Twisted Fate

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Chapter 12


The cool summer breeze played on my skin and shuffled through the tall bulrush grass. I watched the cranes wade in the lake as they emerged their long beaks into the water from time to time. It was quiet and peaceful. Only the whispers of the wind could be heard. It promised just enough comfort from the heat of the blazing sun.

Just a few feet away from the lake stood the lonely cabin. It was the cabin in which belonged to me, my mother, and my siblings. It was our home though it never truly felt like a home when he was there. The demon prince imprinted it with pain and suffering, reminding me of the torturous years of my childhood.

I had to remind myself that the sorrows of yesterday were gone, and now tranquility hovered over the cabin. He was dead, and not even the strongest of magic could bring him back. He could no longer cause any more pain to a living, breathing soul.

I closed my eyes and inhaled the different earthy scents lingering in the air, but only one stood out more than the others. The sweet and fresh scent made my demon-wolf stir uncontrollably inside me. It was enough to disturb my peace and replace it with an exhilarating feeling. I snapped my eyes open to see the she-wolf standing on the opposite side of the lake.

The winds ruffled her dress and long black hair, carrying her intoxicating scent to my nostrils. It moved me in ways I’d never felt before. Her mere presence was enough to send my heart into a frenzy.

Before I knew it, I was standing in front of her. I wasted no time embracing her in my arms, my hands possessively wrapping around her curvy waist. She smiled widely and leaned into my touch as the electrifying sparks danced on our skin from the contact. Soon her arms were wrapping around my neck to pull me closer.

She was mine—my mate.

“I missed you,” She whispered as we gazed into each other’s eyes, her forehead resting against mine. I’m a descendant from the ninth kingdom of hell but staring into her blue-green eyes was the gateway to heaven. Being with her was heaven.

She frowned, “I thought you’d be gone awhile. I was afraid you wouldn’t come home,” Her words tugged at my heart. I never wanted to see my mate unhappy. Before she could speak again, I lifted her chin and looked her deep in the eyes and said, “You’re my home.”

In the next moment, our lips were united in a passionate kiss. Even though I’d kissed her a thousand times, each time felt like the first. I lifted her and wrapped her legs around my waist while our tongues explored wildly. Within a blink of an eye, she was lying naked underneath me in my bed.

I was positioned between her thighs, thrusting deep inside of her. Her claws lightly dug into my back as I gripped the headboard and gave her my all. She arched her back as the toe-curling sensation took over her body.

“Arlo, please,” She begged for more, wrapping her legs around my waist to push me in deeper. I buried my face in her neck before I kissed and sucked over my mark. The sparks intensified with every thrust and kiss. Her moans encouraged me to ravage her completely.

“Arlo!” She screamed my name as I sat back with her legs around me. She was sitting on my lap with her arms around my neck and my cock buried deep inside her.
I loved every minute of our lovemaking. I’d made her cum several times in many different positions. It was early in the morning as she laid by my side under the satin sheets, exhausted and out of breath.

“I love you, Arlo,” She whispered, peering up at me as she ran her fingers over my chest. It was her favorite thing to do as we laid in bed together. Soon I was falling into a deep slumber as she continued to trace my chest, giving life to those electrifying sparks, “Arlo,” She kept whispering my name, but I could barely keep my eyes open.

“Arlo,” She whispered again before I finally gave in to the exhaustion.

“Arlooo!” The cold, rough hand tapping on my face was the first thing to awaken me before the deep voice called me again, “Arlo, wake your ass up!”

I rubbed my eyes, adjusting to the light before Kane came into my view. His stupid face instantly agitated me because moments before he woke me up, I was staring at the most beautiful she-wolf. He was standing at the edge of my bed, watching me with a look of confusion. His eyebrows came together as he asked, “What’s wrong with you? You never sleep this late. Or at all for that matter.”

For a moment, I was confused because he was right. I never had a good night’s rest without being interrupted by my nightmares, but last night was different. I threw my head back on the pillow as the memory of my dream came flowing back to me.

I found a mate, not just any mate but the alpha of River Ash, Astrid Collins. Even though we couldn’t be together, she managed to invade my dreams and thoughts, leaving me wanting more. I hated to admit that. I didn’t want to start becoming interested in her though my demon-wolf was already planning to make our dreams real.

I hadn’t stopped thinking about her ever since that first day of the meeting. The mate pull was already messing with me. I wondered if it was doing the same for her.

We both agreed to remain silent about the situation and act as if it never happened. Apart of me wanted to take those words back, but I couldn’t. We are not meant for each other, and I still can’t understand why the moon goddess would pair us together. I don’t want her, and she doesn’t want me. It’s a waste of pairing us.

“What time is it?” I groaned, reaching out to the nightstand to grab my phone. I blinked a couple of times to see the screen light up. It was late in the afternoon already. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d gotten this much rest.

“You’ve got 10 minutes to take a shower and make yourself look decent. I don’t want to run late for the board meeting again. If we want to win over the officials’’ then we have to be on time,” Kane muttered before leaving my room. I’d completely forgotten about the meeting being extended due to the land dispute. It was important to us because we needed to buy this land to benefit the pack. The land was becoming crowded for Blood Rose and Silver Moon.

I immediately got up from the bed and prepared for the day. This time as I got dressed, I was in a complete daze, drifting further and further into my forbidden thoughts. I tried to push her out of my mind, but my demon-wolf insisted on obsessing over her and the future we weren’t going to have, but I let him fantasize about it anyway.

We reached the conference room early this time. Kane had us show up before anyone else occupied the conference room. It gave him time to collect his thoughts about our plea for the land and me to concentrate on ignoring her when she arrived, which was going to be difficult when her table was only six feet away from mine.

I acted calm, keeping my eyes glued to my paperwork as all the alphas and their subordinates entered the room. Meanwhile, my demon-wolf was eagerly pacing inside me. He couldn’t wait to see her because he’d missed her so much in those three days. To him, it felt like an eternity.

I pushed away his thoughts and feelings because they were beginning to make me lose focus, and I needed to be at my best if I wanted to win over the committee. Even though Kane and I were apart of it, we were still at a disadvantage because of our breed. We needed our peers to be on our side for the council to sell the property to us. A majority vote would decide the buyer.

Although I had plans to abandon any distracting thoughts, the air around me buzzed with tension as a certain she-wolf walked through the door. It had me clearing my throat and straightening my posture to push away the chills on my skin. She was affecting me in the slightest way.

As I wrote some notes down, I felt her eyes staring at me the whole time she found her way to her seat. From my peripheral, I could see her nervously fidgeting and looking to the front of the room. She didn’t know what to do to keep herself busy until the meeting began.

The corners of my lips tipped up as I heard her racing heart and shaky breaths. I was making her nervous, and it satisfied my demon-wolf and me to know that we had a strong effect on her. Her nerves were getting the best of her, and soon she dropped her purse, causing all her things to fall out of it. Without much thought, I was bent down on my knees, helping her pick her items up.

“Thanks, but I got it,” She spoke so fast I almost didn’t understand her. Her beta and gamma watched us with bewilderment as I continued to pick up her items. It was then that I’d realized how much attention I drew to us, but I continued to help her, ignoring the lingering looks.

At one point, we both reached for her phone, and my hand came over her small one. Electrifying sparks shot up my arm before traveling throughout my body and down to my toes. She froze, and our eyes locked. She mirrored my same wide-eyed expression as the sparks continued to ignite the deepest desires within me. I finally understood how powerful these sparks were between mates. It was going to be even harder now to resist them.

“Astrid,” The short-haired female sitting at the table quietly called my mate, snapping her back into reality. I moved my hand from hers, and she quickly grabbed her things before going back to her seat. Kane was quick to suspiciously cock an eyebrow at me as I took my seat.

“What was that?” He asked, eyeing between my mate and me. I shook my head dismissively and went back to my paperwork, but he soon commented, “If you think sleeping with the enemy will improve our chances of the committees’ approval, then so be it. Good luck though, it seems your choice of ass won’t be so willing since she hates your guts,” I could hear the amusement in his voice. I turned to give him a ‘go to heaven’ look.

“Is it a crime to be a gentleman?” I gritted through my teeth. He smirked at me before rolling his eyes in disbelief and sitting back in his chair.

The meeting began when the officials’’ walked in. Everyone stated their arguments and concerns on who would be getting the property. I tried to concentrate hard and ignore the blue-green eyes looking at me now and then.

I couldn’t have been more pissed off at the female alpha sitting a few feet away from me. She left me completely mind boggled and craving more of her touch.

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