The Broken Luna

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Chapter 12

Luna Lo Aurora's POV

I followed after my daughter shortly after she ran out. It was like the words she was saying to Emma, the pack doctor, weren't coming out fast enough.

I found her sitting on the floor outside of her father's old office.

"Morgan. Morgan honey. Look at me." She looked at me. Her face had tear trails, making her face slightly puffy and her eyes red. "It isn't your fault. And thanks to your quick actions, he's gonna be fine. Your mate will be just fine."

She started crying again. It broke my heart to see her like that.

"M-mom. What do I do? What if he doesn't make it? What if..." She trailed off as another sob wracked her small body.

"He's an alpha. He's gonna be fine. He's gonna heal up and then he's gonna be just fine." I tried to comfort her. But I needed to know as both mother and luna what had happened. "Now tell me what happened."

She sucked in a breath and her tears stopped. "My... my first mate rejected me." I thought Zander was her mate? "He showed up tonight. He claimed that I belonged to him. Four wolves jumped my mate while he was using himself as a shield to protect me. I hadn't noticed the other wolves. I was so focused on the wolf who'd rejected me. When Mason," That must be the one who rejected her. The name sounded familiar to me. "said something about my pack- about killing them- I snapped out of my frozen state and attacked him." Any good luna would. "He ran off, promising war. I howled to notify any wolves around to not let him getaway. I turned back towards my mate and found him collapsed on the ground, unconscious."

"Oh, honey. My little girl. It's gonna be ok. I need to know who this Mason person is. Can you tell me?" My Morgan looked so broken. What had her life been like before we found each other? I had been so happy to find her I hadn't thought to ask.

"He's supposedly the alpha of the Red Rose pack," That's where I recognized the name from. "and is the son of the previous Blue Moon Pack. He... I was eleven. I had just shifted for the first time the week prior and I found him. He didn't want me. He saw me as a weak omega. So he rejected me and then forced me with his alpha voice to accept the rejection."

"He forced you to reject him?" She nodded.

The moon goddess gives every wolf one mate. Their perfect match. She gave every wolf the option to reject wolves in which case the rejected gets a second chance mate but the wolf who rejects their mate doesn't. My Morgan must have been looking for her second chance mate for so long! To get the second chance mate, the wolf who got rejected has to accept it, otherwise, the mate bond is still there. But forcing someone to reject the bond...

Amrey's POV

"I know how you feel. Alpha Jacob Norris felt the same way. Anyway. I don't know how I didn't know that he was the alpha of the Red Rose pack but I suppose I'm going to war with the largest, most aggressive pack ever." I should mind-link my gamma and delta. "Sorry, mom. I have to mind-link my pack members."

'Ruby, George, Leo. We might... well we are going to war against the Red Rose pack. I'm not sure when or where. But it's gonna happen. George. Notify the pack members but make sure that you tell them first and foremost that this is my problem and will not allow any of them to come to harm. No one has to fight. Just let them know that the pack lands will probably be under attack. Leo. Get all of the shelters ready. Make sure they are filled with food, water, and medical supplies. And anything else you think might be needed. Ruby. Get back to pack lands. I need as many people as possible to protect the pack. In an hour all of you need to report back to me.'

When she saw that my eyes were no longer clouded, Mom spoke, "You know, behind this door is where your father worked. He worked for his pack. For his luna and mate. And he worked to find his daughter. He discovered soon before he died that it was Blue Moon who'd taken you. He was so happy."

I looked towards the door that I sat in front of. I tried to imagine what my father might have looked like. "What did he look like?"

She stood up and motioned me to do the same. Nudging me out of the way, she walked into the office. We both breathed in the office as we stepped in. Sadness swirled in her eyes, but she didn't tear up. I breathed in the scent of pecans and chocolate. Is that what my father smelt like? I tried to imagine what we would have done if I hadn't been kidnapped.

"Luna!" A male barged in.

At the same time, we both said, "Yes?" And huffed a laugh at that.

"The alpha is awake. And he's very... displeased that his mate isn't there." Mom laughed again. I just raced out of the room.

He was awake. He was gonna be ok. He had to be. Running back the way I'd come, I threw open the door to the infirmary. It took about two seconds for me to get from the doorway to his bedside.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes. Though it would've been nice to have my mate next to me when I woke up." He frowned at me. "Where were you?"

"I... I had to get away. Flashbacks from... I just couldn't be here for a little while. I'm sorry. I won't leave you again. I promise."

"You shouldn't have promised that. Now you can't ever leave me." He smirked at me. I felt cheated, so I stuck my tongue out at him. His face softened"Can you tell me what those flashbacks were about? And how you knew how to fix me up?"

I looked around at the people in the room. My mother, his three betas, the pack doc, and a male wolf who'd came to get us. "Umm..." He noticed my nervousness with all these people.

"Can we get a bit of privacy?" He nearly growled it. In the span of a few seconds, six wolves filtered out of the room. He looked up at me with a mixture of patience, hope, and curiosity.

"I knew how to fix you up because I've had similar injuries. More than a few times."

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