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Arun took me home, and I wanted to be with mom, I needed to cry to her about things.

My dad opened the door, .and as soon as he saw me... He picked up his phone...

He said something to someone... I was too lost to care who he was talking to.

But he seemed very angry.

He took me inside... And led me to their room. Mum wasn't there.

"Stay here for a while, I will have a chat with your friend. Okay... Get changed and sleep if you want" I nodded my head and he left the room softly closing the door behind him.

I got up and rummaged through mum's wardrobe for something light to wear.

While looking for clothes, I found a file under my childhood cardigan

I took the file out, it had a picture of a hospital.

I sat on the bed cross-legged and opened the file.

I read the details of the was a maternity hospital.

The first page had my name.

Whoa...its my file... But I never saw it earlier.

Why was I taken to a maternity hospital?

I flipped the pages... I found a sonography report...

There was nothing visible in it.

I was sweating badly.

I turned some more pages...

Blood loss... Hit with something hard...


I couldn't breathe...

I ran out of the room and saw Amey, Arun and dad...

My dad was shouting at him...but all of them looked at me when I came there...

Amey ran towards thing I knew was I was in Amey's arms and my dad was cursing...

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