Twisted Fate

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Chapter 15


By the time he reached me, I’m holding my breath and avoiding his gaze. I don’t want to look him in the eyes because they make me feel these forbidden desires. I found myself wondering what it would be like to press his lips against mine. As if reading my thoughts, he stepped in front of me until our faces were inches apart

“What’s wrong, mate?” He asked, emphasizing the latter. A deep and dark voice shadowed his normal one. It sounded deeper and scarier than a normal werewolf. If anything, it intensified the tingling sensation between my thighs. I immediately clenched them shut.

“Please, open the door,” I asked politely. A sardonic grin climbed his lips, and he slowly shook his head, “Why so soon? Moments ago, you were up in my face, and now you want to leave?” The darkness in his voice grew deeper, “Let’s see you do it again,” He taunted. I could hardly comprehend anything at the moment to come up with a snarky remark.

For a moment, we stared intensely into each other’s eyes. To the narrow bridge of his nose and his shiny unblemished skin, his facial features screamed perfection. Even his slightly crooked jaw hid behind his beauty, though upon further inspection it was then I’d noticed the faint indention in his chin. An old scar from his early childhood, most likely. The urge to reach up and feel its texture had me fiddling with the edges of my jacket.

The longer I stared at him, the more beautiful he became. It was as if Satan hand-created him to be the sexiest and desirable creature on this earth. Just one look at him was an unforgivable sin.

Pushing my lustful thoughts away, I twisted the doorknob with more strength. It creaked open, but the invisible force continued to deny me access, teasing me with a gap of freedom. I wasn’t getting away so quickly, and it was becoming harder to be around him. His attractiveness sucked the air out of me.

“Open the door,” I breathed, but he continued to ignore me, staring deep into my soul.

Suddenly, he reached up and gently brushed my jawline with the back of his fingers before moving further down to my neck. My body resembled a statue as the electrifying sparks from his subtle touch sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. I found myself leaning into his touch as he traced my collar bone, tucking his fingertips into my blouse. With a tortured look, he never took his fiery-red demonic eyes off me.

A small involuntary whimper escaped my lips as he pinned me against the door with his formidable figure. My eyes widened in anticipation of his next move. I had forgotten all about leaving, but the footsteps coming from the office rooms pulled us both back to reality. He stepped back, and the natural silver in his eyes appeared.

“Open. The door,” I muttered, the anger in my tone overpowering the lust I previously felt. I didn’t want to feel anything for him. I couldn’t feel anything for him.

“What you did doesn’t change anything between us. We’re nothing,” He muttered back before releasing his telekinetic power from the door.

“Glad we can both agree on that,” I said, dashing out of the building like my life depended on it. My thick jacket came off the second I stepped outside. Winter seasons and I didn’t get along, but today the ice-cold air embraced me like an old friend, freezing my flushed skin.

Shortly I could hear the thudding of his steel boots hitting the pavement behind me. My pace quickened. When I finally reached the safety of my car, locked inside, I sat back and watched as he put his black helmet on. The Harley Davidson engine roared before Arlo sped out of the parking lot. He had officially reached the ultimate level of sexy.



Disconnected from my surroundings, I sat at the dining table, contemplatively staring out of large glass windows. Acres of darkness stared back at me, the misty woods calling out to me for a much-needed run. The softness of her skin still lingered on my fingertips, leaving my demon-wolf restless and yearning for more.

I sighed at the thought of her and focused on the trees swaying with the winter air. At the edge of the woods, a sinister silhouette would appear now and then. His glowing red eyes boring into me, prepared to lash me with his enchanted spiked whip. But then I would think of those alluring blue-green eyes again, and her curvy waist as she angrily walked away from me, and his image would evaporate. She helped erase him and all the bad memories, replacing them with daydreams of her affection.

The slice of toast flying on my plate startled me. I growled, “What is wrong with you?”

“What is wrong with you?” Carson repeated with a mouth full of pasta, “Did you hear a word I said?” My blank expression gave away the answer though I guessed it was probably something I didn’t give a shit about. The house maid’s presence also went unnoticed by me as she refilled my glass of wine.

“Arlo, is there something wrong with the food? You haven’t touched your plate,” She frowned. I quickly shook my head as if shaking my brain awake to activate my speech muscles and forcing myself to forget about the she-wolf.

“No, Eleanor, the food is wonderful. I haven’t had much of an appetite lately.”

“Alright,” She nodded, the disappointment burdened her tone. She placed my wine glass back on the coaster, “If there’s anything you’d like me to change on the weekly menu, don’t hesitate to let me know.”

Kane put his utensil down and kissed the old woman on her hand, making her blush, “You’re excellent as always, Eleanor. He just can’t get his head screwed on right after yesterday’s meeting.”

Carson stopped filling his mouth long enough to ask with interest, “What happened yesterday?”

I dropped my head low and picked at my food, “I’m tired of talking about it,” I said gruffly, but Kane’s smirk told me he’d be going against my words. I didn’t like the way he looked at me. It was almost as if he knew all my secrets, one in particular; I didn’t want a living soul to know about.

“Collins balanced the scales, and now we might actually have a chance at the property.”

Carson almost choked mid-sip of his wine. His eyes widened, “You mean to tell me that the alpha of River Ash? Jonah Collins voted for our pack. Did the witches of Salem put a spell on him or something?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Jonah isn’t the alpha anymore. He passed his position down to his daughter,” Kane corrected him before nodding towards me, “Your big brother over here used his demon charms on her, or so he called it being a gentleman,” He used air quotation on the latter.

“Ahhh- a female,” Carson wiggled his brows. I knew my little brother better than anyone, and I knew his question before he asked, “Is she hot?” My leg involuntarily began to shake under the table, and my hands clutched the corners. Kane was first to notice. A sly smile climbed up his lips as he eyed me for a second.

“Yeah, man. You should’ve seen her!” He said, cupping his hands a few inches from his chest to show my mate’s size. My blood boiled, “She’s got the fattest as- “The deep demonic growl from my chest cut him off. I flashed my canines at him once, warning him not to fuck with me. He raised his brows and sat back in his chair.

“What?” He asked innocently.

“We don’t talk about women that way.”

“Since when?” Carson asked sarcastically. Eleanor came back to the dining room, to my relief, dismissing the topic before Sylvia appeared behind her. The smile plastered on her face expressing her appreciation to see us after so long. She didn’t get a chance to visit much due to her busy life, but it was a fresh breath of air when she did. She played the role of our second mother, even before Mom died.

Carson lifted from his chair and pulled out Sylvia’s before she sat. The smile never left her face as she looked between us, “How are my boys?” We replied a ‘great’ in unison.

“It’s really good to see you, Sylvia,” Kane mused before asking, “Blair won’t be joining us?”

“No, but she did send gifts,” She eagerly reached inside her purse and gave us each a small purple pocket. Potion bottles with different colored liquids gathered inside them. I grabbed the first one to catch my interest. The word ’nightmares’ was labeled across it. Even from miles away, my best friend knew when I was struggling the most. Apart from the advantages of her power, she could feel it deep in her bones.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing that much anymore,” Sylvia whispered next to me while Kane and Carson stayed occupied with their potions to notice. It was almost past midnight by the time Sylvia declared her visit to be over. Kane left back to his pack house while Carson retreated upstairs to his room for the night (or so I thought).

“So…how is the land dispute coming along?” Sylvia asked as I walked her to the front door. I knew well enough to know what she really meant to ask. Although her mind was larger than the deep blue sea, she would play as if it were the size of an ant.

“We’re different, Sylvia. It’s highly dangerous for her and me to be together. You know this already.”

She rolled her eyes and dramatically threw her hands down to her side, the frustration wrinkled between her brows, “It’s no wonder the moon goddess paired you two. You’re both equally stubborn and a pain in my ass!”

“You’ve met her?” The surprise was evident on my face. As far as I knew, the Collins family loathed witches, and many were dead for the satisfaction of their bloodthirsty habit. I assumed she would be no different.

“Astrid is a lovely girl. She’s nothing like her father or her ancestors. She’s kind and compassionate. You have seen this for yourself. Voting for Blood Rose wasn’t easy to do in front of her peers, but she did it anyway…for you,” Sylvia paused, hoping her words would get through to me, “And she’s your mate, Arlo. You will face difficulties, but the two of you are destined to be together.”

The fact of the matter is, I didn’t doubt Astrid’s, kind heart. Her unique aura held the power to penetrate through one’s soul…through my soul. In a perfect world, she’d be my mate, and we would live happily ever after. But a perfect world doesn’t exist, and I’m just a demon, and she’s the she-wolf- two different people from opposite worlds who don’t belong together.

“The moon goddess made a mistake,” I grumbled.

“The moon goddess makes no mistakes!” Sylvia exclaimed, appalled by my choice of words. There was a look of concern on her face that deeply disturbed me. I couldn’t decipher if she were playing the concerned mother or the seer who knew much beyond my understanding.

My shoulders dropped at my next thought, and I sighed heavily, “We will need to reject each other soon. I am adamant about my decision.”

“Farwell,” She angrily tipped her chin, reaching for the door. She stopped at the doorway to look at me intensely. A storm of emotions in her eyes that brought the worry in my chest

“But you’re wrong,” Her voice a mere whisper though I heard it clearly. She continued, “You two were born to be mates,” The graveness in her voice sent a shiver down my spine. I wanted to know what she truly meant by that, but she was gone in the next moment.

“I knew it!” Kane’s voice boomed from the top of the staircase. I looked up over my shoulder to see him at the top of the stairs with an amused look.

“Astrid Collins is your mate.”


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