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I had spaced out so much that I didn’t notice Arun sitting beside me until he spoke to me.

“Hey what’s happened to you, wait, let me rephrase it…. Who happened to you.” I glanced at him at that and that stupid was giving me a knowing smirk, I had a very bad urge to swipe it off his face. I tried to calm myself and turned away from him, but that idiot never knew when to shut the hell up.

“You know that girl Myra right” and that got my attention, why was he paying attention to her, and moreover how did he know her name.

“How the f you know her name” he gave me a weird look “umm. I think … you are having episodes of memory loss….remember morning first-class ….we sat ahead of her..”

I gritted my teeth, “ yes Arun I know I asked how you know her name,”

He smirked again, his nerve, “ Man you have got it bad” I gave him a dry look “ you do remember dean asking our names right, so yeah she also told her’s…” yeah with all that guy sitting with her and my dad’s secret message I had forgotten it, “though she introduced herself to me, a few moments earlier, she is cute though”

My head snapped in his direction so fast that I almost had a sprain, “ whoa whoa Amey calm down, it’s fun to rile you up, though we bumped into each other while I was coming from café and while apologizing I asked her, her name.”

“And she told you just like that” and he nodded. Okay, now she even talked to Arun, that stupid guy but not me… why…I needed answers.

“where is she,” I asked Arun, his eyes widened.

“ Man calm down, don’t go like a caveman to her for your answers,” he knew me too well. “ wait till classes end then go and talk to her calmly.” Yeah, he made sense… a little bit.. though it was going to grow my curiosity, I listened to him. Then he spoke again, “ why do you even care about her not talking to you, she is not your usual type, so let it go “

“what do you mean by not my usual type, did I have a type, I never knew.”

“Okay for your information I would remind you, all the girls you have dated till now, we're all like barbie’s, and now you are going behind a girl who is not like them, not saying that she isn’t good, she is very cute, like a teddy bear, it’s just that you have never been with a girl like her.”

“I do not care if she is like a teddy bear, no girl has ever injured my ego like her that’s what has attracted me the most about her.”

That’s what your problem is man, you take your ego seriously, it’s all that you care about, I am telling you man, one wrong move, and if it hurts her, I won’t hesitate to be by her side, best friend or not, remember my words.”

Whoa didn’t expect that, but I will not let him go to her side, I don’t make mistake’s when I want something, I want her. I got up from the seat and started going out of the class, turned back at him and said.

“don’t worry Arun you won’t have to change your sides, and for the record, stay the hell away from her, she is mine…. Best friend or not, I won't hesitate to beat the living shit out of your life if I see you near her.” Now it was my turn to smirk.

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