, what are you doing?" She asked me in a small voice.

"Myra...I don't know if I should be doing this or not...but I don't wanna regret not telling you.

I am deeply in love with you and you are the love of my life.

One day I wanna Marry you and have twenty little Myra and Amey's...." Her eyes widened at that...

"No way in hell.... is you insane... No way I am.having twenty babies" I chuckled at her cuteness.

"And I want to tell you that no matter what I will never leave you, it happened once and I am not ready for it to happen again...... I promise you that I will never let you go because my arms are the only place you belong in.

I love you, Myra... You were my first girlfriend and will u be my last girlfriend too?"

The look on her face was priceless...tears pooled in her eyes.

"Yes, Amey... I will be the last girl you ever be with... I love you too"

I inched closer to her...and without thinking much I kissed her...her soft lips tasted like cherry.

I pulled back not wanting to elevate this because I could already feel the sexual tension between us.

She seemed a bit disappointed but then she knew it was for the best. We had to go to her parents.

I started the engine and we continued our journey on the creepy road.

We have been on the road for almost three hours now and still had a few more to reach her home.

Suddenly her phone lit up with a notification.

She was sleeping so I took her phone to look at the text.

I read the text.

This cannot be happening.

No hell no.

I will not let anything happen to her.

I can't lose her again.

I was soo engrossed in reading the text that I didn't pay attention to the road.

Before I knew what was happening,

We crashed into a black truck.

Just like it was mentioned in the text.

Everything turned black.

I don't want it to be the end.

Hey guys

M sorry for the late update.

Was caught up in some issues.


The story has a plot twist coming soon

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