Twisted Fate

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Chapter 8


My question hung in the air as I stared at her hazel eyes. I’d heard about her kind but never had the opportunity to meet one. Seers have complete knowledge about the past, present, and future. They act as guides to other supernatural creatures in crucial times of need. In the past, many tragic events had been prevented with the help of their guidance.

“You’re a seer,” I said with bewilderment. Her wide smiled confirmed my thought. I couldn’t help but wonder why she would be here at my celebration of all places. Surely, she had more important matters to attend to.

Her curvy waist and high heels compelled the attention of a few unmated wolves nearby. Even I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Although she looked incredibly young, I knew she was much older than met the eyes. She’d probably witnessed more things than my brain capacity could manage.

“My apologies,” She spoke sweetly to me for the first time, “My name is Sylvia, and you must be the famous Astrid Collins,” I felt a strong wave of her enchanting powers the minute I shook her hand. It was quite intimidating.

“Did you come with someone?” I asked her, pulling back first. I doubted the possibilities of her being someone’s mate.

“I came alone,” She titled her head to the side, studying my facial features. There was a mixture of admiration and firmness in her voice as she said, “I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you, Astrid.”

Suddenly, I had so many questions floating in my mind for her. Sylvia knew the beginning of my life and how it would end. This fact spiked my curiosity even more, and I decided to give in and ask her about the times before I was born.

She was tight-lipped about most of the details, although I’d still learned some interesting facts about my ancestors, things unknown to anyone in my family.

We were both too interested in our conversation to realize the curious eyes watching closely. One witch in a room full of wolves wouldn’t go unnoticed, and by now, more people were surrounding us. I became apprehensive when my parents made their way through the crowd. My father wasn’t going to be pleased by her presence.

“What are you doing here?” Dad growled, his hard eyes boring into Sylvia. Mom instinctively put her hand over his, attempting to keep him calm though I wasn’t sure it would work this time. He loathed all witches equally as he did the Blackburn family. During the peak of witch-hunting, he took absolute pride in slaughtering countless witches. His hands are stained with the blood of many lives.

By the look on his face, he wouldn’t mind practicing those old skills on Sylvia now, mainly because she glared back at him in a challenging way. She wasn’t afraid of him.

“It’s good to see you too, Jonah,” She muttered, rolling her eyes before she turned to my mother and smiled, “Gracie, my darling, you look absolutely stunning tonight! Your daughter definitely takes after your beauty,” She hugged my mother, not caring if my father was just inches away from having an outburst.

“Did you invite her?” Dad asked mom with a nasty attitude as she pulled away from the seer. Mom was quick to raise an eyebrow and put a hand on her hip, almost as if telling him to watch who the hell he was talking to. Sylvia must’ve noticed the same because the corners of her lips tipped up as she watched them.

“I did not,” She spoke to him with the same nasty tone, “But if I did. What would you do then?” She crossed her arms, waiting for him to say something smart. At this, everyone watching went about their business. No one wanted to see how ugly my parent’s arguments could get. In the end, mom won every time.

To prove my point, dad shook his head at mom and turned his attention back to the seer. He wouldn’t dare challenge his mate and embarrass himself when she scolded him in front of his peers.

“How are you, Sylvia? What brings you here tonight,” Mom politely asked, dismissing dad’s behavior, although I’m sure she would bring it up in the privacy of their home.

“I am well, thank you,” She answered, “I wanted to stop by and congratulate the first female and formally introduce myself. After all, she is quite the topic around the city, and I can certainly see why,” I gave her an appreciative smile in return.

“Well, you’ve met her, and now your presence is not needed so you can leave,” Dad growled. Mom stopped to look at him, appalled, “Jonah!”

“I am sorry, Grace, but I will not have this woman around my family. Her kind cannot be trusted,” He said adamantly. His close-minded perspective was one thing I hated about my father the most. It did not matter how kind a person could be; he’s very judgmental and old fashioned. He’d punished all the witches for something that happened centuries ago.

“I mean no harm to your loved ones. I’m here only to offer my blessings to the alpha.”

“You’re here to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Leave now, or I won’t hesitate to remove you from here!” Dad threatened, stepping dangerously close to Sylvia, but she stood her ground. I admired her for her bravery. Sylvia shook her head, displeased.

“You haven’t changed at all,” She said, clearly disgusted with his behavior, “You’re still the same arrogant brute.”

By now, dad’s patience ran thin, and his eyes began to turn black. His chest heaved up and down as he clenched his fists, rage emanating from his body.

“Dad, please,” I spoke up, gripping his arm and pulling him away (with the help of my mother) from Sylvia, “She’s here to see me, and I’d like her to stay.”

“No. The answer is final!” He growled.

I sighed, annoyed with how he was talking to me like a child, ”I am the alpha now,” I rose a hand to my chest, “And I think it would be good for her and me to become acquainted. So she can stay as long as she wishes.”

My words fed to his boiling rage, I used my title against him, and he couldn’t say much about it. He stayed silent, giving me a death stare. If looks could kill, then I’d be six feet underground. When I refused to submit, he turned on his heels and angrily stomped away. He’d most likely lash out at me later for this.

I felt terrible for manipulating my father, but I strongly disagreed with how he acted towards Sylvia. I didn’t see any reason for treating her with anything less than the respect she deserved.

“We should talk somewhere privately,” I said, pointing to the top balcony. She agreed, following behind me, “Please send a bottle of champagne up for my guest,” I requested to the waiter before heading upstairs. There was an empty table that overlooked the entire room, and it seemed to be the best place to talk privately.

“So why are you really here?” I asked Sylvia once we were seated, and the champagne had been delivered. It’s the question that piqued my curiosity the most because seers didn’t show up without a valid reason. She knew something, and I wanted to know the truth.

My question abruptly pulled her out of her daze, and she picked up the glass, “Ah! That’s it,” She said before sipping out of her drink. She nodded, counting all the guests on the first floor with her finger, and changed the subject, “I couldn’t help but notice that someone was missing here tonight or rather uninvited.”

My brows pulled together, “Who?” I was sure mom sent out invitations to everyone important.

“I don’t see any of the Blood Rose or Silver Moon affiliates. Did they not make the guest list?”

I blinked a couple of times, completely taken off guard by her question, “Uhh…My family doesn’t get along well with the Blackburn’s.”

“Why is that?” She asked with the most interest, resting her chin on her knuckles.

“We have a bad history with them. It involves this curse a demon-witch put…wait,” I paused when the realization hit me, “Don’t you know this already?” This strange emotion flicked in her eyes before she smiled slyly. Of course, she knew what I was talking about.

“I want to know what you think about them, not your family’s opinions.”

I pondered over the answer in my head for a minute,” I’m not sure. I have never met them before, so I couldn’t tell you anything,” I shrugged. Despite our family’s history, I couldn’t form an opinion of them because my father refused to be anywhere around the Blackburn family, keeping our pack far away as possible. She slowly nodded as she listened to me and drifted back to her thoughts.

We sat in silence momentarily before I decided to break it awkwardly, “So is that why you’re talk about the Blackburn’s all night? Did they ask you to come spy on me or something?” I was partly joking but considered the possibility to be true. They knew very little about me as I did them.

“No,” She laughed once, “I told you already. I’ve been waiting to meet you.”

“Is that the only reason?” I asked, eyeing her dubiously. I’d never been so anxious to find out all the secrets in someone’s mind. She smirked, shaking her head, “So tenacious. That quality will help you in the long run.”

Sylvia and I continued to talk about the mundane things in our lives. From the time I spent with her, I learned that she lived in the witch town, Salem, and had a daughter named Blair. Her eyes lit up as she spoke details about her. It was clear to see that she loved Blair dearly because she is her only daughter. She also mentioned that Blair is an empath, which took me by surprise. Empaths are equally admired as Seers. They have the power to feel one’s emotions and hear thoughts.

Overall, Sylvia was a kind and easygoing person. Once you got her talking, there was no stopping her. I knew her whole life story by the time I walked her out to her car.

“I’m so glad I had the chance to talk with you,” She pulled me into her embrace.

“Me too.”

She tugged her jacket tightly as the wind picked up, “Well, I suppose I should get going now,” She said, shielding herself from the cold.

“I guess I’ll see you around,” The ting of disappointment audible in my voice. This nagging feeling kept tempting me to ask the burning question. It had been bothering me since the beginning of our conversation. I started to walk away, but before I knew it, I turned on my heels, “Sylvia, wait!” She shifted the gear back in park as I called her. I could at least try to get her talking about him.

“You said earlier that he’s waiting for me,” I reminded her, “Can you tell me anything about him?” My wolf became excited, just thinking about our future mate. She had questions of her own about him.

Sylvia looked at me, baffled by my choice of words, “The moon goddess worked hard to pair you with someone special, and you want me to spoil it? Don’t tell me you think so little of me?”

“No,” I assured her, “But I should be prepared for him, right?” I grinned nervously and batted my eyelashes, hoping she’d fall for my cuteness. My plan failed miserably and she’d refused to breathe a word about my mate.

“Nice try.”

I sighed in defeat, “Can I just have a small hint?”

At this, she rose a brow, “A hint, huh?” She smirked while the wheels in her mind moved fiercely, contemplating what to say next. I nodded a bit too eagerly, hoping she’d tell me something, anything.

“I will tell you this,” She pointed at me before pulling the gear back in drive, “You’re in for a hell of a surprise, Ms. Collins,” She laughed wickedly before speeding off onto the road. I shook my head with disappointment and facepalmed.

What kind of hint was that?

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