The Broken Luna

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Chapter 13

Zander's POV

Injuries more than once? What the hell happened to her? "What do you mean?" I wasn't trying to growl, but it slipped out. I've been growling a lot lately.

She swallowed before telling me. I was happy that even though we met just a couple of days ago, she was willing to tell me. Was it the mate bond or was she actually trusting me? "Well... the betas of Blue Moon, the ones I thought were my parents, and the alpha and his son contributed the most abuse."

At the word 'abuse' I grabbed her and pulled her onto the hospital bed I was lying on. With another hour or so, my injuries would heal but they still hurt. I shoved the pain away and marveled at the sensation of having my mate in my arms. Everywhere bare skin touched, sparks erupted. I hugged her closer, despite her squirming.

She was so thin. Did she eat properly? She should. She's the luna of a pack that deals with rogues all the time. She needs her strength.

Her small frame fits into mine almost perfectly. Her back to my front, made her look even smaller. Her light brown hair was soft against my skin. I brushed it over her shoulder so that it no longer obstructed her face. Thank the goddess, she was so beautiful. Even with her puffy cheeks and red eyes from crying.

'Zander. We can't let that happen again.' Zack whined. He has been waiting for our mate since we shifted at the age of eleven. We both have. Fifteen years later, here she is and she isn't willing to be my mate.

"Please." My voice was broken. By sadness or rage, I'm not entirely sure. "Let me hold you, Mate." She nodded her head, finally stopping her squirming. "Please continue."

"Are you sure you're ok laying like that? With your injuries on your arm?" I smiled at my mate's concern for me.

"I'm fine. Please." She nodded again.

"As far back as I can remember, I was the center of all of their anger and frustrations. Everything was my fault. I didn't clean perfectly, I'd end up going to the pack doc for stitches. Made food the wrong way, had to get a splint or cast. I was lucky they allowed the pack doc to fix me up some of the time. They didn't always. When... when Mason rejected me and forced me to accept the rejection, they beat me so hard and so long that I ended up having to be hospitalized for a week and a half, even with wolf healing. I wasn't supposed to have gotten any medical attention at that time." She sighed. "To be honest I really don't want to talk about it. The only ones who know the full story are Tina and Ruby. Maybe one day, I'll tell you everything. But for now, I'm only gonna tell you why I knew how to fix you up. I watched as the pack doc did the same things to me. I never wanted to go under anesthesia. Everything he did to me, I watched it so that if I ever had to do it, I knew how. It's not as good as actual training, but I never went to school. During my teenage years, I was putting together a pack and-" She stopped short as if just realizing who she was talking to.

The betas and alpha of the old Blue Moon pack had not only let it happen but had committed the crime. An alpha is meant to keep his pack safe. I wonder if the alpha knew of the kidnapping? Her father only found out it was the betas of the pack that had stolen his child but he died before he could find out who else was behind it.

"Please don't reject me..." She whined. She seemed to almost curl into herself with the question, making her look even tinier.

"Never. Why would you think I would? Since I met you I have done nothing but trying to get closer to you. I know it might take a while, but I want to mark you. I can't begin to imagine how much being forced to accept rejection at eleven must've been, but I have to say I'm glad he did. If he hadn't you wouldn't be mine."

She started crying. 'What did I just say!' Zack was yelling at me.

"Why are you crying, Mate?"

"I... I don't know. But laying here... I feel completely and totally safe. But I just met you... I'm happy and confused and worried about my pack."

"You do know that Blue Moon stands with you right?"

"I wasn't sure. Can I ask you a question?"


"Why did you, when you merged your father's pack with Blue Moon, decide to keep the name, Blue Moon?"

"My father wanted it that way. He said that doing that would make sure that people knew that anyone who wrongs us will know we aren't afraid to fight to right that wrong. It also serves as a reminder to the ex-alpha and his son that we overthrew him and took his pack."

"The alpha is still alive?"

"Not for much longer."

Amrey's POV

I laughed at that. I hadn't laughed with someone other than Ruby and Tina in a long time.

"I need to mind-link one of my betas and some others should be checking in here soon..." I trailed off. Why did I do that so much with him? Around other alpha's I always made certain they knew what I was saying.

"You can do that. I just want to hold you, Mate."

Nodding I mind-linked Tina first. 'Tina. Have the others told you yet?'

'About Ruby's mate or that you found your mate or that the assface decided to show up?'

'All three I guess. But the last one is the most pressing. We are going to war. Well. I am. The rest of the pack just needs to worry about keeping themselves safe. Where are you right now?'

'Outside of Red Rose territory, heading towards you. I should be there within the next thirty minutes if I go full speed.'

'See you soon then.'

For about twenty minutes, I laid with my mate and tried not to think of the past. I heard soft snoring from behind me. He'd fallen asleep. A light knock on the door alerted me to the spying betas.

The first one to walk in was a male. He stood about five foot eight and had dirty blonde hair. His tanned skin, tasseled hair, and the scent of the sea told me he must be an avid surfer.

"Hello, Luna. I'm Forest Noir. One of the Blue Moon betas. How's our alpha?"

"I'm not your luna. He's sleeping now." I turned red. I was cuddling with their sleeping alpha and claiming not to be their luna.

"To us, you are, Luna. I'm Landry. This is my mate, Chris. All three of us are his betas."

The next to walk in was a female. Behind her, a male. Landry was very tall. Almost as tall as my mate was. Her skin was chocolate and her hair was set into a long braid down her back. The male behind her was about as tall as Forest but had pale skin and black hair. He almost reminded me of Tina.

"None of you know what happened or why your alpha is hurt, do you?"

They all shuffled their feet. As if they didn't want to say. Landry spoke. "From what we heard, Alpha Harold of the Red Rose pack rejected you and the moon goddess gave you our alpha as a second chance mate. His wolves attacked our alpha while he was trying to protect you. He collapsed after you nearly ripped out Alpha Harold's throat."

"Basically, their alpha got hurt because some asshole who thought he claimed you tried to steal you from us," Tina said as she walked in.

"Tina!" She got here a few minutes early.

"Hello, Luna. Ruby said she and her mate should be here soon after me. By the way, I never met that group of rogues. Do you know why they lied?" I cocked my head and gave her a shrug. After a second, I gave her the 'we'll talk about this later' look and she continued. "Now. Is that handsome hunk of an alpha laying behind you your mate?" I nodded. "Total score. Can't wait to meet my mate. First Ruby two days ago, and then you..."

At the same time, Forest said "Mate." Chris said, "Tina."

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