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Rejected By My Brothers

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I never understood why my father always looked at me the way he did or why my brothers treated me like a piece of gum stuck to their shoe, Maybe it was because I was not popular or just didn't act the way they wanted me too or even because I was a girl, My brothers always tell me, dad never wanted to have a girl and I was nothing but trash to them and the pack So they day of my twentieth birthday, they decided to show me. How they really felt...

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Chapter One

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Rejected By My Brothers - Chapter One.

Lucy Cohan

“Dad?” I asked, knocking on my father’s office door.

“Enter” I heard him answer gruffly. I opened the door and found my father seated at his desk, looking over some papers, that he had to check over before signing off on them. My father is the leader and alpha of the Nightshade pack and a great leader at that, everyone in the pack looked up and admired him.

“Lucy, what is it now? Can you not see that I am to busy for you, right now?” He spoke, like he wasn’t even interested in what I had to say.

“The boys were bullying me again and I was wondering if you would talk to them about it-” I started.

“You know I do not have the time or energy to deal with you or your brothers or the problems you may have with them, you need to grow up. You can no longer come to me, when one of them has decided to pick on you, for fuck sake!” He ranted, not even looking up from his papers.

“But dad-”

“Get out!” He shouted, still not looking at me.

“Please dadd-”

“No! Now fuck off Lucy! I mean it!” He screamed at me, pointing towards the door.

I scurried to the door in tears. This always happened, it was like nobody in this house wanted me around anymore. I never liked being yelled at and dad knew this, but this just happened to be my life and there was nothing I could do to fix it. I quickly and quietly shut the door as I wiped the tears from my now probably red eyes.

“Oh Matt! Look what we have here, our stupid and dumb baby sister, thought she could go crying to daddy! What was it we said we would do, if she ratted us out?” a cold voice sneered from behind me.

I turned to find all five of my brother’s standing behind me, with arms crossed and narrowed eyes. I shrunk back against the wall, just thinking about the beating that was going to happen in the next few moments.

“I believe we said, that we would lock her in the basement closet. Without dinner until the next morning, right Ryder?” My third oldest brother. Matt said, looking in my oldest brother direction.

Ryder was the oldest of my five brothers and was to be handed the alpha title this year when he finally turned twenty-five, as my father thought that was a suitable age to be alpha.

He was a wall of muscle that had black hair and the obsidian coloured eyes to match, a handful of tattoos scattered on different parts of his body, he stood about 6′4 and had the personality of a block of ice. He was the worst out if all of my brothers because he could stop it all, but instead he would just laugh and walk away.

My second oldest brother, Michael was to be beta when Ryder took over as alpha. Michael was more on the lean side, standing at 6′1 and looked similar to Ryder, the only real difference in their faces was that Michael had dark grey eyes.

But the one thing that made Michael stand out more than any of my siblings as he had tattoo sleeves covering both of his arms, small gauges in his ears and lip pierced, his personality was just as shitty as my oldest brother but Michael was the nicest out of all my brothers. He never spoke to me if I was beneath him and always did sneak me food, when I was not allowed to eat it.

Now, my third oldest brother. Matthew or Matt, the next gamma of the pack, did not like me at all, I think he hated my guts the most and he was the one that tormented me the most, even though I did absolutely nothing to him, ever. He was one person you did not want to piss off because he would push you to your breaking point and not give a shit about it.

Matt was the pretty boy of the family, dark brown hair and blue eyes, he stood an inch shorter than Michael at 6′2 but he was slightly muscular than my second brother, even though Michael was still stronger than him. Matt also had a few tattoos located over his body but never really flaunted them off like the rest of my brothers.

My four oldest brother, Travis. He had his nice moments and hit me the least out of my brothers that got physical with me but in his own way, he was still an asshole, making my life a living hell. Travis was to be Delta.

Travis was quite the looker, not as much of a pretty boy as Matt but he had a manly look to him and held a body physique equivalent that of a medium built body builder , Travis had dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes, he had a tattoo that went from the back of his ear, down his neck and ended just below his shoulder blade but for some reason he always had it covered, he stood the tallest out of all my brother at 6′8.

Now my youngest older brother, was the rebel of my family. Kyle look like the younger version of Michael, their faces were slightly different and Kyle had less tattoos, Kyle stood at 6′0, exactly and was considered the baby of the family, even though I was younger than him.

Kyle liked to use his mouth and words to hurt me more than getting physical with me, but when he did choose to get physical he would kick things into me or throw them at me instead of hitting me directly, only on rare occasions would he actually strike me directly.

I felt a hand clasp my hair before I was dragged in the direction of the basement, I kicked and screamed as Ryder pulled my hair harder to the point, I had blood running down my forehead.

“Ry, It hurts please!” I yelled out, in pain.

“Shut your trap you little bitch! Dad should have gotten rid of you the moment you were born!” Ryder sneered in my ear, but I felt as his hand loosened around my hair. He turned away as he let Matt push me down the stairs to the bottom of the basement. As I laid on the concrete floor I didn’t see the pain and regret that flashed through their eyes.

“Get up you weak little bitch!” Travis screamed at me, before turning to look away. I watched as Kyle clenched his eyes shut, then in one go proceeded to kick me in my side. Michael picked me up and dragged me by my arm after they were finished kicking me and threw me into the closet before whispering.

“I might be able to get you something to eat tonight, But only if I can” Then slammed the door shut in my face as I heard them lock the door. I sunk to my knees in tears, this is how I spend my birthday’s ever since I could remember, being locked in the basement closet so my family can just forget about the day I was born.

“John is listening in” Matt whispered, fearfully. But in my state of panic I did not heard it.

“I hope you rot in there you little bitch!” I heard Kyle yell as he kicked the closet door, making me flinch back in to the corner. As the rest of them took turns as insulting me and kicking the door before I heard feet make their way up the stairs again but only four set of feet, causing me to shake.

“Lucy?” I heard Ryder whisper to me. I stayed quite and tried to keep my shaking to a minimum.

“Lucy? Answer me” As I listened to him, I felt myself begin to slip in and out of consciousness.

“Yes Ryder?” I whispered back.

“I just wanted to tell you, that I wish you were never born and that you should just disappear, no one wants you here. You aren’t loved here, even dad said he doesn’t love you, but that is understandable, that’s all” I heard as his voice broke a little, before the sound of his feet began to retreat as tears ran down my face.

“Oh, Lucy?” He whispered softly this time. It was getting harder to stay awake at this point.

“Yeah?” I answered softly.

“Happy birthday, little sister” He stated sadly and softly before slamming the door behind him. But right before I could finally pass out, I strained my hearing to hear one last final sentence that left me the most confused.

“It’s getting harder and harder to keep this shit up, I cannot take much more of hurting her and pretending to hate her. I’ll take one last whipping from John and I swear, I’m done playing his little fucking game” Ryder’s voice drifted into my head, before blacked out, for who knows how long...

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