The Broken Luna

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Amery had been abused and mistreated and manhandled. But she refused to be broken. After a kind pack doctor helped her out, she's put together a pack of ex-rogues and fought for her own territory becoming the first Luna to never rule with a mate. But that's all history. Now one of the top pack leaders, she meets Zander, the arrogant Alpha prick of the Blue Moon pack and at the same time a major threat appears. What happens when she realizes she needs him more than she thinks she does? What happens when her past comes for her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Yawning, I mind-link my beta female. 'Come up here please.'

After a few moments of stiff silence between me and the beta male from the Golden Paw pack, Ruby walks in.

"Yes, Luna?" She says, swaying her hips as she waltzes into my spacious office. Plopping down the chair next to the beta male, she adds, "Beta, hello." And smiles.

"Beta Phillip here asked me something I think you'll like to hear." I gesture for the male to repeat his question.

"I just asked if I could meet with the Alpha..?" He trailed off. "I'm sorry, why isn't the beta male here? Why call for the beta female?"

Ruby busted out laughing, no longer being able to hold in her laughter. After a few moments of her red-faced laughter, she answers the male's questions.

"There is none. There is none. And I'm the only beta there is." She cocks her head to the side. "Do you not know what pack your in Beta?"

"The Rogue Pack." He answers, his eyebrows scrunching together.

"Exactly. The Rogue Pack, ya know the one without an Alpha? We have a gamma male and delta male but until I meet my mate, no beta male" She finishes with a smile.

"Then I guess I'd best be leaving. After all, I'm supposed to be inviting Alphas, their mates, and betas. Not unmated Lunas."

"Sorry to disappoint, however you can still give me that invite right? I'm a Luna which means I'm an alpha. I have a beta right here. So give me your invitation." I wasn't too happy being told that I wouldn't be treated the same as other pack leaders.

"Whatever. But don't be surprised if you get kicked out. " He laughed. I growled.

"I might not have something dangling between my legs but I am an alpha, albeit an alpha female, I am an alpha nonetheless. As such you will know your place, Beta Phillip." He bows his head in submission to my alpha voice. "Now the invite."

He started his explanation, not lifting his head. "My pack is hosting the Continental Pack Meet this year. Basically a conference for all of the alphas and betas of North America to meet one another, discuss business, etc. I was heading to the Blood Moon Pack when I accidentally crossed into your lands. I figured since this pack was created nine years ago, and has never been to one that the Alpha would like to be notified. Please let me know if you'll be in attendance, Alpha."

After he finished his explanation, I mind linked Ruby once again. 'What do you think? Shall we crash a testosterone party? He said he accidentally crossed into out lands so that means he wasn't going to invite us originally.' She nods and I turn to look at the bowed head of the Beta. "You can stop bowing your head and I'll take you up on you offer. Myself and my beta female will attend. What date and time and where?"

"It is to be held starting on next month's new moon. The seventh to the ninth as it is a three day conference. It starts at moon rise and lasts till sun up. Since Golden Paw is holding the conference this time around, it'll be held on pack grounds, specifically the Great Hall. I shall take my leave, Luna. Goodbye."

He left as soon as he got the words out. Honestly it was like he couldn't get them out fast enough. If I remember right, the Golden Paw pack was famous for it's haughty leaders. Putting this beta in his place was probably something he wasn't used to from anyone but his own alpha. Most were always kissing up to get in the Golden Paw's good graces; the pack was aptly named as since the creation of the pack, it's always been financially abundant.

"Thank you for your invitation." I called out to the male as he ran out of my office and probably off of my territory. Judging by how fast he moved out of my land's borders, he probably shifted.

"Well Ruby. Looks like we've a party to plan for."

A month later, Ruby and I got dressed for the testosterone party as we had dubbed it. She decided that her ruby-red dress would be the only thing anywhere near acceptable for her to wear. It was an off the shoulder floor length body-hugging mess of sparkles with a split up the right side up to her thigh. She absolutely loved it when she saw it in the store last week. She paired it with plain black heels and gold bangles, earrings, and necklace.

I myself was much more modest. I wore an emerald green floor length dress and black flats. I'm almost five foot eleven and most heels just make me look weird. The dress had a low v-neck with sleeves. Vines of beads crawled up from the hem. It poofed out slightly and I had fallen in love at first sight.

'What if we meet our mate?' Lea, my wolf, spoke up as I looked at myself in the mirror.

'Then we meet our mate.' I could feel her excitement at the possibility.

'Luna. Rogues crossed the border. Want me to bring them to you?' My gamma male, George, mind-linked me.

'Yes. Hurry up. I have to get to the Golden Paw pack in three hours.' Moon fall is at nine thirty today. It's six now. I like to be an half hour early for everything. If I'm not early, I'm late.

About twenty minutes later, two females and three males were walked into my office. They all looked rugged. They must have been rogues for awhile.

"Fancy Luna." One of the males spat at me. I growled at the male. The two females cowered behind two of the males. The third was staring at Ruby in her dress. Completely unaffected by my growl. I looked at Ruby. She was staring at him too.

Before I could say anything. They both said at the same time, "Mate."
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