Twisted Fate

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Chapter 27


“They took my daughter! My baby is gone!”

I rubbed the she-wolfs back as she hunched over and let the tears spill out of her. The teapot began whistling, and I poured a glass for the distraught she-wolf, hoping it would help calm her down long enough to explain more details. Instead of drinking it, she placed the cup on the table and covered her face with her hands, wailing even more. Keaton and Liam exchanged an irritated look.

“I understand you’re upset,” I said, pulling her hands away, “But for me to help your daughter, I need you to stop crying and tell me anything that could possibly help us find her.”

The she-wolf blinked a couple of times before more tears filled her eyes. I was beginning to lose hope that she’d be of any help, but Keaton stepped in front of her and gently grabbed her face, making her look at him.

“Your daughter is a part of this pack, and I know my sister will do everything in her power to bring her back home. But you have to tell us everything you remember from last night,” Keaton spoke softly. His gentleness seemed to break through to her, and she finally stopped crying.

“Okay,” She nodded. I offered her the same cup, and she gladly drank it this time. She sniffed a few times and spoke, “We both went to bed around nine-thirty. I read her a bedtime story as usual, and she fell asleep shortly after that. Everything seemed normal until I heard some strange noises early in the night.”

“Do you remember the time?” I asked her. Meanwhile, I noticed Keaton began searching the house for any clues.

“I think it was past midnight the last time I saw the clock. I thought I heard someone- a woman speaking to my daughter, so I got up and went to check on her…and.”

“And?” I pressed, hoping she could identify the cunning woman who most likely didn’t act alone. She squinted as if trying to replay the memory in her head before she broke down. “And…I don’t remember. I can’t remember what happened to my baby.”

Liam then held her hand, which she took as an invitation to cry hysterically in his arms. “Everything will be alright. I have my wolves looking for your daughter and the rest of the pups. We will find her,” Liam assured.

I left Liam with the sobbing she-wolf to search the house with my brother. Nothing looked out of the ordinary so far, but the pup’s room needed to be thoroughly looked at.

As we searched her room, a feeling of nostalgia took over me. Things like pink wallpaper, dollhouses, and color books brought me back to my childhood. I felt so guilty already, but it hit me the hardest when I picked up a small doll sitting on the bed. I’d wondered if she slept with it for comfort every night.

I knew whoever took the pups was a witch from the group who took part in attacking me. The note that Arlo received explained it all. The main question- who and why?

“Check this out,” Keaton kneeled to observe the carpet. I abandoned the doll and crouched down beside him. A bright shiny powder trailed from the door to the bedroom window. I knew instantly what the substance was. My father had taught me all about spells and potions the witches used for trickery. From what I could remember, this powder was a powerful one.

“No, don’t touch it,” I gripped Keaton’s hand before he could make a mistake. Luckily, the she-wolf had some old gardening gloves to scoop the powder. I carefully scooped the powder into a plastic bag, keeping my nose and mouth away from it.

“It’s purple powder,” I informed Keaton once I safely zipped the bag, “It makes you temporarily forget things. You have to inhale a large amount for the substance to take effect.”

“This doesn’t look like a lot,” He grabbed the bag and shook it rapidly. I frowned and snatched the bag out of his reach, caring for it as if it were a newborn.

“We still need to be cautious.”

Keaton and Liam followed me out of the house as I headed for the search party. They were highly interested in the purple powder and wanted to experiment with it, but I wasn’t going to let it out of my sight. With my luck, these fools would rip the bag, and we’d all be in much more trouble than we faced.

“Alpha,” One of my warriors ran across the yard with a deep look of concern. I wanted to throw my hands up and ask him what else could possibly be wrong. He respectfully lowered his gaze as he spoke, “The alphas of Silver Moon and Blood Rose are requesting entrance to the pack.”

My eyes widened as I processed his statement. I thought Arlo’s bravery had its limits, but I was terribly wrong. Things between my father and him had gotten out of hand, and now he was here at my pack! I sighed and turned to my brother.

“Keep dad as far away from here as possible.”

The last thing I wanted was a repeat of their scuffle, although something told me this time it would be much worse. Keaton didn’t need to be told twice before he dashed for the woods.

With a racing heart, I followed the warrior to the entrance of our territory. A huge part of me was nervous about my father seeing him here, but the excitement building in my chest overpowered any doubts. My wolf was constantly pacing inside me. She was thrilled to see our mate after so many days. I had to remind her over and over again that he was here for more details on the missing pups, not because of us, but she denied it quickly.

Mate cares about us. He wants to see us. She repeated.

As we reached the crowded entrance, my wolves cleared the path to let me through. My eyes locked with his captivating silver ones, exciting my wolf even more. At this point, it was becoming harder to push aside her feelings, so I blocked her out completely. Taking a deep breath, I walked until I stood directly in front of him.

“Arlo, what are you doing here? You can’t just come to my territory unannounced,” I tried to make my voice sound firm, but it wavered. The way he was staring at me as if I was the most precious thing in the world blocked my rationality.

“I came to see you,” He spoke a little too ardently, stepping closer to me. Breaking eye contact, I put my head down as the intensity of the stares increased. He quickly corrected himself, “I mean…I came to help your pack.”

“We’re fine. The other packs have offered help, and I have my warriors searching outside the city.”

I shuffled nervously on my feet as everyone watched intently. Only a few members were circling us, but it felt like the whole city was present. It didn’t help that a few Blood Rose members came along, increasing the tension simmering in the air.

“There’s some crucial information we need to discuss regarding your safety and the disappearance of the pups. Can we talk somewhere private?” Arlo asked, breaking the awkward silence.

“Alright,” I quickly led him to my office, where our conversation would be private. Kane, who was standing next to him, followed behind us along with Nicole and Derek.

The tension only increased as the five of us walked silently to my office. Our packs had been enemies for as long as the history books recorded, and we were naturally supposed to act hostile towards each other, nothing more or less. But here we are, headed to my office to discuss things respectfully. It felt very odd to me, and I knew they felt the same.

“So, what do you have for me?” I asked once we were in the office. This sudden tingling pleasure shot up my arm as I accidentally bumped into Arlo on the way to my seat. He was standing close to my desk. I meant to walk around him, but my feet betrayed me and brought me closer to him.

Arlo wrapped his hand around my waist to steady me. His fingers grazed my hip from the edge of my blouse, riding up, adding to the sparks. Unconsciously, the skin contact had me leaning into him. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed feeling those addicting sparks. My heartbeat sped up as he looked down at me with darkened eyes. From the tortured look on his face, I could tell he missed the feeling just as much.

The mate bond was playing tricks on me, tempting me to throw my arms around him and show him how much I missed him. The plan to reject each other was slowly getting lost in the fantasies of a relationship, but deep down, I knew that would never happen.

Arlo stepped back when Kane cleared his throat, reminding us that other people were in the room. “We did some digging and found the reason behind the attack at our last meeting.”

This had me tearing my eyes away from my mate and straightening up. I tried not to think too much about all those witches coming after me that day. Especially after I was beaten and almost raped, it was very traumatizing for me, but now the weight of everything was coming down on me at once. A small part of me hoped that somehow it was a mistake, and those witches were after the wrong person, but my gut instincts knew better.

I gulped, “What did you find?”

Kane and Arlo traded an uncertain glance, “I’m sorry to inform you, Astrid, but it seems someone has put a hit out on you in the witch community.”

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