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I tried to open my eyes but the lights were too bright.

I closed my eyes again and started focussing on the sounds around me.

I could hear some words like black.....accident...tree....death....boy...

My whole world stopped.


I sat up with a jolt and groaned at the throbbing pain in my head.

A boy rushed to my side.

"Hey, are you okay?" A worried voice asked I tried to open my eyes again.

A pair of stunning grey eyes looked at me...I have seen those somewhere earlier.

Before I could say anything I felt a needle injected in my arm and soon everything became black.

Will I ever get to see him again? Was my last thought before I went in a deep slumber.


That irritating sound won't stop.

The strong smell of medicines and hospital floor cleaner made me nauseous.

I tried to move my fingers but I couldn't feel them.

I knew for sure that I was in the hospital and I just hope that even Amey is fine.

I tried to open my eyes, but they won't open.

They were getting heavier with every passing second.

Just then I heard someone come inside my room.

"Patient needs another dose of anaesthesia, her internal injuries are not bad but they still need healing." Maybe it was the doctor or the nurse.

I heard a small gasp.


She was here.

"How much time will she need to wake up?" I heard another voice.....Dad.

Oh, God.

Mom dad I am awake...I tried to way that but my voice was stuck in my throat.

I couldn't speak...did I lose my voice?

I tried to move but I couldn't.

It was as if I had no body and only my brain was working...

A warm hand clutched felt soo good.

"Don't worry, she will be fine." Said my dad in a shaky voice.

"I already lost one, I can't lose her now."

What....whom did she lose?

I wanted to ask her but I couldn't find my voice.

"How is Amey?" I heard mom ask dad.

Oh, God...I almost forgot about him.

I can't remember anything that happened.

All I know was I woke up and heard voices talking about an accident and then I was injected with something.

And the next thing I knew I was in the hospital.

"He is out of danger now. He turned the car in a way that his side got the most of the impact. He had a concussion but I think it has stopped now...he is still in the ICU though." Said, my dad.

Even though I could not feel my body, but still it felt like I heaved a sigh of relief.

I want to see him as soon as I can.

But that will only be possible once I finally can feel my body since right now everything is numb.

I felt something soft touching my hand.

Though I couldn't see I knew that my mom had kept her head on my hand, and it truly felt good.

I love my mom.

But I still have to find out who they were talking about earlier.

Soon I drifted off into deep slumber.

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