The Broken Luna

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Chapter 16

George’s POV

I was laughing with Leo when Luna Amrey mind-linked us.

'Ruby, George, Leo. We might... well we are going to war against the Red Rose pack. I’m not sure when or where. But it’s gonna happen. George. Notify the pack members but make sure that you tell them first and foremost that this is my problem and will not allow any of them to come to harm. No one has to fight. Just let them know that the pack lands will probably be under attack. Leo. Get all of the shelters ready. Make sure they are filled with food, water, and medical supplies. And anything else you think might be needed. Ruby. Get back to pack lands. I need as many people as possible to protect the pack. In an hour all of you need to report back to me.′

Immediately, I ran to call a pack meeting. It took me a couple of minutes to reach the large bell that stood just outside the packhouse. It was loud enough, that everyone could hear it.

It a matter of seconds, wolves started filtering into the large clearing in front of the packhouse. It wasn't an official meeting so no one went to the field.

After another five minutes, everyone was here.

"Our luna... Luna Amrey has just notified me that Red Rose has declared war." Ok so maybe she didn't say that, but Luna wouldn't start a war. She valued her pack's lives too much. After a second of allowing the entire pack to whisper to themselves, I continued. "Luna Amrey as told me that none of you are supposed to fight in this war. She told me that this is her problem and to make sure you understood that the pack lands might be under attack."

"I think I speak for everyone when I say that we will fight for her." One of the older wolves spoke up. I remember he had been one of the first wolves to support the twelve-year-old alpha female when she had first proposed the idea of turning the large population of rogues into a pack. Many didn't think a twelve-year-old girl could fight for such a big goal. But she did and now, nearly a decade later, the Red Rose pack is trying to take it from her.

To a chorus of 'yeah' and 'of course' and 'damn straight', I continued. "I'm sure Luna Amrey is going to be touched that you all feel that way, but she is also going to try to dissuade you from fighting."

"Of course she's going to. She loves us. But that's exactly the reason we will fight for her. She's saved many of us from going feral. And saved many of us from our pasts. A bunch of us have been running from the Red Rose pack. We have been trying to find ways to repay for her acceptance, kindness, and willingness to provide safety. I know I have since I met her. If this is how we can do that, then we're fighting." The old wolf spoke again and again the crowd agreed.

Giving the crowd a smile, "Of the three thousand pack members, we only have two hundred and fifty trained warriors. We are going to need those of you who are trained warriors to train those who want to help fight but have no training. The older wolves will be needed to watch the pups in the shelters. Leo is currently stocking the shelters. Can some of you go and help him?" Five wolves broke away from the crowd and headed towards the shelters. "Good. I have no idea when they will attack. But let's get training."

While training some of the wolves, I thought about the first time I met Amrey.

Panting, I kept running my twin ran next to me. Crashing through the brush, I realized we had passed over into someone's pack lands. How is that possible? The female, Tina, we'd met a few days ago said that this was rogue lands. Did she lie to us?
"Rogues!" I could feel the alpha voice. But it was female. I turned and found a thirteen-year-old girl.
Scoffing, I sat down and shifted. My brother followed suit, but he stood behind me."What do you want?" She's probably the daughter of the alpha of this pack.
"Welcome to Rogue Pack. I'm Luna Amrey." Shocked, I didn't say anything. How was a thirteen-year-old a Luna already? Sure she could've met her mate but unless her mate was much older than her there was no way she could be a luna. "I know. It's weird. I'm a luna but I'm only thirteen. I'm still getting used to it myself. This pack has only existed for about two months. It took two years to fight for this land and to be recognized." She laughed. "We have a policy about rogues. As the name suggests, this pack takes in rogues. If you're cleared by Lynn, our pack doc, then you can become part of the pack. Your past, why you're a rogue. It doesn't matter. As long as you aren't dangerous, you will be welcomed with open arms. Are you interested?"
A few minutes passed. All of us quiet.
"If you don't want to join, leave. I suggest you head south. You'll find Alpha Jacob's pack lands. He'll treat you well enough."
She turned away from us. That alone meant she was confident that we wouldn't attack her. We're much bigger than she was and there were two of us.
"Wait!" My brother spoke up from behind me. He hardly ever spoke aloud. His voice was coarse from disuse but it was soft as well. I'm surprised she heard him.
She turned on her heel and looked at him, cocking her head to the side. "Yes?"
"I... I want to join."
About a month after we met her, I became gamma and Leo became Delta. Luna Amrey knew what our past were, but she didn't care. She still welcomed us. It felt like family. I would fight to the death for her and so would Leo and the rest of the pack.
Did our precious luna know that?
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