Twisted Fate

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“Little did they know, I was unstoppable, a descendant of the prince of hell. Nothing was going to keep me away from my mate.” Astrid Collins is becoming the first female alpha of the River Ash pack. She has dedicated her life to being the next prominent leader despite the judgment of others. Nothing can stand in her way of the title she so rightfully deserves…or so she thinks. Her world is turned upside down when she finds herself mated to the notorious demon-wolf Arlo Blackburn, alpha of Blood Rose- the enemy pack. She can’t have him, nor does she want him. As if life couldn’t get any more complicated, problems arise when a certain dark witch sets half a million dollars in exchange for Astrid’s life. The safety of River Ash is on the line, and she has no other choice but to hide out with the help of her hybrid mate. They were cursed to be enemies long before their births, but fate has decided to play a wicked game with them. Their differences keep them apart, but can they resist the burning desires of the mate bond?

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Before You Read!!!



Thank you for clicking on this book; it means the world to me. Torn by Fate is my first werewolf book after years of being absent from writing. I am excited to be back and have a lot of stories to share with you. If you enjoy the story feel free to show some love by leaving comments, likes, and recommending it to your friends. Down below, you will find some things to consider before you continue with this book.

1.This book mentions all different types of mythologies and religious topics. Some gods and goddesses’ names or roles have been changed for fictional purposes. The author does not mean to disrespect anyone’s beliefs.

2. The antagonist can be ruthless and violent. You may find her actions to be disturbing. If you are uncomfortable with her decisions at any time, please choose another book the author will understand.

3.This book contains mature content and some triggers such as violence, explicit language, sex, abuse, gore, suicide, and rape. You must be 18+ to read!

4.The term hybrid is NOT only used for werewolves. In this book, the term is for Any supernatural creature who is of two different breeds.

5. Torn by Fate heavily talks about hell due to some of the character’s backgrounds. You will find that some of the chapters mention rituals, satanic cults, and black magic. The author is in no way glorifying or shaming Satanism. Please understand that this is for fictional purposes and not apart of the author’s beliefs.

Lastly, when commenting on chapters, please be NICE and RESPECT one another. Also, please respect the author. If you do not like the story choose another book.

Thank you for all the love and support!!!

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