The Broken Luna

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Chapter 11

The three wolves who showed up late were whining. They must be his betas. My eyes went wide and my mind emptied itself. My stomach almost joined it.

"Zander. No. Come on. Open your eyes." I found myself saying, kneeling beside him. When did I move?

I picked him up, found he was too heavy, and looked at the two males who were standing in front of me.

"Please." It came out as a pained whine, a plea. When had he gotten those cuts? He must have protected me from those wolves.

Why? Why would he do that? Stupid male.

The two males stepped forward and picked him up. I gestured for them to follow me, and we raced back towards my mother's packhouse. They had to have a pack doctor on call. Goddess above, I hope they do.

Werewolves have fast healing, but Zander was losing blood and fast.

After running through brush and brambles for what seemed like an eternity, we finally made it back to the packhouse. Why had I dragged him so far away? Lea howled in pain.

'It's my fault. I dragged him out there. I distracted him.' She whimpered. I left it alone though, not really able to argue.

I banged on the door. No one answered. I banged again.

Why was no one answering?!?

After a sec, a weary wolf opened the door, "What d'you-"

I didn't let him finish. I barged past him and went down the hall to the large infirmary that my mother had shown me earlier.

It was fully stocked at all times and there was always a pack doctor there. No matter what time it was.

That's what she had said. I hoped it was true and she wasn't just bragging. I threw open the doors, the two males with my mate right behind me. I pointed to a bed for them to set him down in, they laid him down on his stomach. I looked around frantically. No doc. Where was the doc!?!

I had learned enough from the pack doctor when I was a kid, that I could at least clean him and get him prepped for any stitches he may need. I whirled around to the wolf who'd opened the door and had followed us here; he was standing in the doorway.

"Get the pack doctor here now. And notify the luna that her daughter needs some help!" I turned back towards the infirmary.

Taking a few seconds to look at everything, I grabbed what I'd need. Medical disinfectant, bandages, washcloth, peroxide, and a tub of water. Having the she-wolf who'd come with helping me with the tub of water, we brought everything to the bed where my mate now laid. I dunked the washcloth in the water and started wiping away the blood. The she-wolf found another cloth and began wiping with me.

I found the source of the bleeding. It was five long claw marks down him back, several on his arms and teeth marks in his left shoulder. Not wanting to wait to see if compression on the wound would help, I darted over to the cabinets and searched for a cauterizing pen. Where was it? Where was it? Where w- There!

I grabbed it and went back to my mate. Plugging it in and turning it on, I applied it to the bite marks in his shoulder and the cuts in his back. My mate writhed in pain as I did so. Instead of thinking of the pain, he was in, I took it to mean he had minimal nerve damage. Afterward, I made sure to clean them with the disinfectant. Flashbacks tried to push themselves to the forefront of my mind and I suppressed them. I couldn't risk making mistakes because my mind wanted to remind me why I knew what to do.

The cuts on his arms seemed to stop bleeding so I wrapped his left arm and barked at the she-wolf to do the same to his right arm. By the time that we had finished wrapping his arms, the pack doctor walked in. My mother not far behind.

"What's going on?" They said simultaneously. Then their eyes bulged at the same time too.

"He was attacked. I need help here. I don't know if he's back needs stitches or not. I cauterized the wounds to his back and the bite on his shoulder. I cleaned them with disinfectant. His arms have stopped bleeding so I didn't cauterize them. His breathing is slight but there and he was wringing in pain as I cauterized so he shouldn't have too much nerve damage. I need you to take over." I just bolted. Once I finished telling the doc what was going on, I bolted. I don't know why. Maybe because the flashbacks of walking into the infirmary wouldn't be suppressed anymore.

"Hello, little wolf pup. What's hurting you today? Splinter? Cut on your knee?" He smiled at me. Huh. Did others actually do that? Huh.


"Well then come here. Let me look at ya." I winced and sucked in a shaky breath when his cold fingers ran over my throbbing ribs. "You have a dislocated rib. I can feel it." He looked at me shocked.

"Hey, munchkin." The kind old man who was the pack doctor greeted me for the hundredth time. "Whatcha in for today?"

"Broken arm, I think." He looked at me sadly and I smiled at him. "And a rib, too."

"Hey tiny thing," The doc greeted me, the second time this week. "What can I do you for?"

"My back hasn't stopped bleeding since I got whipped the other day."

"Hey-o." The pack doc tried to comfort me every time I came here. "What's going in the book of boo-boos today?"

"Twisted ankle and I think I've got a gash in the back of my head. I think I dislocated my shoulder too."

"What's today's injury, darlin'?" I walked in for the millionth time and he smiled sadly at me, "Broken, bleeding, or bruised?"

"All three. My ribs, my back, my head, my arms, my legs. Everything."

That was the second to last time I saw him. It was right after my parents had heard that my mate was the alpha's son. What kind of omega would mate with an alpha? A gold-digging whore. That's what they'd called me. The next time that I'd see him was when he sacrificed his life for me.

That sent me into another flashback.

What was he doing? Where was he?

"Run!" I heard him yell. "Amrey run and don't look back!"
I should've listened to him. Then I might have been able to convince myself he was still alive. But I didn't.
I turned around and was frozen by what I saw.
Several wolves - several of our pack members - were tearing into the pack doctor. Why? Why?
Because he helped me. That's why. I did this to him. I watched in horror as they ripped into him. Soon, he'd be injured beyond repair.
"Amrey what are you doing? RUN!" Even in his last breaths, he was trying to keep me safe.
So, tears running down my face, I raced off into the woods, shifting sometime after making it into the coverage of the trees, I ran and ran and didn't stop until I heard growling nearby.
And promptly passed out.
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