The Broken Luna

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Chapter 14

Tina had just found her mate. But what was Chris to her?

"Well, shit. I guess you get what you ask for and a little extra, huh?"

"Where have you been Tina? Dad has been looking for you like crazy since you left twelve years ago." Chris was her brother?

"Chris. She's my mate. I get her first." Forrest half laughed half growled.

"Neither of you get me. I'm staying with my luna. You two are welcome to stay and talk though." That sounds like Tina.

"Weren't you just saying how you wanted to meet your mate?"

"Yup. Doesn't mean I'm gonna trust anyone though."

"I'm your mate!" He moved to stand close to her and she practically bolted to the other side of the hospital bed. Putting a physical obstacle between them.

"That seems to be the theme with the she-wolves in the Rogue Pack. They seem to not trust anyone." That was my mate. "So far, it's been with more than adequate reasoning. I've learned that just because we're mates, doesn't mean that it's gonna be automatic love. Give it time, Forest."

"Wise alpha. I'm Tina Josp, a beta of the Rogue Pack. Are you going to help with the war that assface drummed up? Or rather, are you gonna help your mate?"

"Of course I am. Later today, I'm going back to my pack lands to ready the warriors. I already have them getting things ready to keep the pack members safe. Chris and Landry will be going back today and Forest will stay with my mate in her pack lands so she can sort things there with her pack warriors."

"My pack isn't going to fight unless they want to. Blue Moon needn't help either. I will fight this battle myself. I refuse to put others at risk because of my stupidity."

"You know that Ruby and I will be at your side Am. And from the look your mate is giving you, he will too."

"I'll move heaven and earth if I fucking have to." He practically spits. "And none of this is because of your stupidity. As you put it."

"I don't care. No one is going to put their lives at risk because of this. I need to check in with the others at my pack."

Not caring about their reaction, I mind-linked George and Leo. 'I need an update, boys.'

'I've got all of the shelters packed fully with everything I could think of. All of the pups and some of the older wolves are in the shelters. Everybody who's able is readying themselves for battle.' George informed me.

'Everyone on pack lands has been notified. Far as I can tell, everyone who can- hell everyone period- wants to fight for their Luna.' Leo said a half-second after his brother finished.

'I'll be back on pack lands tomorrow by four am. At eight am I want every pack member in the meadow.'

"Amrey. Are you good?" Ruby asked as she walked in, as always, Henry was a step behind her.

Realizing I was still laying down, cuddled up with Zander, I sat up.

"You are supposed to be on pack lands." I had told her to return to the pack lands, instead, she came here.

"My luna's safety is important."

"The pack's safety is more important. George and Leo needed help. You should've done as I told you."

"Luna... I needed to make sure you were ok. It was Mason for crying out loud!"

"As you can see, I'm fine!" We were both yelling now.

"I'm more concerned about the injuries that can't be seen. Who knows what emotional shit he drudged up just by showing up."

"I don't care about that. I don't have time to care about that. I need to make sure my pack is safe. First and foremost. Now that I know that my mate is going to be fine, I'm heading back to pack lands."

"Now?" My mother walked into the room. "You can't leave now. It's raining cats and dogs out there. Has been since before you guys got here. The thunder and lightning have been tremendous. Everyone here will be remaining here until the storm clears. Now catch me up."

"Dido. I'm still missing a couple of the puzzle pieces." Tina spoke from behind me.

"Girls, this is my biological mother, Luna Lo Aurora. Apparently, I was kidnapped as a baby and raised in the hell hole thinking my tormentors were my parents. Turns out my mother is huger and quite bubbly. Mom. These are my betas, Ruby Thompson and Tina Josp. The surfer looking dude is Tina's mate and one of Zander's betas, Forest. The guy who can't keep his hands off Ruby is Henry Gerald, Ruby's mate. Landry and Chris are mates and Zander's other betas. Chris is Tina's brother and Tina just met her mate today. I met mine a couple of days ago and Ruby met hers a day before that. The reason that my mate got injured was that my first mate is an arse and tried to take me back. Now, the Red Rose pack and the Rogue Pack are at war and Zander insists that the Blue Moon pack will be fighting with the Rogue Pack. I am Amrey and this is Zander. Everybody caught up?" Everybody nodded. "Good. Now. I've got a war to prepare for and my mate needs some rest. Mom, can you get a room for me and my betas? And Zander's betas please?"

"Sure. But you aren't the only one who needs to prepare for war. I said earlier that I was going to give this pack to my daughter and her mate. Red Rose is up against three packs. I'll see if I can pull in some alliances and I'm sure that Zander will as well."

"Why is everybody so insistent on going to war with me?"

"Because we love you."


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