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I'm Back, Baby

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Life is never easy. But who was I to complain? I'm sure many others had it worse than me... But then came the day, that would change my life forever.

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Chapter One

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Chapter One - Goodbye

Ella Mansin

“Macy, you cannot keep them from me any longer. They are not only your children, I have a right as their father” I watched as the male, near the entrance of our house flicked the rain water from his coat and hair as he yelled at my mother.

I sat watching from my little hiding place on the stairs, making sure to keep myself quiet and hidden from their sight.

“Well Elias, maybe you should have thought of the consequences. Before you decided to choose your stupid and dangerous job over your children and myself, our family” My mother screamed back, barely able to hold back her tears.

“Do not forget my love, you were also apart of this world I rule over. My little assa-”

“Do not bring that shit up, right now Eli. You know exactly why I had to leave that behind as soon as we found out about Tony. You can leave to Eli, all you have to do is quit and come be a family with me and our children” My mother sobbed, as my father took her into his arms and pulled her head into his rain soaked chest.

I know that no matter how many times they fight and he ends up leaving. She will always love my father as much as she did the first day, they laid eyes on each other. I also know for a fact that before my parents saw each other they were not the most pure or faithful people to their previous partners. Actually there love started as a forbidden love and yet, Two children and one wedding later, they still manage to stay faithful and loyal only to each other. No matter how much time they spent apart.

“Elias, we need you, our son, me and especially our baby girl. She is at her lowest and I do not know how to help her, I’ve tried everything, exhausted every favor, called and asked every specialist but nothing seems to be working. All she does is sit in her room and locks herself away from everyone” My heart broke at the sight of my mother’s shaking and broken form as she cries harder against my father. It was not my parents fault that I was so closed off, they had no idea what was going on in my everyday life or even what had happened during the hours I was taken after my third birthday, that sort of trauma stays with the victim, no matter how hard they try to get rid of it.

Because believe me, I’ve tried everything...

“Mace, what are you saying exactly” My father asked confused, looking down at her.

“I’m saying leave that world behind, have a life here with us. We love you more and want you alive for the rest of your days, instead of putting yourself in those dangerous decisions that everyone there expects of you” Mum whispered, looking up at my father into eyes, I watched as his face turned from confused to soft before going blank all together.

“How is she doing? Our baby girl” He said changing the subject.

“She well, I don’t really know anymore, she will not talk to anyone that includes me Eli”

“Mace, I am sure she will come around eventually, I’ll try find someone that maybe able to help her, I am sorry that I have not been around to help you with our children. But I cannot leave that world, I have been boss since I was fifteen, I can’t let it all go now” Dad said with a cold voice before my mother pulled herself away from his arms, pushing him closer to the front door in the process.

“Then leave, like I told you before you selfish asshole!” She screamed.

“No! I will not, this is my family just as much as it’s yours” He screamed back.

“The moment you left, you had no right to-” She yelled back at him, before a door slammed against the wall from behind them, making them both turn and look at the new person, who disturbed their argument.

“Oh shut it, will you? If you haven’t noticed you two aren’t the only people in this house and quite frankly I do not need the two of you waking up, my already tired baby sister. She has a big day tomorrow. I am use to this shit but she does not need to hear it” My older brother, Tony said from the living room doorway as he scowled at our parents. Before he turned to leave, going back to where he came from.

“Elias?” My mum said, turning her back to my father.

“Yes, my love?”

“You walk out that door, you never come back. You understand me?” She sighed, turning to look at him. But making no move to beg or get closer to him.

Ding, Ding

I saw my father take his phone out of his pocket and look at it for a while. A frown took over his face before a sigh left his lips. I saw as his eyes flashed with sadness as he made his way over to my mother, kissing her forehead with his eyes clenched closed, just before he pulled away.

“Forgive me, my love” He stated, before walking out the door. Not once looking back.

Then in the moments that followed, I watched as my strong and hard headed mother slide down the closest wall in tears, as she watched her heart leave with the man, who just walked out the front door.


Next Morning

School was the last place I wanted to be, especially on my fifteenth birthday. School was never fun, but it also had it’s up and downs. Well if you were one of the lucky ones that escaped the bullying. But unfortunately for me, that was not meant to be.

I walked quickly over to a tree that sat right out from the building, waiting for the bell to ring and get this day over and done with, I already knew that it was going to be hell. This was my daily routine, and in the next five minutes my hell would start.

Looking down at my watch as the minutes tick away, It would be an hour before my first classes started, and now exactly thirty seconds till I saw them. I placed my headphones in my ears hoping that would stop some of the comments, I was bound to get throughout the day. I observed a group of students that greeted and laughed with each other, they mingled before my eyes met ones that held hatred and anger.

Three.. Two.. One.. And let the torment start.

I looked away but out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement and felt someone lean over me. Looking up I shrunk back in fright at the evil little smirk that stretched across his face.

“Hello” I whimpered as the rest of the group looked at me in disgust and by this point the whole school body was crowding around.

“What gives you the right to greet us, you little bitch!” Callum spat at me. He just happens to be my older brother’s best friend.

“You are the most pathetic thing, I have seen in my entire life. How could one of my best friends be related to a freak and loner of the school? Look at you! You are absolutely useless” Dylan, My brother’s other best friend sneered in my direction. But if you looked closely you could see that Dylan hated what he was doing, and only put up this act for his friends.

Whenever he would visit our house, when we were younger till now. He was always the one protecting me, along with my brother. I even considered him to be like another brother. But as soon as they got to school, it was like a switch went off in their heads and they no longer gave a damn about me.

I stood dusting myself off getting ready to walk away, but I stopped and looked over at my brother to see if he would say anything, but even after looking at him and begging him with my eyes to get them to stop. He just stood there and smirked at me, not even trying to defend me. Where was my protective brother gone?





I stood there and took what they were saying to me, just looking down at my feet. I wasn’t strong enough to stand by myself. Especially when what they were saying circled around my head everyday. I felt as tears build up in my eyes but I never let one escape. I saw as the teachers tried to push students back, including my uncle Damien, who was our school’s English teacher. But it was no use, the damage was already done.

“I do not have time for this today” I turned to walk away, just as someone yelled out something that made me freeze.

“We wouldn’t want a used little bitch, here anyway” Someone in my brother’s group yelled loud enough for the whole school to hear. Before a loud bang and groan was heard, I turned to find my brother on the ground with a already bruised cheek and bloody nose, with our very red faced and angry uncle stood over him with bloody knuckles.

“You told them?” I sobbed looking at my bother, who now looked shocked and guilty.

“El, I didn’t mea-” He tried explain, as he scrambled to his feet and taking a step in my direction. I held my hands out in front of me and shook my head, making him stop in his tracks. If the tears weren’t there in my eyes, they certainly were now.

“No! Do not even try to justify yourself! I have had it, I’m done Tony. The name calling, the bullying I can handle, but this? Are you kidding me? This is whole new low, even for you. My big brother, my hero, the only constant man in my life, that I had to look up to”

“I tried and tried to have a some sort of normal life after that night, but you just can’t even seem to let it go and let me escape it. So I’m gonna do one good thing in my pathetic life, Tony. I’m gonna give you what you have always wanted and craved, if you ever loved me or mum at one point in your life. Give her the note, that’s my final request as your baby sister. After that I no longer have to exist in your world” I said looking my brother dead in the eyes, at this point we both had tears rushing down our faces.

“Just give her the note in my bag, Tony please” I threw my bag at his feet, Before making a run for the forest area located at the side of the school.

“EL!” I heard my brother’s broken scream, I turned around with watery eyes to take one last look at him.

“Goodbye Toto, I love you”..

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