Twisted Fate

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Chapter 68

Short chapter, don’t murder me.


A breathy moan escapes my lips and I throw my head back at the sweet pleasure of watching Arlo look me in the eye as he spits on my pussy and runs his tongue up my wet folds.

He is licking me in the most sensitive parts of my flesh where no other man has been before, and it feels amazing. Spreading my pussy lips open more with his fingers, he teases my swollen clit. I swear heaven is calling my name right now and the angels are singing for me.

“That feels so good.” I whimper, fisting his dark curls. “Why didn’t you tell me how good you are at this?”

He chuckles against my skin, and the reaction sends a wave of vibrations directly to my sweet spot. “I’m good at a lot of things you don’t know about yet, mate.” He says, moving closer up the bed and laying on his back.

I sit up on my knees, assuming he’s ready to be pleased too, but before I can reach inside his pants, he grabs at my hips and directs my legs over his shoulders until I’m straddling his face. It’s a little embarrassing to be this close to him at first, but all my insecurities get thrown out the window when he wraps his arms around my thighs and devours my pussy.

His tongue drawls slow circles over my clit before he shoves his tongue inside my sex, making me throw my head back and moan. Sparks dance at the tip of his tongue and shoot up my thighs, leading to my head. I feel like my insides might explode from all the pleasure.

“Please, don’t stop.” I vigorously grind my hips against him as he sucks my clit like this is the last time we’ll have together. Soon, I’m rewarded with a knee trembling orgasm that knocks the breath out of me, and my eyes gloss over. I’m crying tears of pleasure while Arlo continues to lick my sensitive flesh, savoring every drop of my nectar.

I want a handwritten apology for all the orgasms I missed out on. Arlo laughs and I’ve realized I said this out loud. I look down at his hooded eyes staring up at me and glistening lips. “How about I put you to sleep like this every night to make up for it?”

I smile and I’m about to say deal when my breath catches in my throat when he slips one, then two fingers inside me. My knee’s lock as a second orgasm rips through me. And it’s almost better than the first.

I’m a moaning and writhing mess on top of him as he continues to lick, and finger fuck me, fulfilling his promise.

I don’t know how long we stay like that, Arlo giving me mind blowing orgasms while he devours my pussy, but I’m not sure how much more of this I’ll be able to handle.

Sensing my exhaustion, he kisses the inside of my thigh and releases me. The moment his lips find mine, and I taste myself on him, the tingling sensation in my core forms. My insides come to life again and the exhaustion is long forgotten. I want more of him.

My eager hands reach for his zipper. I frown when he suddenly grips my wrist and pulls me to lie on his chest.

“We should slow down.” Although he sounds sincere, the thick bulge begging to be let out of his pajama pants says otherwise.

“I want to make you come too.”

“Pleasing you is enough for me.” He’s lying, of course. I can feel the power of his demon fighting to gain control of his body. I know it’s taking every ounce of his self-control to deny me. I just don’t understand why, it almost makes my wolf angry.

Trailing my fingers down his tattooed chest, I kiss his neck and squeeze over the thick bulge in his pajama pants. He lets out a torturous groan, and then his hands are all over me. My triumphant smile drops the minute he grips my hand forcefully and rolls on top of me.

“Astrid,” His demonic growl and tight grip pinning my hands above my head startle me. I peer up into his dark eyes, swirling with red. “I know you’re not ready to give yourself fully to me, but my demon does not care, and I can only control him so much. If you continue to tease me, he will take you. Once I start, I won’t be able to stop even if you beg me to.”

The lust-controlled part of me wants him to make love to me, but the rational part of me knows he’s right. We’re miles away from home and trying to find the witch who wants me dead. We haven’t even told our families about our decision to pair or discussed our plans to fight our case with the council.

Mates become very attached after the mating process is complete and the future of our relationship is still unclear. I don’t think Arlo would leave me alone after marking me, and it would be difficult to live apart once we’re back home. It’s not the right time.

Sighing, he releases me, and I lay my head against his bare chest, drawling circles over the strange design on his right shoulder. “How am I supposed to keep my hands off of you?”

He laughs. “You think it’s bad now? Just wait a few more days. You’re going to be in heat soon. I can smell it on your skin.”

“What are you talking about? I’m not…” My wolf stirs inside me before I can argue against it. A pool of wetness leaks down my thighs and I clamp my legs shut. “Oh, no. I think you might be right.” My voice sounds breathless.

“Don’t worry, we’re in a house full of witches. I’m sure one of them can give you something to mask your scent and soothe the pain,” he says, pressing himself closer against my front. My nipples instantly harden at the contact. I’m so horny I can hardly think straight.

“Before my body betrays me and I’m in agonizing pain,” I whisper, tracing my lips across his collarbone. “Can you kiss me there again?”

He’s already sucking and nibbling on my nipples with his canines, making my pussy soaking wet.

“Anything for you, mate.”

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