Torn By Fate

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Astrid Collins is becoming the first female Alpha of The River Ash pack. Her world is turned upside down when she finds herself mated to the notorious hybrid wolf Arlo Blackburn, alpha of the enemy Blood Rose pack. Shes not willing to give up her alpha title and he won't let her get away easy. WARNING MATURE CONTENT 🔥

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

A/N: Hello readers! First off thank you so much for clicking on my story it means the world to me! I lost my drive for writing years ago, and I never got it back it until now. I have recently been inspired to write again and I have so much to share with you all! Torn By Fate is my first story I am writing. The first chapters may seem a little long but I promise you if you stick with me it will only get better!! I hope you enjoy this story just as much as I am writing it! Thank you all!! ❤️❤️


I slip on my windbreaker while heading out for my morning run, nothing better than to start my big day with the view of the glorious orange colors in the sky, waking the creatures of Silverhill city. I sprint off into a full run inhaling the fresh air.

I have waited for what seems like an eternity to turn twenty-one, and the day has finally come. Not only is it my birthday, but dad will finally pass his alpha position to me.

My father has been preparing me for this since I first felt my wolf at the age of twelve. We worked countless hours on the training field’s teaching me his battle skills in human and wolf form one of my personal favorites being sword fighting. He even let me sit in on his essential meetings with the pack warriors. Dad would always say the sooner I learned, the better alpha I would be.

For generations, my family has seen only first-born sons meaning I will be the first female alpha of the River Ash pack. This fact has me a little nervous, but I cannot let it get the best of me. My pack needs a strong alpha, and I must prove my leading skills will be no different from my predecessors just because I am a woman. Halting my run, I turn to admire the blue waves from the beach. My wolf speaks in my head.

We are made for this.

Yes, we are girl.


After a relaxing shower, I head downstairs and sit at the kitchen table, joining my mom and brother for breakfast. I hear my brother mind link me.

Fair warning moms obsessive planning is in full effect.

“Fucking great,” I mutter while I spill syrup on my pancakes.

“Astrid, I need you to be back home by four. Nicole will be here to do your hair and makeup, so it is one less thing to worry about. We will also need to go over everything for tonight to make sure your oath is memorized,” My mother says as she writes notes down in her planner.

“I won’t be late,” I say, giving her a fake smile. My mother is such a neat freak nothing is ever out of her control when it comes to our pack events. One time my dad had misinformed her about the guest attending a party, we had a couple years ago. Let’s just say till this day she still gives him shit for it. The last thing I want to do is freak her out with any delays.

Suddenly our attention is pulled to my sister, stumbling through the front door. She is wearing the same pink dress she wore last night, and she reeks of alcohol. Her dark brown hair is tied into a bun that looks more of a bird’s nest sitting on her head. If mom was not freaked out enough, my sister’s appearance is going to push her over the edge.

“You look like shit,” my brother laughs, giving her the famous mom and dad are going to kill you look.

“Shut up Keaton!” She leans on the door, trying to keep her balance. Moms growl booms through the house as she yells at my sister, “Khloe, it is 7 am and your just now returning home!”

“I’m ss-sorry mom...I fell asleep at Mia’s house.” Khloe lowers her head in fear of making contact with mom’s dark blue eyes. Mom can make anyone in the house piss their pants just by her glare.

“Astrid’s ceremony is today, and you’re lucky I don’t have time to deal with any of this nonsense! You will be on time tonight, and when the ceremony’s over, we will discuss your punishment with your father. Go to your room now!” Mom growls, pointing her finger upstairs.

Khloe does not say a word as she makes her way upstairs. I do not condone her staying out late drinking the night before my ceremony, but she is my little sister I cannot help but be protective over her especially when it comes to our parent’s dreadful lectures.

“Mom Khloe is 18, remember how it was when I was that age all I wanted to do was go out and have fun with my friends, I try to reason with her, but she shakes her head at me before commenting, “Don’t make excuses for her, Astrid. That is her second time this week,” She glares at me.

“Look, I’m not saying she was right, but before you tell dad, just let me go talk to her first. Please?” I insist, crossing my fingers behind my back in hopes she will change her mind. She pinches the bridge of her nose, frustrated by all the planning and Khloe’s behavior.

“Fine, but if this happens again, I won’t be so forgiving next time,” She dismisses me with a wave of her hand.

“I think you should just go with the punishment I mean it’s Khloe we’re talking about she’s not going to change,” Keaton remarks with a smirk. Before I head upstairs, I give him a hard smack on the back of the head.

“Owwwww! What was that for?” He groans with a grimace. I glare at him before telling him, “Be nice to your twin idiot!”

When I walk in Khloe’s bedroom, she is hunched over the toilet, looking like a hot mess.

“Oh, moon goddess Khloe how much did you drink last night?” I gently rub her back to soothe her. She flushes the toilet before muttering “Too fucking much.”

“Khloe, moms pissed at you; you’re lucky I convinced her to let me speak to you before she told dad about any of this. I know you want to go out and live life, but you have to draw a line,” I explain, sitting at the edge of her bed.

“It’s not fair Keaton stays out. Mom and dad don’t give him shit for it!” She spat while curling up in her bed.

“That’s because Keaton comes home the same night and not the next day, and you already know dad is more protective of us because we’re girls. After today you must start coming home early Khlo, I will not be able to save your ass next time, and I especially won’t be able to tolerate this once I’m alpha. Promise me you’ll do better.” I give her my pinky. She looks up at me and sighs.

“Okay sis, I’ll stop coming home late. Thanks for sticking up for me you’re a lifesaver,” She smiles lightly and hooks our pinkies.

" I know I’m the best. Now I must get to my rehearsals. Get some sleep, but don’t be late for my ceremony tonight, or I’ll be the one to kill you instead of mom.” I tell her firmly as I point to her. She giggles.

Walking out of the house, I spot my beta Derek leaning his tall figure against the driver side door of my baby blue Jeep Wrangler.

“Hey boss, ready to go?” He asks with a perky tone.

“As ready as I will be,” I sigh. Derek has been one of my best friends since we were pups. He is the son of my father’s beta Michael aka big mike.

Derek was only ten when he first shifted into his massive grey wolf; the youngest anyone has ever turned in the pack. He is more significant than most wolves I’ve seen in my life, but smaller than his father; nobody beats big mike.

He flips through the radio station while I drive to the event center that my father owns. Most of our extravagant pack events are held there because it has a huge ballroom on the 6th floor. It could easily fit a thousand people.

To calm my nerves, I give myself a pep talk in my head. It’s okay, Astrid you got this everything will go smoothly today. You’re just taking an oath in front of the whole River Ash claiming to be their leader, and let’s not forget all 15 packs mom big deal, right?

“What’s up, you nervous?” Derek knows me too well. I sigh heavily before admitting to him, “A little...okay maybe a lot. Standing in front of everyone scares me, I don’t want to screw this up.”

“What? The same girl I knew that took down two vampires by herself when she was sixteen. I can’t believe what I’m hearing!” He forms his mouth in an o shape and gasps sarcastically. I laugh at his expression.

I’d been traveling off the territory in search of those blood suckers who dared to come on our land. My parents specifically left me out of this mission, but being the stubborn girl I was, I deliberately went behind their back and went on my search. Honestly, I don’t know how I took them down alone; it all happened so fast. All I can remember is my auburn colored wolf taking full charge and ripping through those vampires like we were experts. Mom and dad chewed my ass out for it, but dad could not stay mad for long. He was impressed with my strength. Derek pulls me out of my daze.

“Look, you’ll be fine Astrid we’ve practiced this many times if you get nervous just picture everyone naked.” We both laugh before I comment, “That’s the best advice you got?”

“Trust me it works.... all seriousness you are going to do great tonight you’re a strong woman, and no one deserves to be alpha as much as you do you’ve worked hard your entire life for this... I believe in you.” He declares with a smile.

“Awww thanks, Derek.” His words leave me feeling a little better. He pulls into the parking lot of the event center, and I mind-link my dad.

Hey dad, I am outside with Derek.

Okay baby girl come inside. We are ready to start.

Derek and I make our way to the front entrance and take the elevator to the 6th floor. When the elevator doors open, we step out to see Sheila’s team finishing up on decorating the tables. Mom wanted to go with black and gold decorations, and now seeing how beautiful the ballroom looks it was a perfect choice. Mom sure does know best.

Dad, Big Mike, and his third in command Nate, along with his daughter my other best friend Nicole, are waiting for us by the big stage. Dad and I agreed we would meet here to have a practice run before the ceremony to avoid any embarrassment of forgetting our places.

“There’s my beautiful daughter,” Dad says as he takes me into his big arms.

" Hey, dad.” I lightly smile at him.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of the three of you. Astrid, you’re going to make a great alpha even better than your old man.” He confesses. His words give me hope for the future of my title.

“I’ll never be as great as you but thank you dad; it means a lot to hear you say that.” I shake my head at him in denial.

“Can you believe it, Jonah our pups are all grown up ready to run the pack.” Big mike says to my dad with the biggest grin on his face. Nate resembles his face expression as he adds, “I know I can’t. It seems like yesterday they were learning how to shift.”

“Guys, can we get to rehearsing you’re going to make me cry.” My best friend Nicole says, running her hands through her short brown hair. Nicole is a softy she cries for the smallest things. The six of us share a laugh.

“Of course, let’s start with the introduction,” Dad says.


After a long 2-hour rehearsal, Nicole and Derek run towards me like children not able to contain their excitement each have a gift bag in their hand.

“Don’t forget today isn’t just about becoming alpha; it’s your 21st birthday bitch! Nicole hands me her bag first, grinning from ear to ear.

I reach my hand in to find a bottle of vodka, Air Pods, and a brand-new pair of running shoes. Great distraction I am going to down this vodka like a champ at the ceremony, Khloe would be happy to see this.

“Okay, my turn.” Derek hands me his big gift bag. I pull out the high knee black boots I have had my eye on for a while, gold diamond earrings, and a gift certificate to Lucky Hands tattoo shop.

“Now you can go get our pack Symbol tattooed like you’ve always wanted.” He grins

Oh moon goddess, this is the best gift I’ve gotten so far. I already have four tattoos a rose on my forearm, a butterfly behind my ear I got matching with Khloe, a portrait on my thigh half my face the other half my wolfs, and a quote on my rib cage that reads “through every dark night there is a brighter day.” Still, none of those tattoos will be as exciting to get as my pack symbol.

Humans are so lucky they do not have to endure the pain werewolves have just to get a tattoo. Our ability to heal fast will not allow the tattoo to stay in place. We must burn the ink into our skin, kind of like branding it. The pain only lasts for a couple of seconds, but it is very intense. It got more comfortable after my second time.

“Does it hurt as bad as they say?” Nicole ask nervously. She and Derek will join me to get the symbol. It is tradition that the alpha, beta, and third in command get them together; it will be Nicole’s first.

“Don’t be a pussy,” Derek laughs. She shoves him while telling him, “Screw you, Derek!” I cannot help but feel so grateful for my friends as I watch them bicker.

“I’m so glad I have you guys by my side I wouldn’t have it any other way I love you both so much. Thank you for my gifts, their wonderful.” I smile.

“We love you to Astrid.” Derek takes me in his arms. Nicole pouts from being left out until she squeezes her way in saying, “We love you more. We should get going though; I’ll come over later to do your hair and makeup.”

“I can’t wait!” Before I can follow my friends and head out of the ballroom, dad approaches me.

“Hey babygirl, can we talk for a minute?” He asks. My eyes look curiously to the black case he is holding while I ask, “What’s up, dad?”

“Just wanted to check on you I can sense you’re nervous.” He says knowingly.

I’m scared, shitless! I am the first female alpha in our family and standing in front of everyone in the pack scares me because I don’t want to make a fool of myself even if I’ve practiced over 100 times.

“I’m fine.” I lie. I cannot let my father know I’m scared. I have to be strong. He looks at me with suspicion in his green eyes.

“Astrid, I am your father I know something’s bothering you. Talk to me.” He inquires. I let out a heavy sigh, knowing I cannot keep the truth from him.

" This is a big deal dad standing in front of the whole pack taking the alpha oath.... first female to ever do so it is nerve-wracking. What if the pack does not accept me? I don’t want to disappoint anyone.” I frown. He listens to me with a frown on his face.

“Sweetheart, your mother and I love you so much the twins love you. Khloe and Keaton couldn’t have a better role model. River Ash adores you. How could you not see that? You have nothing to worry about, yes you’re the first female, but that doesn’t mean you will be any less valued because you’re a woman.” He turns around and puts the black case onto the table and speaks before opening it.

“I wanted to wait for today to give this to you.” He pushes open the lock and pulls out a black cane. My eyes widen when he faces it in front of me while grabbing the top of the handle to slide it open, revealing its true identity.

“You’re giving me grandfathers sword?” I speak with tears in my eyes.

My Grandfather Riley was gifted this sword by his human mother, Diane. Marcus Collins, my great grandfather, met Diane when her team of hunters came across River ash territory.

She originally wanted to kill the pack, but ironically, Diane was Marcus’s, fated mate. Grandfather would always say no one stood a chance against his mother and her sword, not even the toughest werewolf.

“He would have wanted you to have it.” He smiles, placing the sword in my hand. After admiring the sword for some moments, I pull him into a tight hug and let tears run down my cheeks.

“I won’t let you down, dad.” I sniffle.

“I trust you won’t baby girl.” He leans to kiss my forehead.

After leaving the event center, dad and I decide to stop at Roxie’s diner owned by mother to the alpha of White Claw pack. We have an alliance with White Claw. Hell, even if we didn’t, I’d still fight my way to eat at Roxie’s diner.

When we sit at our usual booth in the back a short blonde comes to take our order, she looks in her mid-thirties, and her name tag reads Sarah.

She smiles and plays with her hair when she talks to my dad. Gross! I give her a disgusted look, and with that she leaves with our order.

Out of my peripheral vision, I notice a man with blonde hair walking to our booth. I shift uncomfortably in my seat from embarrassment.

“Hey stranger, it’s been a while.” the alpha smiles, flashing his pearly whites at me.

“Hi, Bryson.” I offer him an odd side hug. My mind instantly remembers the last encounter we shared.

Nicole and I went out to Inferno last year, a secret club for the werewolves of Silverhill; it was rave night, and he also happened to be there with a few of his pack members. Seeing a familiar face, he took a seat next to me at the bar and bought my drinks for the rest of the night.

After the club, he brought me back to his apartment to hang out. We sat on his couch and talked for hours. Just as I was about to call it a night, he gently put his hand around my waist and pulled me close into a kiss. Oh Moon goddess, you could get lost in his lips.

We had been drinking too much, and the sexual tension escalated quickly. I still remember the way he left hungry kisses on my neck as he slid his fingers into my core, forcing my knees to become weak.

I almost let him take me that night, but sleeping with Bryson felt wrong, saving my virginity for my future mate was more important than some quick hookup.

“Alpha Jonah, nice to see you.” He breaks the awkward silence and shakes my dad’s hand.

“Likewise, alpha Bryson how is Brent I’ve meant to pay a visit.” Just as dad asks this, Bryson’s father comes to greet us.

“I’m well, old man. You would know that if you’d come to my poker nights when I invite you.” He smiles and firmly shakes my dad’s hand.

“Astrid you beauty, you look more and more like Grace every time I see you.” He places a kiss on the back of my hand. I indeed inherited all of my mother’s features, long wavy black hair, almond shaped dark blue eyes, and her heart-shaped lips.

" Speaking of Grace, she didn’t join you two?” Brent asks.

“Oh, you know mom Brent, she’s busy getting everything together for the ceremony, probably making her team and my siblings lose their minds,” I tell him. They all laugh, I mean it she will drive them crazy!

The men continue to have small talk mostly about Bryson’s successful real estate business. Sarah finally comes back with our food and sets a mouthwatering slice of double-layered chocolate cake with a sparkling candle in front of me.

“Happy birthday Astrid, and congratulations. We look forward to seeing you tonight at the ceremony,” Bryson says with too much emotion in his words.

“Thank you so much this looks delicious,” I direct my attention to the cake to avoid his profound gaze. They give my dad their final goodbyes and turn to leave.

After devouring our meals and fighting with dad about sharing my cake, his phone on the table lights up with mom’s name. I take a glance at the time and listen with my wolf hearing.

“Jonah, you and Astrid have 10 minutes to get your asses back to this house. Don’t make me tell you twice!” Mom shouts. Shit so much for not being late.

“We will be there ASAP, baby,” Dad ends the call. He quickly puts cash out on the table before we both depart the booth and run for the door like our lives depend on it.

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