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Seven days later I was allowed to go home.

After I woke up, my mom and dad kept apologizing to me...saying that they should have not called me in the middle of the night.

Every time I asked them about Amey they would ignore it and dodge the question.

By now I knew they were hiding something from me.

I just have to find it out.

Even though I didn't remember many things about our past, I knew we were connected.

Now, these people think that if they won't tell me about him, I will never know.

Well, they are wrong.

While I was in the hospital, almost everyone visited me..except for Arun.

Even Anaya came to see me, but one weird thing happened when she came...she was sneaking glances at my mom and dad.

I knew she didn't have parents and she lived with her grandmother...but the way she looked at them, was but off.

Maybe she just missed her parents...

It's her birthday in a few days, maybe I am do something for her, and since she is like my sister I will tell her that my mom and dad are hers too.

It will make her happy.

Today I was going back to college...there will be weird stares and talks behind my back. but I am not worried about that.

What I am worried about is if I will be able to see Amey or not.

Hell, I didn't even know I he is well or not or out of the hospital or not.

I just know he was alive because my mom and dad were talking about him when I was sleeping. I mean when they thought I was sleeping.

My dad dropped me off on the gate and went back home.

He suffered a lot during these days....he looked soo tired.

My mom too, but they won't let me live in the hostel again. They want me to stay home for a few weeks until I get completely healed.

I didn't argue as there was no point in doing that, they were mot going to listen to me.

I took out my books from the locker and locked it.

I saw Anaya hugging a guy.

She didn't know that I was watching her.

The guy bent down and kissed her cheek.

What the hell is going on.

Who the hell is this guy.

Just then, Anaya noticed me and froze.

Looking at her reaction even the guy turned around.

My eyes went wide and my breath got caught in my throat.

This cannot be happening.

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