Twisted Fate

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Chapter 24


His raging green eyes bore into me, marking my skin with decades of hatred. He watched me like a hawk as I stood up from the edge of the ambulance truck with Astrid still in my arms, never breaking eye contact. Even though I was two inches taller, his threatening stance remained strong.

“Let her go,” Jonah muttered, his fists clenched. My gaze only drifted down to see the string of blood dripping from his palm. His claws were digging into his skin. Had his daughter not been between us, I’m sure he would have lunged at me.

“No!” I tightened my hold around her small waist. Her body instantly reacted from the sparks, stirring in my arms. Astrid buried her face in my chest while she slept, adding to her father’s ire.

Jonah took a few bold steps closer until our toes were almost touching. His eyes swirled with blackness, followed by a low growl. By now, my demon wolf was fighting me tooth and nail for control. He wanted to show him just how demonic and vile we could get, especially when it involved our mate. The only thing stopping Jonah and me from ripping each other apart was the precious diamond I carried.

Grace was quick to extend her arm out and try to pull him back.

“Don’t do this,” She pleaded, “Think about our daughter. What you do to him affects her.”

He looked down at his mate with fierce eyes and a set jaw, “Grace,” He gritted through clenched teeth, slowly taking her hand off him, staining her skin with red. She gasped, and he repeated himself, “Step back.”

She frowned from the coldness in his tone. When she didn’t obey, he growled lowly to her face, “I said step back, Grace,” In response, she flashed her canines, refusing to move. At this, a male who resembled Jonah stepped forward and mumbled something in her ear. Whatever he said seemed to calm her down. She growled at Jonah once before stepping back, unhappy.

“Either you let my daughter go willingly, or I will take her away by force!” At his threat, the members of River Ash and their allies stepped forward. If I fought Astrid’s father, they’d try to intervene and protect him at all costs.

Jonah was the most prominent leader in the city, and he earned everyone’s respect. People admired him mostly for his strong work ethic, which led him to become the alpha and a successful doctor. Everyone here would step up, but their efforts would be useless against me.

Don’t even think about it. You’ll put us in a world of shit,” Kane mind-linked me. He was standing at the back, watching and waiting for me to snap. Only he knew when I’d reached my breaking point.

Ignoring my brother’s warning, I leaned in closer to smirk at Jonah’s face.

“So, then come take her from me,” My demon-wolf shadowed over my voice. In the next moment, Jonah’s eyes turned pitch black before he gripped my wrist painfully. His action followed by my demon-wolf growling in Latin, which was more intense and eerie.

With my power, I threw him back a few meters. I quickly put Astrid down because I knew that we’d be fighting once he stood to his feet. And I was right. He charged towards me with a raging storm in his eyes, ready to destroy everything in its path.

The women were continually screaming to stop as we rolled on the floor, punching each other. After hearing him bad-mouth my name for so many years, it felt good to unleash this resentment. I couldn’t help but smile as he spit out blood from my powerful blows though he wasn’t weak because he got a few good right hooks to my jaw.

At one point, Grace became worried as I hovered over him, slamming his head on the floor. His nose crunched and appeared slanted from my last strike. Although he looked ready to pass out, he managed to push me off and stand to his feet. Before I knew it, we had our hands around each other’s neck, strangling the other.

His pack members were itching to join the fight, but it was a huge dishonor to their previous alpha. They would only step in if his life were near death. Otherwise, it would be insulting his strengths and capability.

“Stay away from my daughter!” He choked out.

“Like heaven!” I choked back, applying more pressure, “She’s my mate!” Regret washed over my words the second they slipped out of my lips. Now it was very much real. Our secret was out in the open for others to spread like wildfire. It could potentially put her in more danger if this information gets into the wrong hands. She was already in hot water.

Jonah blinked a couple of times from the dizziness. We both wanted to give up and end this useless fight. His eyes were red with exhaustion, but they stayed locked with stubbornness. Neither he nor I would give up. From my blurry peripheral, I finally saw a figure step by my side.

“Arlo,” Kane’s hand felt heavy on my shoulder, “Let him go, brother.”

“Fuck that! He started this!”

“Nevertheless, you still have to release him. He is your mate’s father.”

Our faces slowly paled, but that didn’t stop us from strangling each other. At that moment, I wasn’t thinking clearly. The demon side of me wanted to see his eyes roll back and death claim him.

Kane shook his head, “She may never speak to you again if you hurt her father,” His words somehow knocked some sense into me. I wasn’t thinking about how devastated Astrid would be if I succeeded in killing her father.

She would hate me forever, and I’d have to say goodbye to any possibilities of our relationship growing. I released.

Jonah and I fell back, gasping for air. With Kiera and Kane at my side, I slowly stood to my feet, watching the others surround Jonah. It didn’t surprise me to see everyone care only about his well-being. Despite their small disagreement Grace stood by his side with her arms around his waist. He had no trouble walking, but her intuition said otherwise. Even though she could fix it quickly, she was a frantic mess when she finally spotted his broken nose. Apart of me wondered how Astrid would have reacted in the end. Would she care for me the same, or would she flock to the other side?

For a second, her mother’s eyes met mine. I expected her to look at me with anger, but oddly she looked at me with pity as she walked to their daughter. Jonah lifted Astrid into his arms and growled at me one last time.

“I’m officially declaring the treaty void. I will see that you are removed from the committee, and a restraining order will soon be in effect. This is the last time you’ll ever see her. Stay away from my daughter!”

The rage burned inside my chest brighter than the hellfire. I wanted to smash his face all over again. There was nothing he could do to keep me away from her. It would be over my dead body before he kept us apart. This time Kane stood in front of me as my demonic eyes turned blood-shot red, bleeding into the abyss behind them. I glowered at Jonah as he walked away with my mate in his arms.

“I want to kill him,” I admitted out loud.

“I know,” Kane said, “But we have other issues to deal with right now.”

It was then his beta, Andrew, who came around with the car. He got out and opened the trunk to reveal three witches hogtied.


“Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe,” The head priestess, Louisa, pointed at the three witches tied to a chair, “Which one of you bitches is going to crack first.”

I sat in the Salem church’s front row next to Sylvia and my brothers, watching the trio’s interrogation who took part in attacking my mate. So far, they sat quietly, refusing to give any information about their plans to capture Astrid.

“Trader,” One of them spat at the head priestess and turned to scowl at my brothers and me, “You run with these filthy wolves. You’re a disgrace to our kind!”

My hands ached to wrap around her neck. After saving Astrid from those warlocks (currently awaiting their deaths) and fighting with her father, Salem was the last place I wanted to be. My mate was back home in the hospital, and I should have been there taking care of her. Instead, I was dealing with these witches, adding to the stress of my demon-wolf.

Sylvia patted my hand. “Don’t worry,” She leaned in and whispered, “Astrid will be okay. You’ll get to see her soon.”

I didn’t get the chance to respond before the sound of the firm slap echoed through the silent church. Louisa crouched down and muttered in the woman’s red handprinted face, “You only speak when spoken to. But since you’re feeling so chatty…tell me who sent you to capture the alpha of River Ash?”

“Never,” She gritted through clenched teeth, “I’d rather die than help you or those mutts!”

A sinister smile crossed Louisa’s face, causing the witch and her friends to pale. “Honey,” She turned to look at her wife, who I called my best friend, and spoke sweetly, “Will you do the honors?”

Blair stepped out of the dark corner, the candle lights illuminating her hazel eyes. She fidgeted with a strange-looking doll in her hands and stood in front of the witch. With a deep breath, she twisted the arm on the small doll. The witch threw her head back and screamed in pain. Louisa continued to ask questions, but she kept silent with tears in her eyes. Blair continued to twist and turn the arm of the doll. Another witch was asked the same questions. Nicolas, the second in command, joined in on the tormenting when she remained silent.

“There is an award!” The third witch spoke frantically. Blair and Nicolas stopped at her confession.

“Tell me more,” Louisa demanded, holding a needle close to the doll in her hand. The woman gulped and pulled against her restraints.

“Two weeks ago, the coven received a secret message through our crystals. A cash reward was offered to the first person to bring the head of the female alpha, Astrid Collins.”

With my canines and claws elongated, I stood up and growled, “Who sent the message and why do they want my mate so badly?”

“And how much were you offered?” Louisa added.

“Half a million dollars,” The coven gasped, and murmurs filled the church at her response. My face fell. Why would someone offer that much money for my mate? I angrily stomped up to the alter and clutched her face, my claws digging into her skin.

“Things won’t turn out good for you if I have to ask twice. Tell me who sent out the reward?”

“I-I don’t know,” She stammered, shaking her head in my hands, “The sender remained anonymous. I told you everything I know,” She then angrily nodded towards the woman on her right, “Why don’t you ask our head priestess. I’m sure she knows the sender. She’s the one who sent us on this wild chase for the alpha. She wanted the money all for herself.”

“How dare you speak lies about me! I know nothing about this message sender.” The accused witch argued.

“They are speaking the truth,” Sylvia spoke from behind me, silencing everyone “Perhaps there is a way we could trace this message back to the sender,” She said before exiting the church. I wanted to follow her and demand she’d tell me everything, but that would be useless. Her knowledge was stored safely in her mind, never to be shared.

“Mom’s right,” Blair nodded confidently, “I can find the sender.”

“That’s great, honey,” Louisa said, “Looks like we’re done here then.”

The trio sighed with relief. “Will you let us go now since I told you everything,” The witch asked pathetically. Louisa gave her a sickly-sweet smile in return. She had that dangerous look in her eyes that had the trio shivering in their seats.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Louisa laughed before her expression went serial killer cold, “You know what they say about snitches…” She taunted, dragging the needle straight down the doll’s chest. The three dolls contorted under Louisa, Blair, and Nicolas’ control, filling the church with screams and snapping of bones.

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