Twisted Fate

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Chapter 23


The whole room erupted with chaos after Derek put an end to that witch. It happened so fast I didn’t have the chance to react before Arlo shoved us both to the ground. I gripped a fistful of his shirt as he hovered over me, shielding me from the bullets shattering through the windows. I couldn’t see anything in my surroundings over his broad shoulders and firm chest, but I was too terrified to care.

My ears were ringing from the loud gunfire that never stopped coming. It took a moment for the sound to replace with a blood-curdling scream of a female. Her cries of pain overpowered the force of the weapons being used against us. My eyes began to water when the female reminded me of Nicole. She was standing right next to me moments before the attack. What if she or Derek got hurt?

No. Please, goddess.

I managed to somehow peek my head out from Arlo’s chest. Some alphas were the first to come in my line of sight. They crouched down, waiting for the shooting to stop so they could spring into action. Meanwhile, I finally saw Derek crawling towards someone who had been shot in the chest. Frank was barking orders to form a plan of escape and protecting the few council members present on the right.

When the woman screamed again, I looked upward to see her sitting a few feet away next to a convulsing body on the floor. She helplessly watched a man turn blue in the face while his body abnormally swelled up. I gasped in horror and buried my face in Arlo’s chest when the body finally popped like a balloon, scattering his organs in pieces.

These weren’t ordinary bullets. They were enchanted with dark magic.

Panic rose in my chest when I craned my neck in every direction, but Nicole was nowhere to be seen, and the cries only grew louder and louder. I screamed her name at the top of my lungs, hoping she could hear me over all the commotion.

“She’s fine! She’s with my brother!” Arlo raised his voice. I instantly felt relieved that my beta and gamma were okay, but it didn’t settle the panic rising in my chest. I knew tragedy awaited us from the continuous wailing and the raw, metallic scent thick in the air.

“Arlo, there are too many of them for us to take on. We have to help these people before it’s too late. Do it NOW,” Kane roared with urgency.

“It’s too risky. Everyone will die if the fire loses control! We’ll have to take a chance with our power together,” Arlo shouted over his shoulder. He wrapped his arms tightly around me when a bullet passed over our heads.

“Ready when you are!” Kane responded.

Suddenly, the shooting died down, and Arlo’s hold loosened. I could sense the demonic power from his wolf surfacing as he looked down at me. So many emotions simmered in his eyes as he demanded next, “Stay close and do not leave my side for anything. Do you understand me?”

I was in too much shock to reply. My silence only irritated him, and he grabbed my chin, forcing me to look at him, “Tell me you understand,” He said grimly.

Okay! Now let me go,” I rasped at his ridiculous demands that I wasn’t going to follow. Afterall, I was an alpha just like him and I could take care of myself. He glanced down at me once more before he let me go. As the gunfire came to a halt, footsteps rushed through the halls, and the doors came crashing down. Arlo’s eyes turned bloodshot red, standing to his feet.

“STOP,” Arlo roared, lifting his hands in the air. With this motion, the intruders froze involuntarily. Everyone watched in bewilderment as he and Kane took control of their weapons, aiming them in the opposite direction, and fired.

The witches’ blood decorated the walls as their limbs and intestines splattered from the impact. The once simple conference room looked like a complete murder house. Long after they stopped breathing, Arlo continued shooting until there was no identity recognition of the bodies. He looked like a savage with a small smile on his lips, the sight of red feeding his insatiable hunger for blood.

Silence filled the room once the guns had been emptied and tossed away. I thought it was all over, but it was just the beginning. Soon, more witches and warlocks came rushing in through the doors, charging towards me. I’d never seen so many of them attack like this in groups.

The numbers were endless, and they were all here to kill me and only me.

“Astrid!” Derek bellowed, tossing a long and shiny object across the room. I reached out for it. My sword landed perfectly in my hand, the sharp blade showing me my reflection as if reminding me who I was- the female alpha need not to be reckoned with.

This surge of power snapped inside me like electricity as I looked down at my small reflection. I let out a thunderous growl as more attackers came rushing in. On cue, the other wolves charged towards the action.

In one swift movement, my sword came slicing through the skull of a warlock before I cut his body straight down the middle. I smiled as the blood spurted like a sprinkler over my clothes and face. I’d waited a long time to practice that move on an enemy, but it didn’t satisfy me enough. I killed five more witches the same way as that poor lifeless bastard lying on the ground.

Everyone was fighting multiple witches and warlocks at once. Had they not come with their advanced weapons; we could have taken them out quickly. At one point, I saw Derek help Bryson take down anyone with a weapon while Nicole came rushing to my side to help Arlo protect me. However, he didn’t need it because his advanced power did all the work for him.

Arlo and Kane sent bodies flying in all directions with their telekinesis. I used this to my advantage and cut through a line of flesh mid-air though it still didn’t feed the rage I felt. For whatever reason, these people came here to kill me, and I wasn’t going to let them get away with it. I wanted to see them slowly suffer for even thinking about getting rid of me.

It bewildered me to see these intruders desperately trying to get to me. The last time I checked, I’d never crossed a witch in the wrong way, so why was I being targeted. All signs pointed to my father, who massacred many covens in the past, including the rest of my family. His hatred for their kind burned brighter than the sun, and he’d kill any magical creature who crossed him.

I had a feeling that maybe this was an act of revenge, but something deep down in my gut told me otherwise. Something else was wrong here.

At that moment, I could tell Arlo felt the same hatred for them because, after a while, he grew tired of using his power and brutally attacked them all. For a second, I stopped to look at him as he effortlessly tore through flesh and bones with his claws as if it were nothing to him. His clothes were dripping in blood, along with his mouth. Seeing him turn cold and ruthless like that somewhat scared me. It reminded me that I was paired with a demon hybrid who could ignite this whole room with the blazing flames of hell in a matter of seconds.

“Watch out!” Nicole pulled me down to avoid the arrows thrown by a warlock. If anything, his cowardly ways pissed me off more. Nicole didn’t hesitate to knock the crossbow out of his hands and punch him in the face until his brains spilled out.

Nicole, Kane, and Arlo fought with everything in their power to keep me out of harm’s way. However, I was soon separated from them after getting into an intense duel with a much taller woman than me. Arlo was too busy hovering over a man and stabbing him repeatedly in the neck to notice me slipping away.

“Stop fighting and face your death, she-wolf,” She snarled close to my face as our swords clashed together. I flashed my canines at her before shoving her against the wall.

“Who sent you?” I demanded, holding my sword up to her neck. She tried reaching for her sword that fell out of her hand but to no avail.

“I’m not leaving without your head. That reward is mine!” She bellowed, bewildering me with her words. Reward? When she successfully reached for another man’s dagger, I drove my sword straight into her beating heart and watched her slide down, smearing blood on the wall. Before I could find the way back to my group, I heard someone else crying for help.

I turned to see the gamma of our allies, struggling to help his beta. They managed to stab her multiple times in the abdomen and pin her down to the ground. Without thinking much, I ran to her side and decapitated them in one strike. The she-wolf stayed lying on the ground, gasping for air.

“P-please,” She stammered, tears running down her sweaty face. Her cold hands were trembling as I reached down to hold them for comfort. The gash on her abdomen was too deep, and if she didn’t reach a pack doctor soon, she was going to die.

“I’m going to get you some help. Don’t give up on me. Keep your heart beating,” I promised her. After lifting her in my arms, I found the gamma and instructed him to rush her to the hospital. He wasted no time following my command though it wasn’t without struggle. The two of us fought viciously to get the she-wolf to safety.

Upon reaching the exit, a group of warlocks ambushed me, using magic to throw me across the room and knock my sword out of my hand. I groaned in pain from the impact before I felt something wrap around my neck from behind me. A male with long black hair wrapped a spiked leash around my neck like a dog, dragging me into a dark, secluded room. I choked and gasped for air. The gamma turned to look at me with pity.

“GO” I choked out before he could decide to help me. I saw him hurriedly run out of the doors with the she-wolf in his arms before the door closed behind me and the warlocks.

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