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There were hushed voices in the café, most of them were looking at me and talking, I knew what the would-be saying

‘She is a slut, the first lecture she was with Amey, now she is with another guy, next lecture someone else would be there’.

Some girls even snickered when I was walking past them.

My first day at college was officially ruined. I sat down at the empty table and Nakul went to get lunch for both of us. I opened my Instagram and while I was scrolling through the news feed, he came and stood next to me, he came pretty fast, I smiled and looked up to thank him, my smile vanished at the sight of the person before me, my heart started beating furiously, my hands became sweaty.

He stood glowering at me, his light brown eyes had gone into a darker chocolate brown shade….. yeah the one time I glanced at him, I did notice his eye colour, even his face was perfectly sculpted, but that same face now was devoid of any kindness, he looked like a ruthless killer, and he looked scary, suddenly my cell phone dinged giving me the excuse to look away from him, I knew he was about to blast on me right now, his friend Arun must’ve told him about our brief meeting. I stared at my phone, waiting for his wrath, I didn’t have any sarcastic comments right now. I knew he saw the fear in my eyes, and now he would fully take advantage of that and he will now humiliate me in front of everyone. He lifted his hand and I flinched, he is definitely going to hit me now. Just then I heard him sigh deeply, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him raking fingers through his hair, gosh they were the silkiest hair I had ever seen, his hair was better than those of girls, and then he sat down beside me.

“look at me, Myra.”

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