The Broken Luna

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Chapter 15

“Aside from those in the Rogue Pack and the old pack doctor, love was never really shown to me.” I paused for a second. "Since you two are so determined to help me, then we need to put together a war council.”

“Agreed. From Blue Moon, myself and Beta Forest will be part of it. As well as two of my top warriors Phil and Fayra.” I looked at Zander. He had sat up and, from the look in his eyes, he was in alpha mode.

“From Midnight Pack, both of my betas, my self, and one of my warriors Lenny.” My mom was in alpha mode too.

“Ok then. From Rogue Pack it’ll be myself, both my beta females, my gamma and delta, George and Leo.”

“That’s quite a large council.” Ruby said, "I guess we should decide where we are going to hold meetings? We have three territories and neutral land between them all.”

“How about we join all three territories together?” I looked at Zander in shock. “You don’t have to mate with me, but for the pack, will you at least be my luna?”

I mulled it over for a minute. I could already feel the attachment I had towards him was growing more than just the mating bond. I do want to mate with him but... “I’ll be your luna. Mating with you however we’ll discuss that later. Mom, are you ok with this?” She nodded.

“Anyone know how we’re gonna merge three packs together?” Tina laughed lightly.

“Zander and I will be the Luna and Alpha. Beta Harry and Beta Damian will be in charge of the land that Midnight Pack covers. Beta Ruby and Beta Tina will be in charge of the Rogue Pack lands. Beta Landry and Beta Chris will be in charge of the Blue Moon pack lands.”

“What about me? I’m a beta male.” Tina’s mate spoke up. He’d been staring at Tina the entire time and seemed to just realize what we were talking about.

Female wolves were always much more docile and peace-making than males who were quick to anger and tended to be possessive jerks. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. That was simple biology.

“If Tina will have you, you can help her. In the Rogue Pack, females lead. We won’t be having any testosterone battles get in the way. If you don’t like it, complain to someone who cares about your ego. I can tell you, Tina sure as heck won’t. Same for you Henry. If you wish to become a Beta male then you need to talk to Ruby and let me know.”

I stopped for a second. I have a heck lot of ceremonies I need to perform. The Luna ceremony for Blue Moon and the one for Midnight Pack. The combining ceremony for all three packs. The beta ceremony for Henry. The Initiation ceremony for the rogues that Henry was with.

I groaned, causing Zander to look at me with worry. “I just thought about all the ceremonies that need to take place. And on top of that, we have a war going on with Red Rose.”

“Then I guess we should have that war council now.”

Everyone nodded and Mom lead us into a large conference room. “Mom, can you get the betas and your pack warrior. Zander. Open an open-link so that your warriors can be apart of this. I’ll do the same for my gamma and delta.”

An open-link was sort of like a mind-link but those in the open-link could hear and see what the host heard and saw. It was basically like a video chat, but more efficient and no lags.

After a few moments, Zander and I had our open-links up and running and Mom’s betas and her warrior were caught up to speed and everyone was ready.

“Let’s begin this meeting.”

After two hours of debating, we decided that our main front would be from east of Red Rose pack lands. From Mom’s territory. And a secondary front from Rogue pack lands. We would retreat to Blue Moon lands if things went south. For the safety of the regular wolves and the pups, everyone who wasn’t trained would go to Blue Moon lands. I had about two hundred and fifty warriors, Zander had a little over a thousand and Mom had about five hundred. Combined, we had about one thousand seven hundred and fifty. The large neutral area between Rogue pack and Red Rose would help in delaying any attacks from Red Rose. Unless they ran the entire way, it would take a good four or five hours to reach my pack lands.

We planned to make the first move. We’d launch an attack from Midnight pack lands and then follow it up with one from Rogue. It would take a bit to get there from my lands but-

‘Luna! Red Rose attacked! We’re holding them off best we can. The pups and elder wolves are in the bunkers, safe. We didn’t have much time to prepare. We need help.’

“Red rose attacked the pack. We need to get there now.” I was frantic and Lea was pissed. “Mom, bring all the pack docs you have. My pack isn’t prepared.”

They must have been preparing to attack since before Mason came to get me. Then I remembered something he had said.

“Pity I’ll have to kill all those precious rogues." I thought that he was saying that if I didn't go with him he would. He was going to do it one way or another.

He had planned on attacking the Rogue Pack the entire time.

"Then we go now." Zander was trying to stand up. He had made it to the conference room on his own but...

"No. We go. You stay. You still need to heal. You-"

"Luna, we don't have time to argue. We need to go." He had addressed me by my title. Blinking at him, I nodded my head.

"We need to go now."

Ruby, Tina, Henry, Chris, Landry, Forest, everybody in the conference room, including my mom, stood and made for the door.

It would take an half hour if we all ran as fast as we could.

Oh, Moon Goddess, I hope we made it on time.

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