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Nakul and I were similar in so many ways and I was so comfortable while talking to him. We both liked reading books instead of movies, even our comfort food was similar and it was very refreshing to have someone whom I could talk to after a long time.

I was in the middle of drinking water when Nakul leaned towards me and whispered

“have you already made a boyfriend here.” this caused me to choke on water and I glared toward him.

“WTH Nakul, the stupid question at a stupid time and no I haven’t made any boyfriend nor I am interested in, though what made you ask the question.” And he gestured to the last bench of the next row.

My eyes widened and my breath stopped for a minute as I saw him, glowering, looking as if he would murder anyone who would come in his way…..and that deathly glare was directed towards me and Nakul, maybe I knew the reason of his anger.

I quickly turned back “ shit Nakul, I think we both are officially on his shit list, and he is definitely going to kill him.” Nakul’s eye widened a bit but he quickly regained his composure.

“What did you do on your first day itself,”…

“I’ll tell you in the lunch break, hold your horses till then and please don’t look back.”

Like that was gonna stop him, he still turned back looked at Amey for almost two minutes and then turned back as nothing happened and passed a note to me,

He looks good

like I didn’t know, I rolled my eyes while groaning inwardly,

soon our lecture ended and we got up from our seats and Nakul was dragging me towards the cafeteria, he was very excited to know about my minutely huge argument with Amey. I was focusing on the open shoelaces of mine when I crashed onto something very hard, and I was forced to look up, my eyes widened at the person standing in front of me, he was smiling down at me, and introduced himself

“hey I am Arun, sorry I didn’t see you coming and crashed on you, are you ok”

WTH was happening in my world, when did God make soo good looking boys and why were they never in my life earlier….

“umm, I should be the one apologizing I was looking at my shoelaces and not ahead… sorry, and yeah I am fine” and I started walking with Nakul towards the café when he called from the back,

“Hey, you didn’t tell me your name though…”

“Ohh sorry I am Myra” I extended my hand and his hand engulfed my hand completely and surprisingly his hand was soft and warm, which is unlikely for a boy who goes to the gym, yeah I know how gym guys look so I know he must workout.

“Pretty name for a pretty girl” and my cheeks turned rose-red….

“well thank you, I will see you later, I need to head over to the café now, bye “

“You will definitely see me, until then bye”

I didn’t understand what he meant by that, and that’s when I remembered I had already seen him…and that too in my class…. But then my eyes widened at the realization that struck me. Nakul noticed my reaction.

“Hey what happened you look like you have seen a ghost.”

“something worse than ghost”

“Hey he was good looking”, little did he knew that this good looking boy was going to be the death of me.

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