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Just great.

The one I thought would have my back, fled off with her.

I know I hurt her, I had to fake it all.

I know she didn't deserve that shit, but I had no other choice.

She was a pawn... I needed her for my motives...I used her for my reasons... I know that was wrong.

But it had to be done.

To find out the real culprit.

During my stay in the hospital... if I was staying in a hotel.

When I was in there, Arun came to meet me and he would tell me about Myra, even though he did not visit her Anaya did and she told him about her.

A few days later when I was strolling in the hospital corridors I saw my dad getting out of a big black car.

I know I should not be suspicious of my dad, I don't think he would do anything like that, but I knew my dad was obsessed with the colour even he was on my suspect list.

Everyone except her knew my plan...even Nakul and his boyfriend, Vihaan... Won't lie even that guy was creepy... But he could pull me some strings if I needed a bit of serious help.

As for my best friend... He got irritated by the fact that I kissed his ex gf in front of his eyes... I just hope he doesn't kiss Myra to take revenge.

I tried calling her but she didn't pick it up, neither did Arun... Which is scaring me now.

What happened between us a few years ago and what happened a few days back...was eerily similar... That meant that there was a single person behind that... And I need to get hold of him...

Till then I need to keep Myra away from me, to save her... She might start hating me in an attempt to save her... But her life is more important to me and I am not compromising with her safety.

Anaya was still in shock, she was hurt too... I know she is a good friend, but Myra thinks she is a backstabber now.

I feel bad for her now, but to find out the truth, I need to do this.

Suddenly I got a call from someone.

I picked it up.

"You piece of shit... I can't believe you did this to my daughter ...again... I want you here right now." And the line went silent.


Big trouble.

But I will have to go there, though I cannot tell him about my plan...

Time for some action...

I got in my car and sped off to Myra's house.

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